Holistic Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders

While medical and traditional approaches will always have a place in addiction recovery, we tailor-fit our programs to the unique addiction and spiritual needs of our patients.

In conjunction with the calm, beautiful grounds that our non-12 step rehab center provides, we give our patients a way to improve their entire mindset, not simply clean up an addiction as a temporary fix.

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic AddictionHolistic addiction treatment is the process of addressing substance abuse disorders in the mind, body, and spirit. With more focus on experiential therapy and healing activities, holistic treatment allows for a deeper level of self-awareness than is provided at traditional 12-Step rehab centers.

The Importance of Experiential Therapy in Holistic Rehab

Experiential therapy is central to Ranch Creek Recovery’s holistic approach to addiction rehab. Utilizing holistic addiction treatment allows us to provide a successful alternative to traditional 12-Step programs used at most other drug addiction treatment centers.

Various activities, listed below, provide opportunities for our patients to improve physical fitness, develop self-awareness and self-acceptance, and grow as people during their stay at our holistic recovery center.

Experiential Addiction Therapies We Utilize


Horticultural therapy provides a constructive environment to achieve serenity and self-reflection. As a part of a holistic addiction treatment program, gardening is a calming activity that helps our patients put their lives into perspective. Learn more


Equine therapy allows for emotional understanding and a calming experience for our patients. Well-established at various mental health, corrections, and holistic depression treatment centers, the power and serenity of our well-trained animals can be a transforming presence during holistic drug treatment. Learn more


A cornerstone of modern holistic drug detox, amino acid therapy addresses the imbalance caused by drug and alcohol abuse during the withdrawal phase by supplementing serotonin (which is central to addiction) and other nutritional standards in the body. Learn more


Perhaps the most popular and longest-established form of experiential therapy at most holistic addiction treatment centers, yoga is a centuries-old form of exercise which incorporates body awareness and meditation. The lessons learned through performing yoga at our holistic recovery center are also extraordinarily useful during aftercare. Learn more


Related to yoga and often performed in concert, guided meditation differs slightly from the standard form in that patients are guided by our experienced staff to focus on self-acceptance and positivity. These concepts are key to successful recovery. Learn more


The ancient healing art of acupuncture began to make inroads into the world of holistic rehab centers in the 1970’s. Since then, its popularity has grown, and various scientific studies have proven its effectiveness, making it central to our programs at Ranch Creek. Learn more


Physical fitness is an important part of a balanced life, and has many benefits both on a mental and a physical level. However, addiction can take a toll on drug and alcohol users, leaving the body less capable of healing, and slowing the recovery process. Our nutritional and exercise programs allow our patients to feel better about themselves and to heal more quickly. Learn more


By attuning the body’s natural vibrations and our natural predilection towards music, gong therapy is a wonderful tool used in our holistic treatment program for addiction. Used in conjunction with our other serenity-building and positive recovery techniques, gong sounds therapy has helped countless patients achieve sobriety. Learn more

“I had a wonderful experience at Ranch Creek Recovery. I was able to learn so much about myself and understand how to use my coping skill to manage my anxiety and frustration. I also appreciated having access to a therapist every day. I learned so much from her. I loved the daily groups, personal trainer, yoga, drum meditation, equine therapy, acupuncture as well as learning and socializing with other residents in the house. I highly recommend Ranch Creek Recovery.” – Melanie

Learn More About Our Holistic Rehab Center in California

As a holistic recovery center, our focus here at Ranch Creek Recovery is to heal the entire person, from mind to body to spirit, from the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction. With our limited number of beds (no more than 6 at once) our experienced and compassionate staff of equine therapists, gong masters, yoga instructors and fitness experts can provide complete attention to each of our patients throughout the detox and recovery processes. Learn more about the treatment programs offered at our holistic addiction treatment center and contact us today with any questions.

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