What You Need to Know About Alcohol Rehab Insurance

Drug and alcohol rehab provides detox, inpatient and outpatient programs for people who want to start their recovery journey. Successful graduates can go on to apply for jobs, start relationships, repair friendships and enjoy financial security. Mental health programs and medication-assisted treatment help patients target the issues that caused substance use disorder in the first place.

Treatment costs for rehab facilities vary. Insurance benefits and payment plans could help you get essential care if you can’t afford the out-of-pocket expenses.

Does Health Insurance Cover Rehab?

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance providers to cover substance abuse treatment. However, they don’t have to cover your entire stay. They might pay for select programs, like inpatient and outpatient services, or cover part of the cost while leaving you to pay for the rest.

Check your in-network provider before seeking treatment. Some facilities might not accept your insurance plan. Fortunately, you can typically look up your network online and find a treatment center that works with your carrier.

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Get Help with Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Our alcohol rehab program accepts several national insurance plans and is in-network with most carriers including HealthNet, MHN, Anthem BlueCross, Aetna, Cigna as well as others. To verify if your insurance is accepted and check your out-of-pocket costs call Ranch Creek Recovery at (877) 997-8931.

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What Does Your Insurance Provider Cover?

Many treatment centers offer multiple programs for each stage of alcohol addiction treatment. Programs vary according to mental health conditions, physical issues and the addiction’s severity. Contact your insurance company to see which substance abuse programs they cover before you sign up — otherwise, you might have to pay out of pocket.


Alcohol abuse treatment centers typically start with a supervised sub-acute detox that allows the drugs to leave your system in a safe, monitored environment. The staff might prescribe medication to ease withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, headaches and cravings. Detoxing in treatment facilities provides fast access to medical care.

Residential Program

Residents who need 24-hour care enter a residential alcohol rehab program. Staff members offer mental health services, such as group, individual and psychiatric therapy, to teach residents healthy coping skills. Exercise classes and nutritious meals teach residents about taking care of themselves.

The treatment provider might combat alcohol abuse with the 12-step program. Other services can include meditation, weekly outings and spiritual services. Residents get access to post-recovery services after they graduate.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient alcohol rehab programs usually have the cheapest rehab cost. Patients can attend sessions on their schedule so they don’t have to abandon work, family or childcare duties. Outpatient treatment typically lasts several weeks and covers substance addiction and mental health. People who’ve already graduated from a program may sign up for outpatient treatment if they’re concerned about relapsing.

Which Insurance Plans Cover Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

While the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance plans to cover drug and alcohol addiction, your provider might not offer full coverage. Some insurance providers request a diagnosis before covering treatment. You might need to visit a doctor for an evaluation and a professional treatment recommendation.

Afterward, call your insurance company to verify your coverage. Tell them about your diagnosis and the treatment center you want to visit. They could tell you how much your insurance plan covers so you don’t have to pay unexpected fees later. Get information in writing in case you need to refer to it later.

We can also assist with insurance verification here.

How Much Does Substance Abuse Treatment Cost?

Various factors affect the cost of addiction treatment services. Longer stays cost more than shorter ones, obviously. Inpatient programs are typically pricier because you’re paying for your room, meals and 24-hour care. Outpatient services are cheaper but less intensive because you’re not living at the clinic.

A rehab program with luxurious amenities, such as yoga and swimming pools, costs more than basic treatment. Mental health treatment and other specialties can also increase the price. Your rehab center might charge more if you have extra medical needs, such as pregnancy.

The center’s location and number of neighboring centers can influence the price, particularly in high- and low-income areas. High-demand centers are usually more expensive.

How Can You Get an Insurance Plan?

Insurance coverage often comes with employment. Some employers only cover full-time employees or offer a different plan for part-time workers. You might acquire health insurance shortly after you get the job. An employment-based health insurance policy is typically cheaper than private insurance.

If you’re unemployed or ineligible for coverage through your job, you can buy insurance through the health insurance marketplace. Private insurance costs can vary according to your income. Search for an insurance provider directly that covers rehab costs. Browse their other services before you sign up because you’ll use this insurance for other medical issues.

You might have to wait for the open enrollment period to apply, but some health insurance companies offer emergency coverage.

What If You Can’t Get Alcohol Rehab Insurance?

If you can’t get insurance coverage for alcohol addiction treatment, you could cover the out-of-pocket costs with your savings or a portion of your retirement fund.

Other options include a grant, a loan or other financial assistance from friends or relatives. Your loved ones might agree to pay for a portion of rehab treatment if you cover the rest of the costs.

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Ranch Creek Recovery offers treatment options for patients addicted to alcohol and other substances. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs include mental health services administration to find the root of your substance use disorder. Other services include detox, family education and holistic wellness.

Our health maintenance organization provides relapse prevention services that continue to treat your drug and alcohol addiction after you leave. Licensed medical professionals offer personalized addiction medicine and disorder treatment to meet your needs. Verify your insurance today to see if we’re one of your in-network providers.

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