Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in San Francisco

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we know how important it is to find the right rehab center near you. We know rehab could be the key to your success. That’s why we offer holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment in San Francisco.

Finding Hope at Ranch Creek Recovery Addiction Treatment Center in San Francisco

We strongly believe recovery is possible at any stage of addiction. Ranch Creek Recovery offers an alternative approach to drug and alcohol rehab that can help those who may have experienced a relapse with other methods.

Our approach goes beyond the traditional 12-step programs to offer a customized, non-12 step approach to recovery that is tailored to each client.

Our facilities offer clients:

  • World class amenities
  • Unparalleled privacy
  • Natural beauty and serene environments
  • Holistic treatments
  • Small groups for individualized care

Why Choose Ranch Creek Recovery for Drug & Alcohol Rehab Near San Francisco?

Our unique approach to recovery is carefully designed to never house more than six clients at a time. This individualized care ensures each client gets the one-on-one attention and treatment regimen that is unique to his/her needs.

Our Alternative Approach to Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Our premiere recovery services go beyond traditional rehab by offering a variety of drug and alcohol treatment options that allow us to tailor addiction treatment to each specific client’s needs. Some of our treatment offerings include:

The Resort-Like Feel of Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in San Francisco

One of the truly remarkable things about our drug and alcohol rehab center is the location. Our hilltop addiction treatment center offers stunning views of the California landscape, as well as scenic areas for clients to relax and reflect.

Statistics About Addiction Treatment in San Francisco

Drug and alcohol use in San Francisco continues to rise and lead to premature death. In 2017, nearly 22,500 people were injecting some kind of drugs into their bodies. This type of drug use can lead to overdose, substance abuse disorders, HIV, Hep C and other bloodborne diseases.

Premiere Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near San Francisco, CA

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction in the San Francisco area, help is nearby. Let us help you take the first steps to recovery in an environment that’s supportive and person-focused. Please call us at 877.997.8931 or contact us to speak to one of our intervention specialists on how we can help.

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