Symptoms of Childhood Trauma in Adults

How Childhood Trauma Can Affect Your Loved One as an Adult

Some scars can last a lifetime. As a child, we can all remember experiencing some kind of physical pain. Maybe it was a severely scraped knee from running around carelessly. Or maybe a deep cut from mishandling a sharp object. Or perhaps it was a broken bone that occurred while you were riding your bike […]

How Does Meth Affect the Brain?

How Meth Affects the Brain

How would you respond if someone approached you on the street and asked if you’d like to ingest some poison? Would you run in the other direction? Would you scream for help? Perhaps you would physically restrain the person for attempting to endanger your life. Whichever response you’d choose, it is highly unlikely that you’d […]

Individual Therapy for Addiction

The Benefits of Individual Therapy in Addiction Recovery

The disease of addiction can not only attack your physical body, but it can also devastate your emotions and leave you feeling isolated and ashamed. It is a disease unlike any other because those individuals struggling with a substance use disorder can often times find themselves being blamed and chastised for the very disease that […]

Oxycodone and Anxiety

Can Oxycodone Lead to Anxiety Disorder?

For many people living with opioid addiction, dealing with feelings of excessive depression and anxiety can be a daily struggle. The problem with co-occurring disorders – like an opioid addiction occurring alongside an anxiety disorder – is trying to figure which disease originated first and which disorder is impacting you more severely. In all honesty, […]

Stigma of Drug Addiction

The Stigma of Addiction: How to Overcome It as Parents

Watching a child succumb to the pressures of addiction can feel like a nightmare that you cannot wake up from. That sensation of helplessness and impending doom growing larger and larger by the moment, and all you can do is watch on as this tragic end continues to barrel toward your loved one. It is […]

Relapse Triggers and Warning Signs

What are the Most Common Relapse Triggers My Loved One Should Avoid?

For anyone who has conquered the disease of addiction, achieving that accomplishment is no small feat. It requires a person to look deep within themselves in order to confront their demons and summon the courage to face them head on. The path to recovery is similar to climbing a mountain: the journey is long and, […]

What a Non-12-Step Rehab Can Deliver

Why 12-Step Recovery May Not Be for You

For many people struggling with an addiction, turning to tried and true methods of recovery often seems to make the most sense. After all, relying on the recommendations and knowledge of those who have already achieved sobriety is commonplace when venturing into new and unfamiliar territory. But following the same strategy as everyone else is […]

Alcohol and Schizophrenia

Can Alcohol Abuse Lead to Schizophrenia?

What is a co-occurring disorder? Can someone who is struggling with a diagnosed mental illness become addicted to alcohol or drugs? Does addiction lead to mental illness? When dealing with these types of questions, it is easy to get confused and even overwhelmed when trying to find help. The reality of co-occurring disorders is that […]

A bottle filled with opioid pain pills.

How California is Combating the Opioid Epidemic

For over a decade now, the opioid epidemic has plagued a majority of the United States – effecting ever-increasing numbers of people with varying degrees of addiction all over the country. While the rise in opioid use disorders has been attributed to a number of factors, from lackadaisical prescribing practices by physicians to poor oversight […]

A woman in a cognitive behavioral therapy session for addiction.

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

The stress and strain associated with a substance use disorder can become unbearable at times. Regardless of the substance that is fueling your addiction, the toll it will take on you physically and mentally can wear you down and leave you feeling lost and helpless. Making the decision to begin your recovery journey by entering […]

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