A father sitting and talking with his teen about how to help a drug addict recover.

My Child is Refusing Help. Now What?

Addiction. It’s something you never thought would enter your life, but it has. It’s manifested itself in your child and you’re terrified. You’ve watched your child suffer. You’ve watched their life – relationships, goals, career, health – deteriorate. You agonize that their next binge or fix could be their last. You know your child’s life […]

A woman sitting alone thinking about her alcohol addiction and depression symptoms.

How Alcohol Addiction & Depression are Connected

Everyone experiences bad days, anxious moments and stressful rough patches. And when these situations hit, it’s common for people to turn to alcohol in an attempt to relax and temporarily take their mind off an undesirable reality. While most people can find their way back from difficult experiences, those who struggle with depression experience those […]

A man sitting alone wondering if he’s addicted to painkillers.

5 Signs You’re Addicted to Painkillers

Maybe you experienced an injury or medical complication that required or a prescription for painkillers. Or perhaps you just wanted to do some innocent experimenting to see how the pills would make you feel. Regardless of how your prescription drug use started, you may be realizing your use or dependency leans towards addiction and is […]

A man happy about his decision to go to an out-of-state rehab center

Why You Should Consider an Out-of-State Rehab Center

Your loved one is battling addiction and you’re at the end of your rope. Enough is enough. This isn’t the life your loved one was meant to live. It’s time to take real action. Perhaps your loved one has already completed addiction rehab at an in-state treatment facility. Maybe they relapsed. Or, it could be […]

A somber man thinking about detoxing from alcohol.

Side Effects of Alcohol Detox: Duration and Symptoms

As an alcoholic, realizing you need to stop drinking is one of the most sobering, life-changing thoughts you can have. Recovery from alcohol addiction starts with this reflection. What comes next may be some of the hardest work you do in your life. But, without question, it will be the most important. If you’re ready […]

A concerned mother feeling guilt about a loved one's addiction embraces her teen daughter.

Dealing with Parental Guilt over Loved One’s Addiction

Parents with children suffering from addiction often wonder, “Am I to blame for my loved one’s addiction?” One of the most painful, trying challenges in life is enduring a child’s addiction. Instinctively, parents feel compelled to take responsibility for their child’s actions. It’s common for parents to embody their child’s issues and feel guilt, shame, […]

A concerned father talking about addiction to painkillers with his adult son who is struggling with addiction.

How to Talk About Painkiller Addiction with a Loved One

Painkiller addiction is never a one-size-fits-all situation, and it rarely ever starts intentionally. After all, the majority of initial painkiller exposures start with legitimate prescriptions from doctors. That’s why most people are unassuming at first to the signs of addiction. But when a loved one’s habits, actions, and demeanor change and become unexplainable, it’s time […]

Woman struggling to manage her use of prescription drugs.

Hook, Line and Sinker: The Painkiller Addiction

Why It’s So Easy to Get Hooked on Prescription Drugs It’s the curveball you never saw coming. You made an appointment for chronic back pain and your doctor prescribed you painkillers to relieve the symptoms. You begin taking the pills twice a day as prescribed, but your back still doesn’t feel right. So, you just […]

Father spends some quality time talking to his son.

5 Ways to Talk to an Alcoholic

You’ve started to notice more and more beer cans and wine bottles in the trash. Your loved one spends most nights out on the town bar hopping and coming home smelling like alcohol. At first, they used to try to hide their drinking and play it off like they were just unwinding from a long […]

A group of people talking in a support group about their challenges with addiction

The True Face of Heroin Addiction: Who Uses Heroin the Most?

Take a moment and think about who you think uses heroin. What sort of people come to mind? Did you picture rock stars and celebrities like Steven Tyler and Philip Seymour Hoffman? Or maybe you thought of the disheveled junkies portrayed in movies and television shows. While the news loves to cover celebrity drug addictions, […]

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