Holistic Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders

Get Help with Insurance Coverage for Rehab

Our alcohol rehab program accepts several national insurance plans and is in-network with most carriers including HealthNet, MHN, Anthem BlueCross, Aetna, Cigna as well as others. To verify if your insurance is accepted and check your out-of-pocket costs call Ranch Creek Recovery at (877) 997-8931.

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What We Offer

No two addictions are the same, so patients need to have access to a wide variety of treatment options. Some services are provided on an outpatient basis, but residential treatment is also available, ensuring every patient receives just the right level of care based on their personal history and the severity of their addiction.

Residential Rehab

Our residential rehab programs offer ongoing support for patients who have severe addictions or have home environments that would make it difficult to recover.

Outpatient Rehab

For patients with strong family support, outpatient treatment allows you to begin the recovery process even if you can’t take time off from work to live in a residential facility.

Detox Services

Detox services are also available to keep you as comfortable as possible as you go through the drug and alcohol withdrawal process.

Holistic Treatment

Because addiction affects the mind, body and soul, Ranch Creek Recovery offers holistic treatment programs, which focus on the whole person and not just the medical or psychological aspects of addiction.

Individualized Care

No one’s struggles and experiences are the same, that’s why we offer an individualized approach to addiction treatment. By creating a custom recovery plan we can cater to the specific needs of the individual.

About Ranch Creek

Ranch Creek Recovery is an outpatient and residential addiction treatment center with three locations in California. Ranch Creek Recovery was founded by people who have first-hand experience with drug and alcohol addiction. As a result, every patient receives personalized attention from people who understand how challenging it is to recover from a substance use disorder. Ranch Creek Recovery also offers treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, ensuring patients have the emotional strength they need to participate fully in their treatment programs.

Established in 2011, Ranch Creek Recovery is on a mission to offer personalized treatment plans and give patients every opportunity to recover from addiction and other mental health disorders. Our overall goal is to create a relaxed environment where you feel comfortable opening up about your addiction and discovering what life has in store for you once you stop using drugs or alcohol.

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Our Philosophy

We believe every patient should receive an individualized care plan that addresses their physical and emotional wellness. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, so we use a non-12-step model of addiction treatment, ensuring everyone who comes to the facility receives a completely customized treatment program. We also focus on the whole person, treating the individual and not just the addiction.

When you arrive at Ranch Creek Recovery, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment to determine the severity of your addiction, identify any co-occurring mental health conditions and gather information about your physical and emotional state. With this information, we’ll develop a holistic treatment plan designed to help you avoid relapse.

“I learned more about myself and past trauma in a week than I ever have. It has helped with my self-esteem, self-confidence and boundary setting. The group discussions were always in depth and never rushed. Family education nights were helpful for both my family and me, and my kids felt comfortable saying whatever they needed to or ask questions. I feel so much better equipped to continue my sobriety and I would definitely recommend Ranch Creek to anyone struggling with addiction. I felt like all the staff were genuinely interested in our recovery and teaching us how to stay clean and sober.“

– Hollie

Our Staff

Ranch Creek Recovery has a team of dedicated staff members led by licensed, certified and registered professionals who are hand-picked for their vast experience and knowledge in addiction treatment and mental health. Our treatment team also includes counselors, psychological assistants and residential aides, all of whom are here to compassionately support you through the recovery process.

Our Residential Treatment Locations


Ranch Creek Recovery has a residential addiction treatment facility in Murrieta, California, making it easy for people in Riverside County and surrounding areas to access comprehensive addiction treatment. The Murrieta location can accommodate stays lasting from 30 to 90 days or even longer, depending on the severity of your addiction and whether you have any underlying mental health disorders.

The Temecula, California location offers outpatient addiction treatment to patients from Southern California and beyond. Patients who receive outpatient treatment at the Temecula facility receive the same high-quality care as patients staying at the residential treatment center in Murrieta.

Where We Serve

With two locations in Southern California, Ranch Creek Recovery is a convenient option for patients throughout the state. Although we serve many patients from Riverside County, patients come from Los Angeles, San Diego and other areas to take advantage of our holistic treatment options and work with experienced, compassionate staff members. Ranch Creek Recovery also accepts patients from nearby states, including Nevada, Oregon and Arizona, ensuring any individual with a substance use disorder can access comprehensive treatment in a serene environment.

Whats New at Ranch Creek Recovery?

Learn more about alternative solutions like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with our counselor Jimmie Herron, CADC II.