Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Los Angeles

According to the County of Los Angeles Public Health, drug overdoses are the fourth leading cause of premature death in Los Angeles county. This includes overdoses from drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, prescription drugs, and more. For those looking for drug or alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, it can be difficult to find alternatives to the 12-Step drug treatment center, which is the most common approach for many treatment centers in the LA area.

Our Alternative Approach to Drug & Alcohol Rehab in LA

Ranch Creek Recovery helps those struggling with addiction by providing premiere recovery services to residents of the Los Angeles area. With an approach beyond the cookie-cutter twelve-step plan, Ranch Creek is a non 12-step drug and alcohol rehab center that offers a variety of treatments tailored to each patient that include:

  • Family education and groups – so families can help patients deal with life after rehab
  • Holistic approaches – allowing patients to receive the maximum benefits of their stay
  • Traditional and intensive outpatient day treatments – tailored to each patient to avoid relapse
  • Spiritual growth therapy – delving into the mental health of our patients

Through a blend of traditional, holistic, and alternative approaches, we help our patients by addressing the issue at all levels, not just treating the physical addiction. This includes helping patients sort out any history of trauma or family issues that have led to limited coping skills and addictive habits. Because each patient is different, our individual therapy approach runs the gamut from group sessions to self-esteem building to relapse prevention and many others.

Benefits of Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Los Angeles

Ranch Creek’s hilltop addiction treatment center in LA offers stunning views of the California landscape, as well as many areas of relaxation and reflection for our patients. All of our suites are tastefully decorated and designed to make our patients feel at home. Fitness training is conducted at our state-of-the-art gym, and our facility also offer a full-size swimming pool and hot tub where patients can swim and relax.

Why Choose Ranch Creek for Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

  • Licensed professionals, including a psychologist and psychiatrist, work with our alcohol and drug addiction counselors who often have over 20 years of experience in the field
  • Alternative therapies include acupuncture, gardening, equine therapy, DBT, and more
  • Holistic therapies, such as yoga and meditation
  • Private facility that allows patients to focus on their healing yet located close enough to Los Angeles for family visits
  • Smaller facility so our staff can focus on quality of care, rather than quantity

Start Your Drug or Alcohol Rehab Today

If you or someone you care about in the LA area is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, please call us at 877-997-8931 or contact us to speak to a professional on how we can help.

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