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What is our approach to detoxification and withdrawal from heroin addiction and why is it successful?

At Ranch Creek Recovery, our 24/7 staffing will be there to aid in assistance with detoxification and withdrawal from heroin addiction. Each client has the opportunity to see a psychiatrist and/or medical physician for purposes to distinguish the best route of detoxification.

As a non-12 Step, holistic approach facility, individuals will be eased into detoxification with possible non-addictive medications.  Clients will also have the opportunity to utilize Amino Acid Therapy in which shows positive results in calming Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) and regenerate receptors in the brain.

Our Holistic approach to heroin detoxification and withdrawal has shown to be successful for a number of reasons…

First, our staff aims at easing the effects of heroin withdrawal with possible non-addictive medications, in which the client will not become physically addicted to another medication in the process.

Second, the individual is able to utilize Amino Acid Therapy in which is taken twice a day to ease symptoms of cramping, joint pains and aches, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and cravings.

Third, clients are given a healthy, clean, and peaceful environment in the mountains of Temecula Valley, with a private room to give space and privacy while in the detoxification process.

Lastly, our staff is committed to helping clients in need and being there as support through the entire detoxification process.

How do we treat co-occurring disorders with heroin abuse?

For many individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse, there is a potential of co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, mental illness and medical conditions.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, our clients attend weekly Dual Diagnosis groups for education on the effects of co-occurring disorders and addiction.

Further, each client has the opportunity to learn, process, and gain understanding of their co-occurring disorder through weekly psychotherapy on site and daily individual sessions with a certified addiction specialist.

These individuals will be able to transition out of residential care with understanding, acceptance, and coping skills to enhance mental health balance between addiction recovery and co-occurring stabilization.

Residential versus Outpatient Treatment

For each individual looking to escape from the confines of heroin dependence and addiction, the question of what type of treatment setting is crucial.  In the recovery field individuals have an option between residential and outpatient treatment.  Though both of these modalities offer treatment, the intensity of the treatment is completely different.

Outpatient Programs

Ranch Creek Recovery offers intensive outpatient programs to those living in the Temecula Valley, San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles areas.  Run by a highly trained staff including certified and licensed individuals, individuals attend group sessions three times per week focusing on relapse prevention, cognitive therapy, meditation, and psychotherapy.  Each individual is also given at a minimum two individual sessions per month with a certified counselor.  Further, individuals comply with random urinalysis and breathalyzers.  Ranch Creek Recovery’s focus is to enhance the cognitive understanding and correlation between thought and behaviors.

Residential Programs

For those individuals currently dependent on heroin, a residential setting may be more fitting.  Ranch Creek Recovery offers a different approach to residential treatment than those in the latter Southern California region.

Our approach utilizes cognitive therapy, relapse prevention, and holistic therapies to enhance the understanding, awareness, and mindfulness.  As a 24 hour setting, individuals are consistently given opportunities of personal growth.

Each client attends 5 to 6 groups per day including but not limited to relapse prevention, self-esteem, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, biology of addiction, anger management and stress management.  The individual is also seen daily for individual counseling as well as one to three times per week with a psychotherapist.

Further, individuals participate in holistic therapies daily including but not limited to acupuncture, yoga, massage, personal trainer, garden therapy, art therapy, exposure therapy and equine therapy.  Along with these specific therapies, individuals are offered family education session via telephone as well as weekly on site.

In essence, Ranch Creek Recovery’s mission and priority is to enhance individual self-growth through multiple types of therapy.

Medical versus Non-Medical Detox

For many individuals whom are addicted to heroin, the primary fear is the withdrawal.  Though a heroin withdrawal is not life threatening, there is a combination of withdrawal symptoms that enhance the negative effects of detoxification including diarrhea, muscle cramping, vomiting, nausea, anxiety, paroxysmal sweating, and headaches.  It is important to understand the differences of medical versus non-medical detoxification.

Medical Detox using Suboxone

Many treatment centers sway to a medical approach of heroin detoxification using habit forming and physically dependent substances such as Suboxone.  These medications are used daily to cease the withdrawal symptoms of heroin initially by blocking opiate receptors in the brain from attaching to opiate substances if heroin is ingested.

Simply, Suboxone stops opiates from attaching to the brain receptors, resulting in a block of any illicit opiate and their euphoric feeling.  However, these medications also form physical dependence within days of ingesting the first dose.

This physical dependence is based on the chemical makeup of the substance with a long half-life, causing the individual to need the substance to abstain from withdrawal symptoms.  Without the substance, individuals then experience withdrawals lasting up to 30 days after last dosage is taken.

Holistic Heroin Detoxification

At Ranch Creek Recovery we take a holistic approach to heroin detoxification.  As a non-medical facility, we are affiliated with a medical physician and psychiatrist to help ease the symptoms of heroin detoxification and withdrawal.

Each client physically addicted to heroin is seen by the medical physician and / or psychiatrist to ensure proper medications for detoxification.  These medications are non-habit forming and non-addictive medications prescribed for the short term effects of heroin detoxification.  Further, Ranch Creek Recovery incorporates Amino Acid Therapy into the individual’s stay of treatment.

Beginning from the day that the individual arrives at the facility, Amino Acid Therapy including a medically safe and effective combination of minerals and vitamins in which boast the production of neurochemicals in the brain, as well as restoring receptors to their primitive state.

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Disclaimer: Ranch Creek Recovery is a non-medical, social model residential and outpatient program in which clients are not forced to seek outside services or take medications. Ranch Creek Recovery is not responsible nor gives promise of specific medications prescribed.

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