Drugs, pills and alcohol sitting on a dark-surfaced table.

Polydrug Use: What it is and Why it is Dangerous?

Polydrug use is when a person habitually uses more than one substance, often with the intent of enhancing or countering the effects of another drug. Additionally, someone struggling with addiction can find themselves dealing with polysubstance use simply because their preferred drug is unavailable – or, perhaps too costly – at the time they find […]

A man sitting and considering addiction treatment during the pandemic

Common Questions about COVID-19 and Addiction Rehab

Navigating life during a global pandemic has been difficult for everyone. From mask wearing and social distancing to closed businesses and limited family gatherings, trying to navigate the ins-and-outs associated with COVID-19 has felt strange, to say the least. Add to that mix the struggles of substance addiction and you may have found yourself feeling […]

A depressed, mid-aged woman sits on her couch with her eyes closed and hands clasped close to her mouth.

How Does Depression Work in the Brain?

Living with depression can feel like you’re adrift in the ocean with no life vest and no rescue boat in sight. Like powerful waves hitting your face and controlling your every move, depression can feel commanding, terrifying and without end. For those dealing with a substance use disorder, self-medicating to manage feelings of depression can […]

Ranch Creek’s luxury addiction treatment facility.

Why Luxury Amenities Matter in Addiction Treatment

The thought of entering a residential treatment facility can sometimes come with less than flattering connotations. After all, we have all seen movies or television shows that attempt to represent the environment inside an in-patient treatment facility – and they are rarely complimentary. From the stark lighting and cold ambiance to the abrasive staff and […]

An older man sits at a table by a window binge drinking beer

A Look at Substance Abuse in Older Adults

It’s common for people to think that substance abuse only impacts younger individuals and working professionals. However, the fact of the matter is older adults also struggle with addiction. From the pressures of getting older to the responsibilities typically associated with advanced age, seniors can easily find themselves self-medicating to manage stress in their lives. […]

A senior woman practices her spiritual wellness by praying with a rosary.

Spiritual Wellness – What it is and Why it is Important

The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as “an active process through which people become aware of and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” Part of this process includes being in tune with your spiritual side. Generally, when you have a good level of spiritual wellness it means you have a defined life purpose or […]

A woman sitting by a Christmas tree, struggling with holiday stress.

Healthy Ways to Cope with the Stress and Anxiety of the Holidays

Stress around the holidays is as typical as Santa and his sleigh. From the expectations of buying the perfect gifts to all the social gatherings and holiday parties, finding time to breath and decompress can seem like an impossible task. Add the stress of managing a substance use disorder and the holidays can become the […]

A man’s hand holding a glass of water in one and a packet of pills in another, wondering how Adderall abuse is treated.

The Symptoms of Adderall Abuse and How They’re Treated

It’s easy to assume that a prescribed medication is perfectly safe, especially since it comes from a licensed physician and is used to treat diagnosable symptoms. While this belief is valid, the fact of the matter is abuse of prescription pills, like Adderall, has steadily risen over the past 15 years due to non-prescribed drug […]

Hands of a person addicted to prescription drugs.

How Do I Know if I’m Addicted to My Prescription Medication?

Millions of people experience injuries or medical issues every day that leave them dealing with physical pain and anguish. It is not uncommon to visit a doctor’s office or emergency room to properly deal with these injuries to allow the body to recover from whatever damage it has experienced. However, far too often people are […]

A depressed man dealing with co-occurring grief and an alcohol addiction.

The Connection Between Grief and Addiction Use

Grief, in any form, can be a massive weight on your shoulders. After all, having to process and manage the loss of a friend or loved one is difficult to even put into words. Grief is unique for everyone and typically varies in the time it takes to process the loss and move forward. It […]

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