Are You Codependent on Your Addicted Loved One?

Wanting your loved one to overcome their addiction is understandable. You have seen them through good times and bad, knowing they have the potential to achieve great things when they are properly motivated and focused. But can your love and support become toxic? It seems ridiculous to contemplate this thought, but there are times when […]

What is Spiritual Growth Therapy?

Being able to overcome your addiction and achieve sustained sobriety is more than just avoiding substance use. It requires wholesale lifestyle change that is driven by the desire to conquer your substance use disorder while attaining a healthier lifestyle and greater sense of purpose. That’s why the journey to recovery involves both a physical challenge […]

How Amino Acids Boost Your Nutrition and Diet

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” But what is the reality of this statement? Can the substances we put into our body really impact our health and happiness? Anyone who has struggled with addiction knows first-hand how powerful alcohol and drugs can be when ingested into the body. But what about […]

Non-Opioid Alternatives to Physical Pain

Recovering from addiction is not a singular moment in time. It is a process that continues long after you achieve sobriety. Like any disease, addiction can reoccur at any time, so taking the necessary steps to avoid your addiction triggers and unnecessary temptations is key to maintaining your recovery and avoiding a relapse. Where the […]

Can My Loved One Detox at Ranch Creek Recovery?

Beginning the recovery journey is an amazing accomplishment. It signifies that your loved one has summoned the strength to face their substance use disorder and begin taking the necessary steps to get clean and begin establishing long-term sobriety. But, for many people struggling with addiction, the beginning of their rehabilitation can often be the most […]

Why is Caffeine Bad in Addiction Recovery?

Recovering from addiction can be tricky to navigate. Obviously, your focus is on avoiding relapse by maintaining your sobriety through improved behaviors and decision-making. Attending addiction therapy and community-based support groups are common ways to improve your social network by avoiding negative people and places that trigger your substance use. But, as in all cases, […]

Benefits of Disconnecting from Social Media During Addiction Treatment

The technology we use every day has certainly proven to make our lives easier, and even more interesting. It helps us stay in touch with loved ones, while also allowing us to complete daily tasks and conduct business from the palm of our hands. Social media, in particular, has significantly impacted our ability to stay […]

The Dangers of Marijuana While Pregnant

Everywhere you turn, you see it. The push to legalize marijuana and the purported benefits of the plant’s derivatives, like CBD oils, hemp products and everything in-between. While the potential health benefits of the plant have been shown in some cases, understanding the real dangers associated with marijuana use while pregnant is an entirely different […]

What Painkillers Do to the Body

How Painkillers Affect the Body

Anyone who has suffered an injury or recovered from a surgery knows how useful painkillers can be in managing the pain. While most people who are prescribed painkillers to deal with their physical discomforts use the medications appropriately, a large number of individuals find themselves abusing the medication regardless of the dangers associated with their […]

How to Care for Yourself in Recovery

5 Tips for Self-Care During Addiction Recovery

The mind cannot live without the body and the body cannot live without the mind. This simple concept highlights the importance of a holistic connection between one’s mental state and the physical well-being of their body. This idea is a hallmark of the rehabilitation process and the cornerstone to not only beginning your recovery journey, […]

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