Friends eating popcorn and staying sober on Halloween

Tips to Stay Sober on Halloween

It’s fairly obvious we live in a culture that glorifies drinking alcohol, which can make staying sober a difficult task at times. If you’re in recovery, Halloween can present moments of temptation to drink or abuse drugs while others cut loose. Without question, Halloween gatherings and parties can leave you struggling to maintain your sobriety. […]

Woman participating in equine therapy

Can Equine Therapy Help with Cocaine Abuse?

There’s a tremendous benefit to therapeutic approaches that incorporate animals into the healing process, which is that humans and animals require no words to communicate with each other.  This shared silence can open you up to an entirely new personal experience that may not have been achieved through traditional treatment techniques. Consider equine therapy for […]

College student suffering from Adderall addiction

Adderall Abuse Among College Students: How to Overcome It

As a potent stimulant — traditionally prescribed to help individuals suffering from inattention issues and other learning disabilities — Adderall can help students increase their alertness and boost their scholastic productivity. Because of this, Adderall abuse in college students is more common than you might think.  Adderall use typically starts innocently enough, being used by […]

Woman sleeping peacefully

The Importance of Sleep on Your Recovery Journey

For anyone who’s struggled with the grip of a substance use disorder, experiencing the negative effects addiction can have on your quality of sleep is common. Both drug use and the withdrawal symptoms associated with recovery can make it difficult to both fall asleep and sleep through the entire night.  If you’re living with an […]

Young woman in therapy speaking to therapist

Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Help Treat Your Addiction?

Implementing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) into addiction treatment programs has been shown to be one of the most effective therapies available when it comes to getting positive results in a relatively short time.  Why? Because CBT enables you to take your negative thoughts and restructure them, focusing on what you can control instead of dwelling […]

Someone holding a container of fentanyl.

The Increase in Fentanyl Use in California and Where to Get Treatment

Over the past decade, fentanyl use has significantly increased around the country. The substance itself is one of the most powerful opiates on the market and has led to nearly half of the opioid-related deaths within the U.S.  Many people who aren’t aware of the fatal consequences of fentanyl abuse are more likely to try […]

Man refuses alcoholic beverage being offered to him by friend.

How to Keep Your Recovery Moving Forward When a Friend Relapses

Your journey through the recovery process is sure to include both beautiful moments and difficult scenarios. That’s why having a strong network of friends and loved ones who are there for you when times get tough is essential to overcoming setbacks and staying on track when the temptation to relapse arises.  After all, each and […]

Woman looks back sadly at significant other drinking alcoholic beverage.

How Do I Love an Addict Without Enabling Them?

If your loved one has struggled with substance addiction, then you may have heard the term “enabling” or being an “enabler.”  Enabling is defined as doing things for an individual with a substance use disorder that they normally could do for themselves if they were sober.  The term also includes making excuses for your loved […]

Man uses dollar bill to snort cocaine.

How Cocaine Affects Your Brain Function

Nearly half a million people arrive in emergency rooms annually to get help for problems related to their cocaine use. Add to that the fact that more than 160,000 people go to rehab to get help for cocaine addiction each year and you can understand the severity of cocaine addiction in our communities.  Whether snorted, […]

Woman pours alcohol and looks depressed.

Are Past Trauma and Alcohol Abuse Related?

For anyone dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and an addiction to alcohol,  the relationship between their trauma and their alcohol abuse is complicated and closely intertwined.  A trauma is a shocking and dangerous situation that you see or experience. During a traumatic event, you think that your life or the lives of others are […]

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