A person sits in a tent to look at the sun rise over the ocean.

How Being in Nature Can Help Your Addiction Recovery

Humans have tapped into the healing qualities of nature since the dawn of time. But with the advent of smartphones and instant internet everywhere, society has drifted further from its natural roots and forgotten about the health benefits of nature and the healing properties of Mother Nature.    Feeling the bright morning sun fall across your […]

A woman holds her head in frustration while looking at a paper

Healthy Ways to Cope with Work-Related Stress

Everyone deals with stress on a daily basis, but that doesn’t make your  ability to cope with everyday  and work stress any easier. Sometimes, you get thrown a curveball that you haven’t dealt with before; other times, your stress can be rooted in repetitive problems that you become adept at managing.  No matter what kind […]

Beer is poured into a red plastic cup at a party.

The Link Between College Students and Alcohol Abuse

For many people, the college experience is a transformative time in life. It introduces them to new thoughts and concepts, challenges them to expand their thinking, allows them to experience more freedom, and creates a whole new level of social connectivity.  While these times can be immensely important for development and maturation, they also open […]

A man with alcohol addiction scrolling through social media while drinking liquor.

Social Media and Alcohol Addiction

For most people, spending time on social media is a daily habit. Whether catching up with friends on Facebook, tweeting silly jokes, scrolling through endless pictures on Instagram, or watching viral videos on TikTok, social media is how most individuals get their news and even relieve stress.  On the surface, this kind of behavior may […]

two women hugging each other at a addiction recovery support group

Why Human Connection Is Essential in Addiction Recovery

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that human interaction is an essential component of our existence. Being able to communicate and interact with friends and family is almost as important as breathing air and eating food.  Genuine human connection has the power to provide the soul with the nourishment it needs to […]


Can Anxiety Make You Feel Physically Ill?

For most individuals, the thought of experiencing anxiety brings to mind moments of excessive stress and worry. They think of their personal fears and experience a constant sensation of worry that something is going to go wrong at any moment. In addition to extreme stress and worry, anxiety has a significant impact on a person’s […]

A man who suffers from substance abuse sits on steps outside.

What to Do if an Addicted Loved One Leaves Home

At some point, every parent must learn to step back and let go. Allowing those you care for the most to learn from their mistakes can feel shameful at times, but it’s a necessary step in the recovery process. You can’t force someone to want a better life, even when that someone is your child. […]

Alcohol and liver damage

How Does Alcohol Abuse Damage the Liver?

Today’s society constantly talks about consuming alcohol. From sporting events to family get-togethers, birthday parties to holiday gatherings, drinking has become synonymous with celebration — and that’s not a good thing. While occasional drinking doesn’t necessarily have negative consequences, consistently consuming too much alcohol can seriously negatively impact your physical body. Understanding the consequences of […]

A man talks on the phone and asks questions to addiction treatment centers.

Questions to Ask a Treatment Center Admissions Team

It’s no secret; supporting a loved one who’s struggling with a substance use disorder is no small task. When your loved one is ready to face their addiction and enter into a treatment center, it’s so important to be prepared to help them seek the help they desperately need. What treatment center is best for […]

A man dealing with fentanyl effects on the brain holds his head with his hand.

How Fentanyl Affects the Brain

Over the past decade, opioids — like fentanyl — have ravaged communities around the country. From the regular street drug trade to an overwhelming number of prescriptions written by doctors, these substances have skyrocketed in popularity among people struggling with addiction and led to record numbers of diagnosed opioid use disorders, overdoses and deaths. While […]

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