Whether you’re doing it for yourself or helping someone else, making the decision to start the recovery journey is life-changing. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease affecting every aspect of life, from family relationships to your career. It’s important to explore treatment options that offer a stable and safe place to progress through the stages of recovery. Learn more about the process of recovery for substance abuse below.

Stages of the Recovery Process

Substance use disorder recovery is a multi-stage process and doesn’t always progress in a straight line. While you or your loved one works with a care team to prevent relapse, it does happen. The key is moving forward. Understanding the different stages of thought regarding recovery can help you identify needed recovery support wherever you’re at in the process.

Beginning Treatment

Starting substance abuse treatment in Murrieta, CA begins right here, right now. From acknowledging you need help to researching available treatment center options, the initiation of treatment can be scary, exciting and overwhelming all at once. The start of treatment may include residential or detox programs and learning to cope with the physical symptoms of ceasing substance use, such as withdrawal. It’s during this crucial stage of recovery that many individuals need enhanced support.

Early Abstinence

In the early stages of recovery, abstinence from substances takes great courage and can be very challenging. Individuals improve but still experience withdrawal symptoms while also tackling triggers for substance use, including mental health issues. There’s also a focus on reestablishing good nutrition and addressing any physical health concerns that may have previously gone untreated.

Abstinence Maintenance

Following the first 90 days of sobriety, individuals enter the abstinence maintenance stage. This may include establishing or maintaining new self-care routines, creating life goals and engaging in meaningful daily activities while still receiving treatment. Services provided during this stage may include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs and community support through sober living facilities.

Advanced Recovery

Most individuals who’ve achieved advanced recovery are actively working on achieving their goals and are better able to handle stressful situations, but they still need support. While self-management is a learned skill in this stage of recovery, support groups and ongoing therapy are helpful resources to help you stay sober.

Understand What to Expect During Recovery For Substance Abuse

Everyone’s recovery process looks different. Some patients don’t need detox or residential services, while others can’t move on to advanced recovery without more intensive services. Alcohol and drug abuse recovery manifests different individual experiences. Here’s what you can expect when beginning recovery.

Detoxing and Withdrawal Symptoms

Often considered one of the toughest parts of recovery, this is the initial period during which patients undergo detox and withdrawal. It’s important to have this stage of recovery supervised by trained medical staff. For some, medication can help curb symptoms. However, it’s not always appropriate, as transferring dependence from one substance to another doesn’t result in lasting sobriety.

Medication and Holistic Therapies

While not everyone is a good candidate for medication, many patients do well when pairing therapy with medication to both assist with withdrawal symptoms and treat mental health diagnoses. Addiction recovery may be further enhanced with holistic therapies, such as fitness programs and animal therapy, or alternative health care.

Individual or Group Talk Therapy

Recovery-oriented systems incorporate individual and group therapy services, sometimes involving family members or a spouse, as part of the treatment regimen. There are many benefits to therapy, including the identification of triggers for alcohol abuse or drug use, patterns of drug addiction and underlying mental health issues and the development of positive support groups.

Know What Recovery Support Services Are Available

Managing your disease is easier when you know what support services are available to you. During the course of recovery, your treatment team will help you identify, establish and access a variety of support services, from groups to organizations, that will provide assistance and help you achieve lasting sobriety from alcohol and drugs.

Create a Support Network to Avoid Relapsing

A successful program designed to help individuals overcome substance use disorders will emphasize the importance of the four major dimensions of recovery: health, home, purpose and community. Recovery supports, such as alumni groups and sober social networks, are a great resource when you need some help on your sobriety journey. At times, healthy family members can also be a good resource. A good addiction treatment program will teach you how to identify and access the right type of support when you need it most.

group therapy recovery for substance abuse

Why Choose the Treatment Center at Ranch Creek Recovery?

There are many pathways to recovery. Choosing the best treatment center for you or your loved one will ensure the whole person is properly cared for while overcoming addiction. Treatment programs at Ranch Creek Recovery include various levels of care to help you maintain sobriety, including:

We help individuals live self-directed lives, pursue creative endeavors and experience the positive effects sobriety has on quality of life. In addition to our treatment options, we offer holistic services designed to provide support and encourage positive change, such as:

Instead of focusing solely on the 12-step methodology of groups like Narcotics Anonymous, we spend time uncovering the root causes behind drug and alcohol addiction to improve recovery outcomes. We emphasize good health, help you find support and identify risk factors for relapse in an effort to support your recovery. Our counseling services may incorporate family members and include recovery coaching to enhance outcomes. We work with a variety of major insurance carriers to maximize access to benefits and reduce out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible.

Ranch Creek Recovery: Substance Abuse Help When You Need It Most

When you or a loved one are ready to move forward with recovery, choose a treatment provider that helps you achieve your full potential at all stages of your journey. Our programs are designed to provide a safe, comfortable space to achieve recovery at every level. Contact us today at 1-877-997-8931 to learn more about our services.