The Prevalance of Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Orange County, Ca

According to a study conducted by the Orange County Health Care Agency and the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Division, the overall rate of drug and alcohol overdose deaths in Orange County in 2017 has increased by 82% since 2000. Overdoses resulted in 5,500 hospitalizations and almost 700 deaths each year. The coroners in the county found that the majority of the overdose deaths were accidental (79%).

Additional Statistics on Drug Use in Orange County

In addition, over half of the accidental deaths involved prescription drugs (52%) and 69% were related to opioid use. Another statistic from the study is that females were 1.6 times more likely than males to overdose from prescription drugs and the proportion of prescription drug overdoses increased with age group starting with the 35 to 44 year age group (46.1%) to 65 years and older (87.4%). The need for effective drug & alcohol rehab is more important than ever in the Orange County, CA area.

Unique Alcohol Rehab near Orange County

Alcohol is easy to obtain and can be difficult to avoid. Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions, but that doesn’t make it any easier to treat. It is estimated that nearly 20,000 people in California struggle with some form of alcohol addiction. This addiction can lead to reckless behavior, negative health effects, and even serve as a gateway to harder drugs. Finding an alcohol rehab in Orange County that successfully treats alcoholism is a challenge, but with Ranch Creek’s non-12 Step approach, our patients experience a unique program unlike many others in Southern California.

Statistics on Heroin Addiction in Orange County

According to a recent report from the Orange County Health Care Agency, the opioid epidemic continues to be widespread in the Southern California area. Although the use of Naloxone (or Narcan) is more common in helping prevent overdoses, the number of overdoses related to heroin and other opioids has more than doubled since 2005. Many residents of the Southern California area know how important it is to have a heroin detox and rehab program in the Orange County area due to some of these statistics.

Premier Treatment Center near Orange County

Come to a premier drug and alcohol treatment center that puts you at the center of your addiction recovery. At Ranch Creek Recovery, we specialize in developing a custom treatment plan for each patient that deals with the inner issues that led to their addictions and provides healing for the body and mind. Our goal is to prepare our patients to return to the world as productive members of society.

Individualized Drug Rehab with a Non-12 Step Approach

In addition to our non-12 Step methodology, we specialize in individualized care by providing a small, intimate treatment center staffed with the best in drug and alcohol addiction counselors. Counselors and patients develop treatment plans that are discussed during daily individual sessions and revised throughout their recovery as needed.

We offer traditional treatments, including counseling and medications, as well as a number of holistic and alternative methods of healing. They include:

  • Gardening to connect patients to nature
  • Equine assisted therapy to promote emotional growth
  • Amino acid supplements that act as natural anti-depressants
  • Acupuncture to ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Yoga, meditation, exercise, and massage

Benefits of our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Near Orange County

Located in Murrieta, CA, we are located about 60 miles from Orange County, which makes it easy for you or a loved one to get to our treatment center in just over an hour. The Ranch Creek facility is located on a scenic hilltop with stunning views of the lush Californian landscape. The serene setting gives our patients the security to explore their personal issues while inspiring them to implement positive changes and recover both their body and mind. Other amenities include:

• Comfortable rooms with amazing views to allow patients to feel at home
• A beautiful pool and hot tub where patients can swim, relax, and enjoy the outdoors
• Fully equipped gym for patients to engage in physical therapy and fitness activities
• Expert classes in yoga and meditation to help patients relax
• Strategically located to be secluded, yet near enough for family and friends to visit

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