Jacory Holt, BS, CADC-III

Program Director, B0000160519

Jacory Holt, our Program Director, has been in the field of drug and alcohol addiction for 6 years. He was drawn to this field through personal experience with family and the desire to help others and to provide tools of motivation and inspiration.

Jacory graduated from Intercoast College with a certificate in Addictions Counseling and has his Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from The University of Phoenix. Jacory is currently working towards his Master’s in Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University, and he aspires to become a Licensed Psychologist and one day, an author.

brittany headshot

Brittany Astrom, LMFT

Clinical Supervisor, #51125

Brittany joins Ranch Creek Recovery with over 17 years in the Mental Health and Substance abuse field. Brittany has been licensed for over 10 years and has worked in various settings including inpatient psychiatric treatment, residential, PHP, IOP and within the school setting. Brittany has been supervising associates for the last 8 years and enjoys seeing the growth and passion new therapists and social workers bring to the field.
In her spare time Brittany loves watching her boys play hockey, traveling and trying new coffee shops.
Leena Yacob headshot

Leena Yacob, AMFT

Therapist, #127629

Leena Yacob is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She has a masters of science in counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. Leena practices from a client-centered approach and focus on meeting clients where they are at that they are most comfortable working with. She tends to gravitate toward a trauma-informed lens. Certain therapeutic approaches Leena finds herself utilizing the most including but not limited to EFIT, DBT, CBT, emotion focused individual therapy, EMDR, narrative therapy, SFT, play therapy, art therapy, and MI. In using these therapeutic approaches, Leena’s clients become better equipped to break through limitations including but not limited to irrational thoughts, behavioral dysregulation, inner critic, adaptive to maladaptive behavior, self-sabotage in work and relationships, rejection, fear of failure, and fear of success, neglect, etc that prevent people from becoming the highest versions of themselves, healthier, happier, and successful.
Leena has experience in mental health field working with adults, severely emotionally disturbed (SED), children/teens, and families from all backgrounds, identifications, religions, cultures/ethnicities, languages, genders, and sexual orientations. As she is also tri-lingual and love languages, Leena has provided counseling services in English, Arabic, Chaldean, Spanish (using interpreter line in Spanish,) and Swahili (using interpreter line in Swahili.) She loves supporting people from all walks of life. Leena considers herself a citizen of the world.
Leena values creating and holding a safe space for her clients to explore and discuss their challenges. It is her belief that it is her calling and mission to be a therapist that works with clients experiencing life issues such as (but not limited to) anger management, trauma, anxiety, relationship conflict, depression, negative thinking patterns, self-esteem, self-injurious behaviors, suicidal thoughts, addiction, grief and loss, life transitions, mid-life and or spirititual crisis, personal transformation, and much more.
In her work as a therapist, Leena has witnessed a lot of her clients overcome their challenges and become happier and healthier within their careers, families, relationships and most importantly within themselves. Above all else, Leena makes a promise to go above and beyond to create a safe space alongside her clients that will be the catalyst for growth, hope, strength, healing and self-compassion.

Jay Brechtel, LAADC-CA

Licensed Counselor, LCi02900315

Jay Brechtel is a licensed advanced alcohol and drug counselor, working alongside RCR since 2011. Jay graduated from the Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselors school in Point Loma CA. Jay started his career as a certified counselor (CADC) and gradually worked his way up to a CADC II, Clinical Supervisor, a Criminal Justice Professional and is now Credentialed Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. With over 18 years of experience working in the drug and alcohol industry, Jay began his career to help others recover from addiction, be a part of their recovery and to be an example to others. Jay’s goals are to continue on in his career path and to keep up his education. Jay’s favorite things are Baja fishing, golf and sober softball. He loves his grandchildren and watching them grow is his favorite hobby.

