Ranch Creek Recovery is a drug rehab in California that accepts Magellan insurance. We offer a comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program that addresses all aspects of our client’s physical and emotional needs – including co-occurring mental health disorders like depression or anxiety.

A large barrier that prevents individuals from attending addiction treatment isn’t the person’s desire to recover, but the costs associated with attending rehab. Based on your specific Magellan insurance policy, anywhere from a portion to the entire cost of treatment could be covered. Here’s what you need to do to find out:

Magellan Drug Rehab Coverage Confirmation

Although Ranch Creek Recovery accepts Magellan as an insurance provider, you will still need to call and verify insurance coverage with Magellan. Every policy is different which means there is still a chance your coverage may be denied. You can start by reviewing your specific benefits guide.

What happens if your coverage is denied? You will still have the opportunity to appeal. This is usually done by writing an appeals letter. Make sure you follow up with Magellan and complete the appeals procedure correctly.