What is Dry January and the Benefits of It?

What better time to make positive changes in your life than the beginning of a new year? From resolutions of improved physical activity to newfound resolve to avoid negative influences, making the decision to start off your new year with a sober state of mind is not only a personally beneficial decision but also one […]

A professional sitting on a couch preparing lines of cocaine.

How Cocaine Damages the Liver

A bump of cocaine will certainly lift your mood and snorting a line will undoubtably get the party started. But, cocaine use – even occasional, casual use – can have a gripping effect on your body. Chasing that next high with cocaine, and succumbing to a cocaine addition, can be downright sinister – affecting everything […]

A man undergoing acupuncture for addiction during rehab.

Can Acupuncture Really Aid Addiction Recovery?

Managing the physical and emotional toll associated with substance addiction is no small task. From individual counseling to amino acid therapy, the methods and techniques available to help those recovering from addiction may seem endless, but which ones really work? Studies have shown the positive impact that proven methods of treatment, such as Cognitive Behavioral […]

A woman practicing meditation in addiction recovery during sunset.

How Meditation Can Help You Manage Cravings

Take a moment to breathe deeply; to breathe with purpose and focus. Concentrate on the breath by inhaling through the nose for four seconds, holding the breath for seven seconds and exhaling for eight seconds. Now repeat this practice five times and see how you feel. Studies have shown that performing a breathing technique like […]

A father learning how to support his LGBTQ child.

How to Accept Your Adult Child Who Identifies as LGBTQ

As loved ones, it is our duty to support and protect those closest to our hearts. Regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation, being there for a child through thick and thin is the very definition of familial support. While we seemingly live in an evolved social state, discrimination is still very real and […]

A woman and a therapist in a non-12 step dual diagnosis treatment session.

Why Non-12 Step Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Finding your way through a substance addiction can feel like being lost in a maze. Every time you think you are beginning to make progress, you find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed, wandering through life until you hit another dead end. Add to that frustration the weight of managing a dual diagnosis, or a co-occurring substance […]

A man smiling and happy that he entered a drug addiction treatment program in the new year.

Why Treatment Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Everyone has made a New Year’s resolution at some point in their life. Maybe it was to treat others better or to finish a project in the coming year. Perhaps it was to avoid obvious bad decisions or to finally start that diet to become the healthy person you have always wanted to be. Regardless […]

A man burying his face in his hands while dealing with the effects of opioids and the brain.

How Opioids Work in the Brain

Living with an addiction can make you feel like the entire world is against you. After all, most people who have never experienced a substance use disorder routinely minimize the severity of addiction and how it can alter and essentially destroy a person’s life. How many times has someone told you to just “stop using […]

How James Dixon Healed from Addiction at Ranch Creek Recovery

Twists, turns, lessons, setbacks, consequences – life is full of them. While these circumstances can help an addict hit rock bottom, there is always a way to turn things around. After all, life is more about second chances, redemption and living the clean, healthy, happy and productive life you were made to lead. For individuals […]

LGBTQ Substance Abuse

Why Addiction is Higher in the LGBTQ Community

The disease of addiction does not discriminate. It can prove to be a debilitating disorder for any person, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. However, for those individuals identifying within the LGBTQ community, dealing with the weight of a substance use disorder can prove to be even more difficult to process. While their struggles […]

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