Frequently Asked Questions About Ranch Creek Recovery

Have questions about our addiction treatment programs and what it’s like to recover at Ranch Creek Recovery? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions to learn more.

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What substance addictions do you treat?

We treat many substance addictions, including alcohol, opiates, heroin, cocaine, meth, marijuana, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamine and hallucinogens.

How many clients do you take?

Our residential facility is limited to 6 beds to create an individualized treatment for small groups and daily individual sessions.

What is your admissions process like?

Prior to admission, you will be pre-screened over the phone to make sure you meet the criteria for the proper level of care. After this, you’ll then be scheduled for your intake day. During your intake process, you’ll be asked questions about your history, sign all admissions paperwork, be drug/alcohol tested, review the house rules and receive a tour of the facility.

What kinds of medical treatment do you provide?

While we are a non-medical treatment facility, we do work with a medical doctor that will prescribe detox medication when needed. Any other medical issues will require you to see your own doctor or be referred to a doctor by our facility.

Do you provide detox and if so, what is it like at Ranch Creek Recovery?

We provide sub-acute detox and our medical doctor will prescribe detox medications if needed. If our doctor determines you need an acute detox because your health is at risk, you will be transferred to a local acute detox center and be brought back to our facility once you have medical clearance.

Detox usually lasts 3-10 days where we monitor your vitals daily and provide regular check-ups. Any medication prescribed is to help you feel safer and more comfortable during this phase of treatment.

Does insurance cover treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery?

You accept most insurance providers at Ranch Creek Recovery. Prior to your intake process, we run a verification of benefits and let you know what your deductible and maximum out of pocket costs are for the plan year. We handle the clinical reviews with your insurance case manager and obtain authorization for treatment based on your clinical assessment.

Please note that all policies are different, and there is no guarantee of benefits.

What kinds of therapies do you offer?

During your stay, you’ll engage in many holistic therapies. These therapies include equine-assisted therapy, acupuncture, yoga, sound healing meditation, fitness training and art therapy.

What is a typical day like at Ranch Creek Recovery?

When you come to Ranch Creek Recovery, you will experience a structured schedule and friendly environment. You will be given a schedule with group therapy times, individual sessions, holistic therapies, family education, family visitation, meetings, outings, meal times and free time.

Do you let phones and computers into the treatment facility?

Since we are a confidential facility, we do not allow our residents to have their phones and computers on them during their stay. We ask that you leave those items at home, but if you have to have access to work and other important things, we can work out a schedule that complies with our confidentiality and structure.

What do you mean by “individualized” treatment?

We offer daily individual sessions Monday through Friday with a counselor or therapist to allow you to work on your personal needs for continued recovery and sobriety.

Do you treat mental health disorders?

We offer dual diagnosis treatment to help address any underlying mental health conditions affecting your addiction. We have a therapist on staff that will meet with clients individually for co-occurring disorders.

Does Ranch Creek Recovery provide treatment or support for family members?

We offer weekly family education groups to help support families of people currently going through our residential treatment program. Our therapist will provide an individual session with the family after two weeks of treatment as needed for the client’s recovery.

How many people do you have on staff?

Our staff is comprised of 15 people. We also leverage outside therapists for our holistic therapies.

What are your staff’s credentials?

Our highly-experienced staff is fully licensed to help you or your loved one recover from addiction. Our Therapist is a PsyD, all our counselors are either licensed or certified through CCAPP, our clinical director has a BA in psychology and our house manager is working towards a drug and alcohol certification with an RADT.

Do you offer outpatient treatment?

We have an outpatient location to continue with treatment once insurance has stepped you down to a lower level of care. We offer transitional sober housing in this level of care with an affordable monthly fee.

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