Holistic Drug Detox California

Detoxing your mind and body from alcohol or drugs is the first step towards lasting recovery from addiction. But many people avoid seeking rehab because of the fear of withdrawal. At Ranch Creek Recovery, we strive to expunge that fear with our holistic sub-acute detox services in Murrieta, CA.

What is Sub-Acute Detox?

Sub-acute detox is a medically monitored inpatient detoxification process that can take place in a standalone detox center or a holistic, comprehensive addiction treatment center like Ranch Creek Recovery.

This level of detox is appropriate for someone who may not be struggling with as severe of an addiction or who has already completed a more intense detox program and needs to transition into additional treatment.

During sub-acute detox, you are monitored by medical professionals to ensure your health and safety. Medications can be prescribed to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and get you through detox successfully.

What to Expect from Sub-Acute Detox at Ranch Creek Recovery

Our goal, first and foremost, is to keep you as safe, comfortable and supported as possible. When you no longer fear withdrawal, you can effectively detox and progress into your next level of treatment.

When you arrive at Ranch Creek Recovery, our first step is to determine if sub-acute detoxification is the right treatment for your needs. During our initial assessment, we’ll examine the severity of your addiction and figure out if there are other health conditions we should be aware of before we begin treatment.

If sub-acute detox is deemed necessary, you will move into our treatment facility in Murrieta, CA and begin the detoxification process. Our expert and compassionate staff will be available at all times to support you as we flush the alcohol and drugs out of your body.

During this time, the Ranch Creek detox staff will have medications ready if you need them to ease any pain or discomfort you feel from withdrawal. Our team will monitor your condition regularly to ensure you’re detoxing safely and that no complications arise.

As you progress through detox, you will be able to participate in therapy sessions to work through cravings and the negative thoughts and feelings you experience. This holistic approach to addiction detox helps to jumpstart your body’s healing process and can improve your mental and emotional health.

Why Choose Ranch Creek Recovery for Addiction Detox in Murrieta

The drug detox program you choose will lay the groundwork for the remainder of your addiction treatment. If detox isn’t successful, it could prevent you from reaching long-term recovery. At Ranch Creek Recovery, our sub-acute detox program is the right choice because:

We Follow an Evidence-Based Approach

Sub-acute detox has been proven to help people detox safely and successfully from substance abuse. Plus, with our ability to prescribe medications when needed, you’ll be able to push through all those uncomfortable moments when you feel like relapsing.

We Have a Compassionate Staff Guiding You

Detox is an emotional and vulnerable experience. That’s why we provide a staff that is both highly trained in medical care and compassion. Our staff will not judge or shame you, but will instead provide caring support and guidance.

We Offer Highly Personalized, Trusted Care

Ranch Creek Recovery treats no more than six clients at a time. This allows our staff to provide the individualized, one-on-one care you need during this crucial time in your addiction rehab journey. This laser-focus attention will help you detox safely. We are recognized by both American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and Incidental Medical Services (IMS) to offer detox services.

Our Residence is a Balance of Comfort and Home

Our facility and residence offers the peace, tranquility and privacy you need to detox comfortably and prioritize your recovery. Besides the high-quality amenities you can enjoy, our facility is designed to be warm and welcoming so you can feel safe and at home during this time.

What Happens After Sub-Acute Detox?

Once you complete our holistic sub-acute detox program, you’ll transition into our residential treatment program. This is where you’ll participate in a rigorous schedule of evidence-based and experiential therapies to help heal your mind, body and spirit and teach you the necessary skills to maintain long-term sobriety.

You’ll meet with trained psychologists and counselors during individual and group therapy sessions to get to the bottom of your substance abuse. You’ll also get the chance to participate in equine therapy, art therapy and meditation, experiential activities designed to help you work through your emotions and become more self-aware.

Drug Detox in Murrieta

We know how intimidating drug detox programs can be. But at Ranch Creek Recovery, we can help you overcome this first hurdle in your addiction treatment journey in the safest and most comfortable way possible. See for yourself how our process differs from the other detox centers across the country. Contact us today to learn more about our holistic detox services and find out how to get started.

“Ranch Creek Recovery saved my life. I came into RCR lost and broken trying to get back on track in my life. As a result of this great team of counselors/psychologists, I have done more than restore my life, I have reached new goals and gained so many life skills that go far beyond just being sober. I love and appreciate all the staff and know if you have a willing heart to change, you are in the right place.” – Joshua

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