A woman practicing yoga outside with a sunset in the background.

How to Help Your Loved One Relieve Pain Naturally

Overcoming an addiction may be the hardest challenge your loved one will ever face in their life. The physical toll and emotional damage that a substance use disorder can inflict on their mind and body can leave them struggling to simply exist. Once your loved one achieves sobriety and begins piecing their life back together, […]

Hands holding naloxone when learning about naloxone administration.

Naloxone: What it is and How to Use it

One of the scariest moments you will ever encounter is a loved one experiencing an opioid overdose. The level of panic and fear that immediately sets in can be blinding, causing you to think irrationally and forget the essential techniques necessary to potentially save your loved one from dying. While this is a scenario that […]

A recovering addict and a female therapist talk during a dialectical behavior therapy session.

Outcomes of Practicing Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Overcoming an addiction requires strength and commitment to confront the disease and properly address the addictive behaviors that have plagued your life. While much of the responsibility of achieving a happier and healthier lifestyle is yours to shoulder, finding a qualified clinical facility to guide your path is just as essential. Taking the time to […]

A man grips his chest over his heart in pain due to meth effects on the heart.

How Meth Affects the Heart

In today’s society, the only drug we ever seem to hear about is opioids. From painkillers to heroin, every news outlet and media source focuses on the impact that the opioid crisis has had on our neighborhoods and how it is affecting every area of the country. While this is factual, there are still a […]

Is Addiction Contributing to Homelessness in California?

  We live in a world that is quick to judge. Every day, we see people around us and immediately make snap decisions on their place in society and what type of personality attributes they possess. For example, when most people see a homeless person they immediately think, “drug addict” and turn the other way. […]

The Long-Term Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence causes both physical and emotional trauma. For victims of domestic violence, their physical scars may be visible to those around them, but the emotional scars that cut even deeper are oftentimes more difficult to see. As a society, we empathize with someone who has been physically injured in an accident or who has […]

What is Dry January and the Benefits of It?

What better time to make positive changes in your life than the beginning of a new year? From resolutions of improved physical activity to newfound resolve to avoid negative influences, making the decision to start off your new year with a sober state of mind is not only a personally beneficial decision but also one […]

Toxic Masculinity and Addiction

From the day we are born, the concepts of being feminine and masculine take center stage. Whether it be fathers telling their little boys to toughen up or mothers encouraging their little girls to wear dresses and play with dolls, gender roles define and drive how children are raised. That’s why it’s no wonder these […]

A professional sitting on a couch preparing lines of cocaine.

How Cocaine Damages the Liver

A bump of cocaine will certainly lift your mood and snorting a line will undoubtably get the party started. But, cocaine use – even occasional, casual use – can have a gripping effect on your body. Chasing that next high with cocaine, and succumbing to a cocaine addition, can be downright sinister – affecting everything […]

A man undergoing acupuncture for addiction during rehab.

Can Acupuncture Really Aid Addiction Recovery?

Managing the physical and emotional toll associated with substance addiction is no small task. From individual counseling to amino acid therapy, the methods and techniques available to help those recovering from addiction may seem endless, but which ones really work? Studies have shown the positive impact that proven methods of treatment, such as Cognitive Behavioral […]

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