Equine Assisted Therapy Substance Abuse

Equine Therapy for Drug Addiction

Equine-assisted therapy, or equine-assisted psychotherapy, is a type of holistic treatment used to help people work through any emotional or psychological issues they may be struggling with as a result of their addiction or a co-occurring disorder.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we leverage equine therapy to supplement traditional addiction treatment and therapy.

Why Equine Therapy for Drug Addiction?

Equine therapy is part of animal-assisted therapy, where animals like dogs and cats are used to help comfort people and give them a safe environment to cope with trauma.

Horses are used for this type of holistic treatment because they are natural pack animals who pick up on the feelings and moods of other animals around them. When interacting with a horse, the horse has the ability to sense how you’re feeling and respond appropriately, letting you connect on a level you may not be able to do in individual or group therapy.

Benefits of Equine Therapy for Addiction

Equine therapy offers may benefits to those going through addiction recovery, including:

  • Identifying and working through feelings they may not have even realized they had, since horses can sense how you’re feeling and respond similarly.
  • Providing metaphoric experiences to stimulate emotional growth and build confidence.
  • Teaching you more about yourself and allowing you to recognize dysfunctional patterns of behavior.
  • Helping define what healthy relationships should look like.

Equine Therapy at Ranch Creek Recovery

When you come to Ranch Creek Recovery, equine therapy will be worked into your holistic addiction treatment plan. You’ll experience equine-assisted therapy sessions where you’ll be able to interact with horses in a safe, relaxing environment for set periods of time.

The insights gained from these equine therapy sessions will then be points of discussion during your individual and group therapy sessions, so you can continue to work through the emotional and psychological issues felt before and during your addiction.

Get on the Path to Healing Today at Ranch Creek Recovery

Horses are beautiful, non-judgmental creatures with no expectations or motives. We provide equine therapy to help you become more aware of your emotional state and gain deeper insight into your feelings, behaviors, patterns, congruency, boundaries and stumbling blocks to recovery.

Learn more about Ranch Creek Recovery’s equine therapy program for drug addiction by calling our admissions team for a free confidential assessment at 877-293-8607.

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