Ranch Creek Recovery was born from our own personal struggle with addiction. Like so many families across the country, we came face to face unexpectedly with substance abuse. What was supposed to be an innocent opiate prescription after a surgery turned into a full-blown substance abuse disorder.

And while our family was able to defeat the addiction, we came to a stunning realization about many of the rehab facilities that were available to our loved one: The quality of treatment didn’t remotely come close to the financial cost.

Once the addiction was behind us, we decided to pay it forward by doing something different than many of the other rehab centers around. And this is where Ranch Creek Recovery’s story begins.

Why Ranch Creek Recovery?

When thinking about our loved one’s treatment, we realized that people want a facility that feels comfortable and safe. That offers an alternative to the one-size-fits-all 12-step approach. And that offers personalized treatment that feels luxurious.

This is what Ranch Creek Recovery is all about.

Since our founding, our mission has been to give you every opportunity possible to recover from addiction and underlying mental health disorders with a personalized treatment approach that works for you.

No matter if you believe in a higher power or not, our non 12-step approach can better resonate with your specific values and beliefs. And with our daily individual therapy sessions with our licensed staff and psychologists, doctor-administered medication-assisted treatment and holistic therapeutic activities, you get well-rounded, structured treatment that can and does help you recover from addiction.

Our priority is your recovery. And when you come to Ranch Creek Recovery, we truly listen to your needs and feedback to help create and refine a treatment plan that is best for you.

Learn More About Our Non 12-Step Approach to Addiction Treatment

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