An image of Ranch Creek Recovery in Murrieta, CA.

Why Go to Addiction Treatment in Murrieta, CA?

Beginning treatment for a substance use disorder is a difficult choice to make. Being able to confront addiction and admit that clinical assistance is needed is, at times, the toughest part of the recovery journey. After all, it requires that your loved one admit they have lost control of that portion of their life. This […]

A frustrated businessman sits at his desk with his hands on his head thinking how addictive heroin is.

How Addictive is Heroin?

Quicksand looks rather normal at first glance. You may not even see the threat in front of you until you step into its dangerous grip, and once you do, it’s nearly impossible to break free. You can try and try, but it’s as if the harder you struggle, the deeper you sink into the trap […]

A close-up image of a hand using a mallet to hit a gong in sound therapy for addiction treatment.

Benefits of Gong Sound Therapy for Addiction Treatment

We live in a world that seemingly never turns off. In the morning, your alarm jars you awake; your phone beeps and rings incessantly all day; TVs and radios pour out sound everywhere you go; and the screaming of sirens and city-noises are impossible to ignore. This overwhelming sound-bath that is ever-present can leave you […]

A depressed businessman sits on the couch with his head in his hands, drinking alcohol and thinking about alcohol effects on the liver.

What Does Alcohol Do to the Liver?

Many people live under the assumption that since alcohol is a legal substance, and it can be purchased at practically every corner store, it must be safe to consume on a consistent basis. After all, why would something that is detrimental to your health be readily available everywhere and advertised on television nearly 24 hours […]

A photo of three Red Bull cans and one bottle of Vodka.

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Caffeine

Mixing alcohol and caffeine has become so popular that beverage makers have started premixing the two substances – making consumption easier and seemingly encouraged. While most people wouldn’t think twice about consuming a vodka and Red Bull or a rum and Coke, the dangers of mixing these two substances can actually have a very damaging […]

A couple holding hands during a family therapy for addiction session.

Benefits of Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Never in your loved one’s life have they needed the support of their family and friends more than they will throughout the course of their recovery. Facing the destructive nature of a substance use disorder and overcoming its powerful grip is akin to climbing a treacherous mountain; When your loved one does it on their […]

An anxious woman looks in the distance, thinking about the risks of leaving rehab early.

The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Treatment Early

The time and effort it takes to get a loved one to agree to addiction treatment can be immense. Encouraging them to stay in treatment until the program is complete can prove to be an even harder task. The reason for this is not cut and dry. Excuses for leaving addiction treatment early can range […]

A man grabs his hands and places them on his heart in pain.

Can Cocaine Lead to Heart Attacks?

Trying to understand how a substance like cocaine impacts your heart health is best explained through a simple question: Have you ever driven a car at full speed for an extended period of time? It can cause all sorts of diagnostic issues due to the strain and tension it puts on the engine. After all, […]

A female nurse hangs her head against her clasped hands, showing the strained mental health of healthcare workers.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Healthcare Workers

These are truly unprecedented times. The level of stress and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not been experienced within this country in over a century. It has devastated businesses and strained our healthcare system to the point of breaking – pushing frontline healthcare workers to their limits. Yet, through everything, these modern-day heroes […]

A professional woman mixing alcohol with Adderall.

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Adderall

Knowing that a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder can be a difficult situation to navigate. Their use is undoubtedly placing incredible emotional weight on your shoulders. How do you manage it all? Is it okay to confront them about their substance addiction? While trying to answer these questions can be difficult, […]

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