Jimmie Herron, CADC II


Jimmie has been working in the addiction industry for 10 years now, inspired to pursue a career because of his own personal struggle as well as that of his family and friends. He graduated from Intercoast College and holds a CADC II certificate as a substance abuse counselor as well as certificates in homeopathy, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Reiki levels I & II. Jimmie is always continuing his education via online courses and reading, keeping updated with the latest and best recovery practices to best serve his clients. One of his aspirations is to synthesize complementary holistic practices into the substance abuse treatment curriculum.

Some of Jimmie’s interests include international cooking, metaphysical studies and music production. In fact, when Jimmie lived in Pittsburgh PA, he was a member of a well-known local Reggae band. Jimmie and his wife once organized an anti-racism (anti-Klan) concert and rally in downtown Pittsburgh PA, which was reported on the local news and for which he received a complementary letter from Mayor Murphey thanking him for his contribution to solidarity in the city.

Vanessa Ochoa, CADCII

Counselor A033430616

Vanessa completed her drug and alcohol studies program at the Health Staff Institute in 2013 after which she became a certified CADC counselor. Currently, Vanessa is pursuing her AA in Psychology at Mt. San Jacinto College. Vanessa got into the field of addiction because of personal and family struggles and has been working in the industry for over 8 ½ years. A career goal of Vanessas’ is to continue helping people in the field and further her education and expertise becoming a therapist.

When Vanessa is not working, she loves to play the guitar and enjoys Muay Thai.

Derek Sloway, RADT

IOP Counselor

Eduardo Orozco, LVN

Resident Aid, VN261840

Eduardo Orozco has been in the addiction industry for almost 6 years as a detox nurse. Eduardo started as a CNA completing a program at MT San Jacinto College in 2008, followed by completing his EMT program in 2009, and went on to completing nursing school in 2010 at ABC Nursing School in Redlands CA, where he became a licensed vocational nurse.

Eduardo likes to see the positive transformation clients go through during their recovery which is why he began working as a detox nurse. Eduardo plans to further his education in order to better himself and to provide quality care to his clients.

Arsalan Khan, LVN

Resident Aid, VN721633

Arsalan joined the Ranch Creek Recovery team as a licensed vocational nurse in Janurary 2022. Arsalan graduated from North West College obtaining his LVN in 2021, but has experience working as a certified nursing assistant since 2016. Arsalan is working as one of our health technicians monitoring clients and assisting with all medical related tasks including scheduling our visits with the medical doctor.

Andres Vazquez, a LVN Resident Aid

Andres Vazquez, LVN

Resident Aid, VN

Andres is part of our LVN team, assisting our clients with their initial detox protocol as well as their medical needs throughout treatment. Andres has been a licensed vocational nurse since 2018, graduating from Brightwood College. Andres is bilingual in English and Spanish. His caring and compassionate personality make him a great fit for helping those seeking treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery. One of Andres’ professional goals includes becoming a registered nurse, which he is currently pursuing.

Tricia Doughty, Certified Medical Assistant

Resident Aid

Tricia is a Certified Medical assistant who attended “Maric College of Medical Careers” in 1997. She has worked in the medical field for over 26 years with the last 3 years in the addiction industry. She was drawn to this field from her personal experience with addiction. She is in recovery herself & feels blessed to be able to be of service to others. She treats clients with compassion and understanding because in reality “she was sitting in that seat years ago and it could be her again with one wrong decision” she enjoys watching the transformation of clients and wants to motivate and inspire others to show them that “It works if you work it”

Kerry Amagrande, LVN

Resident Aid

Donna Evans, CNA

Resident Aid

Candace Althen headshot

Candace Althens, LVN

Resident Aid, VN721391

Lauren Woods, RADT

Behavioral Health Technician, #R1410871120

Lauren started as an AOD intern with Ranch Creek Recovery learning the skills required to eventually become a certified addictions counselor. After her internship was completed, Lauren came onboard as one of our BHT’s to continue her knowledge and experience in an addictions facility. Lauren will eventually be able to become fully certified and will soon move on to become an addictions counselor. Besides working with Ranch Creek Recovery, Lauren’s hobbies include motocross and racing.

