It is widely known that paying for a drug or alcohol treatment program can be very costly. It can be stressful thinking about how you will be able to finance your treatment when you are in your initial stages of seeking treatment. With all of the variables that go along with what has led up to your seeking treatment, stressing about rehab financing doesn’t have to be one of them.

Drug Rehab Loans

We have teamed up with My Treatment Lender to provide low interest loans for those who qualify to pay for their stay at Ranch Creek Recovery. We ask that you call our office after you fill out your loan application to discuss your treatment in detail.

Drug Rehab Financing at Ranch Creek Recovery

Click here to fill out a loan application. For those paying a cash rate, we accept most credit cards or personal checks. We are happy to discuss payment options over the phone in a confidential assessment. Contact us today to speak to a member of our admissions team that can help answer any additional questions you have about financing.

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