A woman working on financial planning for addiction rehab.

How to Financially Plan for Addiction Treatment

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, you already know the difficulties they are facing. From negative social influences to constant relapse triggers, every day they are faced with another obstacle to overcome in their journey toward recovery. While the personal problems can, at times, feel overwhelming, the collateral struggles associated […]

A woman practicing horticulture therapy while gardening.

Horticulture Therapy: How it Benefits Addiction Recovery

Finding a way to become more in tune with the world around you offers amazing benefits. It can decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, clear your mind of unnecessary distractions and increase your ability to manage personal hardships. For years, clinical professionals have been encouraging their clients to get out more, breathe in the fresh […]

A group of friends enjoying their time together at a sober bar.

The Benefits of Sober Bars

We live in a society where alcohol consumption is synonymous with almost every social interaction. Sporting events, family get-togethers, holidays, intimate gatherings – you name it and odds are alcohol is involved. In contrast to this overwhelming tendency to include alcohol in every event, a surprising trend has begun to emerge. Sober bars have begun […]

A group of friends kayaking instead of drinking at the bar on St. Patrick’s Day.

How to Help a Loved One Avoid St. Patrick’s Day Parties

St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebration. It signifies the harsh winter has passed and spring is right around the corner. It provides people the opportunity to gather with their family and friends to celebrate a rich cultural tradition and longstanding custom. While everyone is welcomed as Irish on this holiday, the correlation with […]

A depressed woman sits with a glass of wine in front of her.

Why Women Abuse Alcohol

The unique pressures that women within our society experience on a daily basis can sometimes seem endless and overwhelming. From the constant barrage of beauty expectations to the varying roles woman embody – like mother, wife, partner, career woman and more – finding validation and comfort can sometimes prove rather elusive. That’s why it’s no […]

A stressed businessman sits at his desk with his hands on his head.

Work Stress and Alcohol: Is My Job Causing Me to Drink?

For many executives, the concept of both working and playing hard takes on a whole new meaning. The effort and commitment required to ascend the corporate ladder can drive some people to address their stress through less-than-healthy methods – including drinking and drugs. Additionally, it’s not unusual for business meetings to involve cocktails or celebratory […]

A woman practicing yoga outside with a sunset in the background.

How to Help Your Loved One Relieve Pain Naturally

Overcoming an addiction may be the hardest challenge your loved one will ever face in their life. The physical toll and emotional damage that a substance use disorder can inflict on their mind and body can leave them struggling to simply exist. Once your loved one achieves sobriety and begins piecing their life back together, […]

Hands holding naloxone when learning about naloxone administration.

Naloxone: What it is and How to Use it

One of the scariest moments you will ever encounter is a loved one experiencing an opioid overdose. The level of panic and fear that immediately sets in can be blinding, causing you to think irrationally and forget the essential techniques necessary to potentially save your loved one from dying. While this is a scenario that […]

A recovering addict and a female therapist talk during a dialectical behavior therapy session.

Outcomes of Practicing Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Overcoming an addiction requires strength and commitment to confront the disease and properly address the addictive behaviors that have plagued your life. While much of the responsibility of achieving a happier and healthier lifestyle is yours to shoulder, finding a qualified clinical facility to guide your path is just as essential. Taking the time to […]

A man grips his chest over his heart in pain due to meth effects on the heart.

How Meth Affects the Heart

In today’s society, the only drug we ever seem to hear about is opioids. From painkillers to heroin, every news outlet and media source focuses on the impact that the opioid crisis has had on our neighborhoods and how it is affecting every area of the country. While this is factual, there are still a […]

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