Jerarlyn Dominguez, RADT

Behavioral Health Technician

Ariana Strong-Cline, RADT

Behavioral Health Technician

Jorge Reyes, RADT

Behavioral Health Technician

Brittany Lewis, RADT

Behavioral Health Technician, R1497320223

Ashaylin Bowdan

Behavioral Health Technician

Cindy Cervantes

Behavioral Health Technician

Michelle Price

Equine Therapist

Michelle is our equine therapy instructor and a major part of our clients recovery program. Equine therapy tends to be a favorite holistic outlet offered to our clients at Ranch Creek Recovery and for good reason. Equine therapy is used with our clients to work through emotional and psychological issues. Horses are great for this exercise because they are natural pack animals and pick up on feelings and moods of others around them and can sense your emotions. Working with the trained therapy horses and Michelle, clients are able to recognize emotional barriers and work through them differently than they could in a group or individual setting.

Jordan Simpson, B.S., NCSA

Fitness Coach

Jordan has his Bachelors of Science in kinesiology from California State University of San Marcos as well as his NCSA certification. Jordan is also working towards his Health and Wellness Coach certification.

A functional fitness trainer, and health coach, with a degree in Kinesiology and a background in physical therapy. Jordan is passionate about revealing how easy it is to be the healthier, happier and optimal version of you through movement and holistic health coaching. He likes to say he helps the 90% of people that need the positive accountability, aren’t getting the results they want, don’t know what to do at the gym, and want to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Marc Arjona, B.S.

Fitness Coach

Marc has his Bachelors’ of Science in kinesiology with applied exercise science as well as certifications through the American Council of Exercise.

Marc is a Kinesiologist, SGX Coach, & Obstacle Course Specialist. He enjoys running Spartan Races and any obstacle course race. Exercise and fitness has been a great journey and Marc continues to learn new things every time. He enjoys teaching new and experienced clients in fitness and then applying them to bigger goals or goals they would have never dreamed of doing.

Jennifer Sinclair, B.S.

Registered Yoga Instructor

Jennifer received her bachelors in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science from California State University, San Marcos. In 2011 she completed her certification through the Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Yoga Instructor. Jennifer then went on to attain her certification as a Personal Trainer in 2013 and as a Weight Loss Specialist in 2014 through the National Association of Sports Medicine.

Jennifer’s accomplishments include receiving two public awards for the impact she has made on her clients: 40 Under 40 OC Metro Promising Entrepreneur in 2009 and in 2016, 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur Trail Blazer for the Inland Empire. Jennifer has authored a weight loss book and created an online fitness app for her worldwide client base. She also volunteers her time creating fitness programs for foster youth of the Inland Empire.

Jennifer is passionate about personal health and wellness and has spent her life sharing her passion for wellness with people of all ages and from all over the world.

Tania Massamiri, PH.D.

Sound Healing Meditation Specialist

Tania is recognized in the field of integrative wellness and sciences as one who gracefully bridges the science of quantum and energy physics with the elements of metaphysics or integration of body, mind, and spirit.

She avails her skills as an educator, scientist, sound therapist, gong master, and integrative wellness facilitator.   Her classes, workshops and retreats, encompass a multitude of practices including meditation, various sound therapies with a focus on gong immersions, herbal therapies, various modalities of energetic therapies along with an emphasis on retreats into nature and silence.
Since 2015, Tania has facilitated group sound healing and guided meditation at Ranch Creek Recovery.   Throughout these years, clients have shared regular experiences of increased peace, less pain and more grounding in the present.   They also discover and appreciate the benefits of sound meditation to find the healer within and become Self- empowered.

Tania holds a doctorate in pharmacology and toxicology.  After spending 2 decades as a biomedical research scientist and being honored with numerous awards, she has completely merged both of her innate gifts as nature’s advocate and scientist.

To find out more about Tania follow this link to her website.