A man stretches in the park before running as part of his addiction recovery routine.

Picking Up Your Recovery Routine Again After the Pandemic

Living through a pandemic feels a bit surreal. From lockdown orders to mask mandates, the impact on our lives over the past year has been significant and, in some ways, life altering. Trying to find your way back to normal after an experience like that can feel a bit daunting, and picking up your recovery […]

What Is Fentanyl Withdrawal Like?

Deciding to face your addiction head-on and committing to a recovery program is the first step toward achieving sustained health and wellness. The damage a fentanyl addiction can inflict on your body and mind is devastating on a number of levels. It can cause significant harm to your heart, lungs and brain, and that’s not […]

What to Look for in a Residential Treatment Center

If you’ve been struggling with a substance use disorder and have finally built up the courage to begin your recovery journey, the right addiction treatment facility can truly mean the difference between getting clean, confidently achieving sustained sobriety, and not. During an addiction treatment program, you must put in the work; but with the right […]

Is My Spouse an Alcoholic?

Most people think if they were married to an alcoholic, the signs would be obvious. While some people who struggle with an alcohol use disorder make their habit hard to miss, there are a large number of individuals living as functional alcoholics. This means they’ve become adept at living with their addiction and hiding the […]

Types of Anxiety Disorder

What Are the 6 Types of Anxiety Disorders and How Do They Lead to Addiction?

We’ve all experienced moments of panic — thinking you left your wallet somewhere, running late to an important appointment, realizing you forgot to do something until it’s almost too late. An excessive wave of anxiety that can wash over you is exceedingly overwhelming in the moment. For individuals diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, however, that […]

A depressed man sits on his couch and thinks how COVID-19 has impacted his mental health.

How COVID-19 Has Damaged Mental Health (and Led to Substance Abuse)

It’s crazy to think that only a year ago we had never conceived of a world where almost all travel would stop; where people would be asked to avoid human contact for days, weeks, and months on end to avoid getting sick and infecting their friends and loved ones; where whole industries would shut down […]

Fentanyl Addiction Symptoms

Trying to manage an addiction to fentanyl can make your loved one feel like they’re adrift at sea. The sheer physical compulsions associated with an addiction of this nature are completely debilitating and can impact their physical well-being, mental health and social connectivity on every level. Additionally, a fentanyl addiction can drive an individual into […]

A depressed womansits on hercouch with her head in her hand and wonders if her depression has led to an addiction.

How Outpatient Treatment Can Get You Back on Track After the Pandemic

Facing a once-in-a-lifetime scenario like COVID-19 can force you to reassess what is truly important in life. Over the past year, we’ve seen material things become less important than the simple essentials – like healthy social connectivity and consistent interactions with loved ones. If you’re still struggling with a substance addiction and looking for a […]

How Addictive Is Alcohol?

Trying to figure out how addictive a certain substance is can be difficult to quantify. After all, every person is uniquely different with very specific biological tendencies and personal habits. While the constructs of addiction can be described, the actual addictive elements of a substance — like alcohol — can vary widely from person to […]

Depression and Substance Abuse

Ways to Avoid Substance Abuse Because of Your Depression

Regardless of what you’ve heard, depression is more than just feeling sad or down. Most individuals who struggle with depression experience their symptoms in different ways. Depression can interfere with your work responsibilities and other areas of life — causing you to lose time and fail to meet your daily obligations. Depression can impact your […]

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