Where to Get Help for Meth Addiction

How to Pick the Right Meth Addiction Treatment Program

Coming face to face with meth addiction can be a startling experience. The substance itself has the power to completely destroy your physical health while eroding your mental stability and overall well-being. It can drive you to act in ways completely out of character and leave you feeling lost, lonely and confused. We’ve all seen […]

Relapse After Long-Term Sobriety

What to Do if Your Loved One Relapses After Long-Term Sobriety

Being there for a loved one who has lived through an addiction and successfully completed recovery is a commendable decision. Achieving sobriety can be as emotionally difficult as it is physically taxing and mentally draining – so supporting someone as they overcome their substance use disorder is no small task. But, just as someone diagnosed […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs. Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Coming to grips with your addiction is no small task. The disease can impact various aspects of your life, from your physical wellbeing to your mental health, leaving you feeling lost, alone, broken and defeated. It can cloud your ability to make healthy choices and drive you to turn on those who love you most. […]

How to Stay Sober After Rehab in Los Angeles

How to Help Your Loved One Stay Sober in Los Angeles After Treatment

Life in a big city can be fast paced and full of intrigue. From the extensive night life to the vibrance associated with major metropolitans, big cities come with their fair share of amazing experiences. But with lofty expectations and seemingly endless opportunities, the temptations within a big city for someone attempting to maintain their […]

Naloxone Use in San Francisco

How Naloxone in San Francisco is Helping to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

With the opioid epidemic plaguing the country today and in recent years, communities are turning to new and innovative treatment approaches in order to combat the growing fatality rate associated with opioid addiction and overdoses. From expanding community-based treatment programs to training larger numbers of first-responders, many states are working overtime to address the growing […]

What is a “Luxury” Addiction Treatment Center?

Who said addiction treatment has to be a miserable experience? Choosing to begin your recovery journey at a luxury addiction treatment center is an excellent way to address your substance use disorder in a serene and resort-like environment with high-quality clinical staff and luxurious amenities. The courage required to admit you are struggling with an […]

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Myths About Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

When facing the challenges associated with addiction and the recovery process, dealing with difficult insurance companies and unnecessary red tape is the last thing your loved one needs to deal with. After all, making the decision to enter into a rehabilitative facility is a major accomplishment. It requires a tremendous amount of bravery and foresight […]

Fentanyl in California

Facts About Fentanyl in Murietta, CA that You Need to Know

For over a decade, the US has been struggling with an opioid epidemic that has ravaged communities and caused a significant influx in overdose incidents and drug-related deaths all over the country. While the reasoning behind this substantial increase in opioid-related health issues has been tied to a number of causes – including laxed prescription […]

Taking Opioids During Pregnancy

How Opioids Affect Your Pregnancy and Unborn Baby

Creating a new life is a thing of beauty. The effort and patience that goes into the process of pregnancy is no small feat, and for good reason. Bringing a life into this world is a miraculous occasion and the start of an amazing journey. Starting the process with a healthy mind, body and spirit […]

Symptoms of Childhood Trauma in Adults

How Childhood Trauma Can Affect Your Loved One as an Adult

Some scars can last a lifetime. As a child, we can all remember experiencing some kind of physical pain. Maybe it was a severely scraped knee from running around carelessly. Or maybe a deep cut from mishandling a sharp object. Or perhaps it was a broken bone that occurred while you were riding your bike […]

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