Ranch Creek Recovery was established to be more than just a rehab facility. We do more than just get you through withdrawal symptoms and send you back to your everyday life.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we provide high-quality, holistic recovery treatment services to individuals who are seeking to overcome alcoholism and substance abuse and who really want to get to the bottom of what led to their addiction in the first place. We serve those who want to break free from the addiction-filled life they had and move forward in a positive, healthy and creative direction.

Our Recovery Approach

Our goal is to provide an intimate, luxurious, serene and natural setting where you can find the security you need to explore the personal issues that led to your addiction and the strength to discover the greater destiny that lies beyond addiction.

We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery doesn’t work for everyone, since no two addictions are the same.That’s why we follow a non-12-step model to addiction treatment.

When you come to Ranch Creek Recovery, we provide individual treatment planning where we focus on you as a whole, not just on your addiction. We identify how severe your addiction is and any co-occurring disorders that you are struggling with, and develop a personalized, holistic treatment strategy that you’ll respond to best.

Our Treatment Programs and Staff

Our programs include therapeutic and holistic methods to help you regain self-empowerment, improve your physical and emotional health, implement positive change in your life, maintain your sobriety and return to society asa productive member.

The Ranch Creek Recovery Staff is committed to “walking the path” of recovery and self-discovery alongside you, supporting you with both their professional skills and their human compassion and understanding. We view ourselves as partners with you, the community, employers and our environment in the creation of a healthy society.

Start Healing from Addiction Today with Our Recovery Approach

Our mission is to help you reach your goal of living an addiction-free life you can be proud of. Contact us today to learn more about our recovery philosophy and how we can help you or a loved one get on the path to recovery.

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