Our residential program provides patients with a customized treatment plan based on their individual stories and situations. Our program is unique because the length can vary:

  • 30-day rehab
  • 60-day rehab
  • 90-day rehab

Each individual will be provided an initial in-depth assessment to determine length of stay and re-evaluated throughout the treatment program.

We offer quality inpatient treatment in our luxury private drug rehab center, and commit to providing the best possible care for any length of stay. Our expert staff will thoroughly examine a client’s situation before recommending the most effective amount of time for our residential rehab program.

Ranch Creek Recovery focuses on the underlying psychological issues of each person’s addiction, family issues, any history of trauma, limited coping skills and deeply ingrained habits. We are a non 12-step rehab that takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery.

In order to fully address all of these issues, a 90 day long term rehab is sometimes recommended.

Why We Recommend 90 Day Rehab Programs

Even though our 30-day rehab program, as well as our 60-day rehab program, is extremely effective, a 90-day program is more beneficial for those with moderate to severe addictions, and the more time spent in an inpatient treatment center gives clients a stronger stance against chronic relapse and gives them more time to overcome additional problems such as stress without compensating with drugs or alcohol.

Most Private Insurance plans are accepted and financing is available.

Call Admissions for a free confidential assessment and discuss available treatment options at (877) 997-8931.

“Ranch Creek Recovery saved my life. I came into RCR lost and broken trying to get back on track in my life. As a result of this great team of counselors/psychologists, I have done more than restore my life, I have reached new goals and gained so many life skills that go far beyond just being sober. I love and appreciate all the staff and know if you have a willing heart to change, you are in the right place.” – Joshua

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