A woman looks out the window wondering how to stop negative thinking.

How CBT is Used to Help with Unhealthy and Destructive Thoughts

Self-deprecating thoughts and behaviors can lead to addiction and perpetuate substance abuse further. This destructive method of thinking creates a scenario in which the addiction takes precedence over every facet of your life – driving you away from all their healthy relationships, destroying your physical well-being, creating emotional instability and leaving you feeling hopeless and […]

A sick businessman sits at his computer holding the bridge of his nose and thinks about his addiction to opioids.

Can Taking Opioids Weaken Your Immune System?

The toll of opioid addiction can impact your life in a variety of ways. From erratic emotional experiences to debilitating physical conditions, the disease of opioid addiction destroys every facet of your life – leaving you lost and lonely. Opioid abuse does something else to you that you don’t always notice; it weakens your immune […]

A silhouette of a man with his hands on his face in distress.

Meth Abuse in California: Is it on the Rise?

The fight against drug addiction and debilitating substance use disorders is an ongoing battle. Over the past decade, we have seen a significant shift in public policy to address the rising tide of opioid abuse and overdose deaths through increased education, decreased painkiller prescriptions and a concerted effort to provide comprehensive detox services. While these […]

An addicted man wears a mask and looks out the window wondering how COVID-19 affects addiction.

COVID-19 in California and How it Impacts Addiction

For most people, the stress and uncertainty that has underscored the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult to bear. Daily life and simple tasks suddenly became dangerous undertakings, forcing people to fear leaving their own homes for basic necessities like food and cleaning supplies. Interacting with friends and loved ones has been discouraged, shops and restaurants […]

An anxious man stands with his hands on his neck after taking cocaine.

The Effect Cocaine Has on Your Loved One’s Anxiety

Living with an anxiety disorder can make a person feel like they are perpetually drowning. Every day, ordinary situations and scenarios can trigger an unexpected anxiety attack, forcing a person to withdraw themselves from healthy interactions to hide their apprehension and anxiousness. Individual anxiety triggers typically vary from person to person, but the overwhelming majority […]

A man’s hand is seen pouring more alcohol into a shot glass.

When Does Binge Drinking Become a Problem?

We’ve all been there – promising to have just one drink at a family get-together or just a single cocktail after a hard day at work. Finding a reason to enjoy a celebratory alcoholic beverage is not hard to do in today’s society. From holidays to birthdays to spontaneous moments of celebration, consuming alcohol has […]

A woman talks with her female recovery therapist during an online recovery meeting.

At-Home Alternatives for AA and SMART Recovery

Being able to interact face-to-face during the recovery process has been the standard for as far back as most can remember. But times have changed, and the necessity to evolve with social adjustments is now more important than ever. Finding alternative methods of interacting while social distancing may seem foreign to some, but it has […]

A man rests on his bed while connecting with loved ones during COVID-19 via FaceTime.

How Your Loved One Can Stay Socially Engaged During Social Distancing

The impact of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has been felt within every aspect of our lives. From the places we work to the people we interact with on a daily basis, it’s as if every part our of daily routine has been either significantly adjusted or completely shut off. For some, the adjustment to […]

A person’s hand strokes a horse’s mane.

How Boutique Treatment Amenities Help Your Recovery

Making the brave decision to begin your recovery journey can be scary. After all, the disease of addiction is all-encompassing; it attacks your physical wellbeing, infects your mental health and leaves you feeling anxious and overwhelmed with simple daily tasks. So, when you find the strength to face your addiction head-on and begin rehab, finding […]

A man sits at a desk and talks during a virtual outpatient treatment session.

Benefits of Virtual IOP

Finding the strength and confidence to confront your addiction and begin treatment in order to achieve sustained sobriety is both challenging and commendable on a multitude of levels – especially in today’s world. Sobriety requires a level of bravery and personal reflection you must initiate and commit to for the long term. But, you should […]

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