How to Get a Loved One to Go to Rehab

How Can I Convince a Loved One to Get Treatment?

Watching someone you love struggle with the debilitating disease of addiction is a gut-wrenching experience. You can want the best for your loved one, and even be willing to take on their pain and suffering if it were possible, but in the end, it is their cross to bear. The disease of addiction is a […]

A man sits and reviews his addiction treatment insurance coverage.

How Long Will My Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

For most people struggling with a medical issue or physical complication, relying on your insurance coverage to bear the majority of the financial burden is commonplace. Dealing with the mental and physical effects of a surgical procedure or medical intervention can be personally overwhelming and monetarily astronomical, so having comprehensive insurance coverage prior to beginning […]

A man sits on a park bench in the fall thinking about getting opioid addiction help.

How to Help an Opioid Addict

How do you help someone climb a mountain? For your addicted loved one, the mountain is their opioid addiction. It has run ramped for far too long and nearly obliterated everything in your loved one’s life. When your loved one is ready to face their substance use disorder head on and finally achieve sobriety, you […]

PTSD and Alcoholism

Does PTSD Lead to Alcoholism?

What is a traumatic event? Have you ever experienced one or know someone who has? A traumatic event is a personally terrifying situation or scenario, either experienced or witnessed, in which an excessive amount of stress is induced. The event itself can be marked by a sense of helplessness, horror, serious injury, the threat of […]

What is Rehab Like at Ranch Creek?

What is Rehab Like at Ranch Creek?

When we think of rehab facilities, our minds are immediately drawn to what we have seen on the television or social media. White walls, stark fluorescent lighting, cold tile floors – the notion of a rehabilitation stay seems more akin to being in an isolated hospital setting than a place to heal your mind and […]

A man smiling by the ocean thinking about his healthy New Year's resolution ideas.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Recovery

The first of the year inherently brings new hope and opportunity for everyone. The transgressions of last year are behind you and all of the optimism and potential associated with a new year lie ahead. For many, this means the creation of resolutions aimed at improving personal habits and health through well-intentioned life changes. For […]

A man smiling while in rehab and benefitting from amino acid therapy for addiction.

Amino Acids for Alcohol Recovery

Top 3 Benefits of Amino Acid Therapy for Alcohol Addiction Dealing with the ramifications of an alcohol addiction can take a significant amount of time and effort on your part. The manner in which the addiction depletes the body of essential amino acids can exacerbate withdrawal symptoms and prolong the entire detoxification process. Studies have […]

A professional man breathing in fresh air during his holistic opioid withdrawal treatment.

What Does a Holistic Detox from Opioids Look Like?

We live in a time where opioid use has grown into an epidemic within our country. From major cities to small suburbs, the use and abuse of opioids has spread like wildfire, consuming entire families and whole communities without prejudice. While the influencing factors associated with this tremendous upsurge in opioid dependence around the nation […]

Holiday Relapse Prevention

Holiday Relapse Prevention

Oh, the holidays – full of optimism and cheer! The time of year where people are inherently kinder and more giving toward those around them, and willing to go above and beyond to help their fellow man. Special moments are shared during holiday get togethers where carols are sung, bread is broken, and drinks are […]

A hopeful woman looking at the sunset by the sea and thinking about alternatives to 12-step recovery.

Alternatives to 12-Step Recovery

There is no progress without innovation. While this perspective has driven a number of industrial and professional scenarios, the concept also holds true within the area of addiction recovery. The 12-step approach has dominated the field of substance rehabilitation for decades. However, alternative therapeutic programs and interventions have begun to take root, proving to be […]

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