Life in a big city can be fast-paced and full of intrigue. From the extensive nightlife to the vibrance associated with major metropolitans, big cities come with their fair share of amazing experiences.

But with lofty expectations and seemingly endless opportunities, the temptations within a big city for someone attempting to maintain their sobriety can be just as extensive and overwhelming.

While Los Angeles is world-renown for its pop-culture influence and social atmosphere, the expectations to “live it up” and experience the party life can sometimes drive a person to ignore their personal health and well-being in exchange for a fleeting moment of inebriation.

While a majority of people can handle this type of experience and move on with their lives, this isn’t always the case for those trying to maintain their recovery after addiction. In fact, one step back into a party atmosphere is all it takes to spiral completely out of control.

That is why understanding the temptations and triggers associated with a major metropolitan like Los Angeles is imperative to avoiding unnecessary enticements and establishing an individual plan to not only avoid those triggers, but to also achieve a healthy and happy existence.

How to Help a Recovering Addict in Los Angeles: What Temptations Could be Present?

A city like Los Angeles is as beautiful and picturesque as it is tempting to someone recovering from addiction. While the city provides many opportunities to experience the finest things in life, those experiences can easily trigger an individual attempting to avoid a relapse.

For many living in the city, partaking in the legendary nightlife and social scene is almost a foregone conclusion. That’s why many people first come to live in the area and the reason so many others come to visit throughout the year.

From boozy brunches to cocktails with dinner, remaining sober can be extremely difficult when you live in a city known for its voracious appetite to cut loose and party.

If you have a friend or loved one who is recovering from addiction and lives in Los Angeles, it is imperative for them to not only have a solid plan of action to avoid unnecessary triggers, but to also make the effort to establish a strong sober support system before leaving treatment or very soon after. With these initiatives, trusted friends and loved ones can help.

With your support, your loved one will be empowered to face temptations with a plan they feel ready for and confident about. Above all, they will feel secure with a supportive sober network that has their back and is always ready to step up when needed most.

Hobbies, Habits or Routines You Can Help Your Loved One Establish

The key to helping your loved one achieve their goal of sustained sobriety is creating an individual plan. Taking the time to hash out the details of their day-to-day activities and establishing times for self-maintenance and personal care is an excellent way for them to avoid temptations and manage their free time more effectively.

Some ideas for their personal care plan may include:

    • Establishing a Healthy Diet
      While drugs and alcohol can cause a massive amount of damage to your loved one’s physical body, a healthy nutrition plan can aid in rebuilding them from the inside out. Taking the time to help them create a course of action that identifies the types of food they will eat – and when – will allow your loved one to take control of their physical well-being and overall personal health.
    • Creating Time to Engage in Physical Activity
      This is another important step for anyone in recovery. Physical activity has been shown to decrease levels of stress within individuals and has been used for decades to improve both physical and mental health. Helping your loved one create a routine in which they work some form of physical activity into their daily life enables them to continue rebuilding the damage their addiction inflicted, while also improving their ability to process and avoid addiction triggers.
    • Fostering a Supportive Social Network
      As this article previously stated, having a strong and supportive sober social network is essential to avoiding the temptations associated with life in Los Angeles. Being able to rely on family and friends to encourage when they feel down and hold them accountable provides that safety net every person in recovery needs. A strong sober support network can help your loved one identify enjoyable activities to engage in that avoid addiction triggers, which enables them to fully enjoy living in Los Angeles.

What if Relapse Occurs?

Every person’s recovery journey is different, but facing a moment of weakness or a temporary setback due to relapse is very common. Reminding your loved one of this fact – if they stumble back into bad habits – is important to not only overcoming that experience, but also getting them back on the road to recovery.

Fighting any disease takes a lot of patience and personal effort. The disease of addiction is no different; so, dealing with a personal setback or momentary relapse, while not ideal, is not the end of the journey.

That is why attending a qualified recovery facility that teaches your loved one this fact, and the importance of moving on if a relapse is experienced, is essential for their personal growth and overall rehabilitation success.

Holistic Addiction Recovery and Relapse Prevention at Ranch Creek Recovery: Just Outside Los Angeles

Sobriety does not require boredom and isolation. On the contrary, it requires healthy interactions and consistent social engagement in order to avoid past addictive habits and to enjoy all the beauty within the world.

When your loved one better understands their emotional and mental relapse experiences and triggers, they will be more equipped to conquer those personal demons. This understanding can also encourage them to ask for help when they need it most, and to take the necessary steps to address a relapse experience before it destroys all of the progress they’ve made in their recovery journey.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we believe that relapse can happen to anyone, but the rehabilitation route can mean all the difference and better prepare them for the challenges ahead. We address addiction recovery and relapse prevention head on through our non-12-step, individualized, holistic addiction treatment programs. This includes relapse prevention therapy and learning coping skills within your relapse prevention group.

Our team of treatment experts work one-on-one with addicts and recovering addicts to create a custom treatment and recovery plan that will help them feel confident and ready to enter their new, sober life. Learn more about Ranch Creek Recovery, including our what we offer and what we treat.

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