A man sits on the couch thinking about alcohol addiction in the LGBTQ community.

Why is Alcohol Addiction More Likely in the LGBTQ Community?

Despite all the progress we have made as a society, there are many people who still feel ostracized and marginalized because of their sexual orientation. For those who identify with the LGBTQ community – or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community – the pressures to conform or hide their sexuality can sometimes feel both […]

A woman sits on the couch dealing with anxiety after drinking.

How Does Drinking Impact My Anxiety Disorder?

Having a drink to take the edge off has become synonymous with most social interactions and relaxing after a long day. While consuming a few drinks can make you feel a bit more relaxed and at ease, using this as a primary method to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety is not only a bad […]

A person refusing to drink alcohol.

Why is it Hard to Quit Drinking by Myself?

If there is one substance that has ingrained itself into the fabric of our society, it is alcohol. When most people are celebrating a special event, what do they do? Toast with drinks. When most families throw a holiday party or family event, how do they typically mark the occasion? Toast with drinks. When you […]

A husband and wife arguing and suffering from the effects of cocaine addiction.

How Cocaine Addiction Affects Your Relationships

Addiction in any form can wreak havoc on relationships. This is caused by how a substance use disorder disrupts your ability to make rational, healthy decisions and drives you toward one compulsive behavior: constantly feeding the addiction. For most people struggling with addiction, this thought may seem foreign because, to them, their addiction is ‘under […]

A woman sitting with her head in her hand with alcohol on the table in front of her.

The Unique Challenges of Addiction for Women

It is no secret that women who struggle with addiction face noticeable different roadblocks and difficulties along their recovery journey than their male counterparts. The origins of their substance use disorders can range from biological traits to experienced traumas, and the therapeutic interventions they seek can require a specialized approach in order to help them […]

A drunk businessman sleeping on the sofa and suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse.

How Does Alcohol Abuse Affect Your Sleep?

As with most substance addictions, excessive alcohol abuse can do a number on your body. From negatively affecting your heart and liver to completely throwing off your circadian sleep cycle, living with an alcohol use disorder is both physically exhausting and emotionally draining. For many people living with an addiction to alcohol, they reach a […]

A happy female patient talks with a therapist during outpatient drug treatment

Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment Right for Your Loved One?

For some individuals struggling with addiction, being able to maintain a daily routine and personal obligations – such as job and familial responsibilities – is of the utmost importance. Finding a way to receive necessary treatment while also staying in the community to avoid any setbacks personally and professionally can feel difficult to achieve. However, […]

A woman’s hands holding CBD oil and considering CBD for pain management.

Why CBD Shouldn’t Replace Opioid Addiction Treatment

Over the past decade, alternative forms of medicine and pain management have skyrocketed in popularity – from essential oils to herbal supplements to meditative practices aimed at improving the mind, body and soul. While these holistic and natural approaches to personal health and wellbeing are often rooted in longstanding practice and tradition, relying on them […]

A judge gavel and law book detailing drug possession laws in California.

What You Should Know about Drug Possession Laws in California

No one wants to end up in the legal system. It’s not a goal someone wakes up with and no one decides they want to live their life intertwined with the criminal courts. Nevertheless, for an individual living with a substance use disorder, coming in contact with the police and criminal courts is sometimes an […]

A man attending addiction rehab in California & spending time by the ocean.

What is Addiction Rehab in California Like?

There is no rule that says addiction treatment must be conducted in a cold and uncomfortable environment. The fact that your loved one is making the decision to address their substance use disorder is an amazing accomplishment, so finding the most inviting and comfortable atmosphere should factor in when deciding which treatment facility to choose. […]

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