Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery

What is Mindfulness and How Does it Help with Addiction?

Dealing with an addiction creates a scenario where you are off center, separated from your ideal self and lost within the fog of a substance-induced existence. Trying to navigate through life within this mind state can result in feelings of excessive anxiety, deep depression, isolation and even hopelessness. The problem with a substance use disorder […]

Do Painkillers Cause Heroin Addiction?

Why Do People Move to Heroin After Prescription Opioid Use?

The nation is in the midst of an opioid epidemic with no end in sight. Families have been torn apart by this disease, and the number of people struggling with an opioid use disorder continues to rise exponentially. Most people see the impact of this debilitating disease on a daily basis, whether in the form […]

Stages of the Relapse Process

Stages of Addiction Relapse

Overcoming your addiction is similar to running a marathon: the journey can be long and difficult, but in the end, it will leave you feeling physically and emotionally empowered. Also like a marathon, overcoming your addiction is no quick accomplishment. It requires planning, preparation and a commitment to the entire process, no matter how hard […]

A hand holding out a bag of cocaine for depression.

Why Depression Can Lead to Cocaine Use

For most people, feeling down or sad at times is a natural part of life. Some days are better than others, and when the time comes where personal expectations or circumstances are negatively affecting happiness, steps are taken to decrease those feelings of depression and despair. This is when turning to methods such as physical […]

Suboxone for Withdrawal

Everything You Should Know About Suboxone for Opioid

Dealing with an opioid use disorder is an act of attrition. There are no shortcuts or simple solutions to overcoming an opioid addiction that has overtaken your physical being and wreaked havoc on your life. While the motivations for addressing this disease may differ from person to person, the desire to defeat your addiction and […]

A man and woman holding hands.

Where Should My Loved One Get Opioid Addiction Treatment?

Making the decision to enter into rehab for an opioid addiction is a life changing resolution. It requires your loved one to first admit that the addiction exists and then take the next step and concede they need clinical assistance in order to conquer their opioid use disorder. For someone who has not faced the […]

Boredom and Drug Addiction

How Boredom is a Threat to Your Loved One’s Recovery

For many people, dealing with boredom is a passing occurrence. The experience can be tedious and mind numbing, but the feelings tend to pass and resolve themselves naturally. For someone struggling with addiction, dealing with boredom can bring a unique and altogether more problematic set of personal experiences. Having that time to get lost in […]

A businessman sitting at a bar consuming alcohol.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Can alcoholism be inherited? For many people struggling with an alcohol use disorder, the path to their addiction has most likely been a complicated and complex journey filled with social influences, biological factors and familial components. Who is to say which is more influential, the atmosphere in which you are raised or the genetic traits […]

How Long is Drug Rehab?

How Long is Rehab for Drugs?

When you are dealing with a diagnosed disease, it is important to remember that everyone’s body will process the experience and subsequent treatment interventions differently. For an individual diagnosed with cancer and needing to receive medical treatment to address their illness, the timetable for recovery can vary widely depending on the health of the individual, […]

Why Does My Loved One Use Heroin

Why is My Loved One Using Heroin?

Having to sit back and watch your loved one struggle with their heroin addiction is a true test of patience and faith. The manner in which heroin erodes their physical health and emotional state is a systematic destruction, driving them to neglect their better judgement and personal wellbeing for the sake of satisfying their addictive […]

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