Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Riverside

Ranch Creek Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center that helps those within the Riverside and surrounding areas by providing quality alcohol and drug rehab treatment services to those with prescription medication, illegal drugs, alcoholism, and other addictions. Our services cover the entire spectrum of the disease including inpatient, outpatient, and long-term residential treatment programs.

Treatments Used by Our Rehab Center

We use a combination of traditional, alternative, and holistic approaches customized to each patient’s needs in order to provide the best road to recovery. Our experts don’t just treat the physical addiction, they also focus on the cause of the addiction – whether it be chemical, emotional, or both.

Treatment Program Benefits of Our Rehab Center

Our rehab center combines serene structures with stunning views of the landscape to help our patients feel at home. The city’s skyline provides an amazing view of sunrises to help our patients start the day. The Mediterranean climate provides sunny summers and mild winters, which allows patients to enjoy the outdoors at their leisure. Our location is also designed to remove patients from bad influences and those who seek to sabotage their treatment, while remaining within driving distance for those who are beneficial.

Why Choose Us for Your Addiction Treatment

  • We are staffed with the best in drug rehab board-certified physicians, therapists, and the leading holistic healing practitioners in the area.
  • Our premises are located in a picturesque area that utilizes the beauty of California while allowing for our patient’s privacy.
  • Patient suites are tastefully decorated and designed to see to their comfort during this difficult time.
  • The drug rehab facility is located in a convenient area that allows for family visits and group outings.

Statistics About Addiction Treatment

According to Drug Abuse, in the United States 17.9 million people over the age of twelve have alcohol dependence or abuse problems, which accounts for approximately seven percent of the entire population. Another 23.1 million people need treatment for illicit substance abuse, or about 9.1% of all Americans. Amazingly, only nine percent of those struggling with substance abuse issues are receiving the treatment they need at a drug rehab center, while the other 20.5 million go untreated.

Start Your Drug or Alcohol Rehab Today

If you or someone you care about in Riverside is suffering from an alcohol, drug, prescription, or other addiction, please contact us or call us at 877-293-8607 to see how we can help.

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