What to expect during your stay with us at Ranch Creek Recovery

Many people want to know what a typical day or week in addiction rehab is like before they take that critical step to join us and begin recovery. In general, our residential programs are structured and designed to establish routines filled with therapeutic sessions and activities aimed at healing the mind, body, and spirit.

While individual clients may have a unique schedule, here’s an example of what a day might look like at Ranch Creek Recovery:

Morning Schedule:

Wake Up: Early wake-up call to start the day, around 7am during the weekdays, after which many of our clients will take their medication supporting recovery. Weekends are meant to be a little slower-paced, with later start times and more personal time.

Breakfast: Typically about an hour, our clients are treated to a healthy breakfast each and every day. Diet & nutrition are key to wellness, and our luxury homes offer great options for our clients.

Therapy Sessions: After breakfast, the mornings continue with a mix of therapy session led by a professional counselor. This could include individual behavioral therapy sessions (like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT). Others sessions may focus on topics related to addiction recovery, such as understanding the nature of addiction, building coping strategies, relapse prevention and dealing with triggers. Fridays typically feature a couple of hours dedicated to equine therapy, which is a favorite therapy for many clients.

Afternoon Schedule:

Lunch: A nutritious lunch that supports physical health and wellness is served daily around 12pm, with medication support as needed by clients.

Additional Therapy Sessions: The early afternoon often involves intensive therapy sessions, specialized group sessions (such as anger management, stress management, mental health, or family therapy), and alternative therapies (like meditation, personal training & yoga).

Weekends: Afternoons on the weekends are a bit more relaxed and often focused on outdoor recreational therapies and offsite outings with our groups. Sunday afternoons are typically reserved for family visitation.

Evening Schedule:

Dinner: A balanced dinner is served every evening for our clients, and can last for a couple hours on some nights. We encourage our clients to enjoy great food, socialize with others and also personally reflect on challenges & successes each day. Generally dinner starts between 5pm and 6pm.

Free Time: There is generally free time in the early evening. Residents can use this time for personal reflection, to engage in recreational activities provided by the facility, or to connect with peers in recovery.

Support Groups: The days might conclude with a support group meeting, or family education. Some days these meetings are optional for those wanting a bit more time with our counselors.

Lights Out: To ensure that residents get enough rest, lights out is typically at 10pm. Fridays and Saturdays, lights out is a bit more felxible.

Throughout the day, residents are encouraged to engage in physical activity and spend time outdoors, as physical health is a significant component of recovery. The exact schedule can vary, and weekends might offer a more relaxed schedule or opportunities for family visits..

This structured environment helps individuals in recovery to develop new, healthy habits, learn coping strategies to deal with the challenges of addiction, and build a supportive network of peers and professionals.