Making the decision to enter into rehab for an opioid addiction is a life changing resolution. It requires your loved one to first admit that the addiction exists and then take the next step and concede they need clinical assistance in order to conquer their opioid use disorder.

For someone who has not faced the overwhelming hardships and physical compulsions associated with an opioid addiction, making the decision to pursue rehabilitative services may seem obvious.

However, the actuality of facing an opioid use disorder is far more complex when you are living with the disease and wrestling with how it exerts control over your entire being.

Like any ailment, an opioid use disorder impacts every facet of your loved one’s physical health and mental stability. It drives them to act out of character, fixating on their addiction with singular focus and maladaptive motivation. It distorts their perspective and forces them to neglect their positive social connectivity and physical health in order to perpetuate their opioid use with reckless abandon.

That is why when your loved one makes the decision to pursue clinical aid in regard to their disorder, it is no simple decision. It is proof that they have encountered a moment of clarity within their life and need all of the positive social support they can receive in order to follow through on their decision to begin rehab.

When that decision is made, which treatment facility should your loved one turn to for their clinical needs and guidance?

There are a variety of viable treatment interventions available to your loved one and choosing the best fit for their individual needs is an essential step in their recovery journey. It ensures that their assimilation into rehab is as seamless as possible, while enabling them to feel supported and inspired to press through whatever difficulties may arise.

The Importance of Getting Expert Opioid Treatment

When beginning a recovery journey, the first initial transition into therapy can make or break your loved one’s potential for long-term health and happiness.

That is why doing the necessary research prior to beginning their rehabilitative stay is essential to the foundational components of the therapeutic process.

Understanding what to look for in a quality treatment facility can aid in identifying the most appropriate choice for your loved one’s opioid treatment.

Treatment for Addiction to Prescription Drugs & Other Opioids: What to Look For

A few key areas include:

  • Choosing a facility that is accredited and certified
  • Choosing a facility with licensed clinical staff
  • Choosing a facility that can handle all facets of your loved one’s recovery
  • Choosing a facility that incorporates an integrated therapeutic approach

These options indicate that the treatment facility has taken the time and made the efforts to ensure their clinical approach and treatment staff are fully trained and prepared to provide your loved one with the best available clinical care.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Options: Outpatient vs Inpatient

The primary methods of treatment available to your loved one include outpatient therapy and inpatient therapy. While the two options share some similarities, their differences highlight which one may be more appropriate to handle your loved one’s opioid addiction.

  • Inpatient Opioid Treatment
    Inpatient treatment can last 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the program, and requires the participants to voluntarily transition into a secure facility where intensive drug treatment becomes their primary focus. This allows the patients to safely detox from their opioid addiction under the supervision of qualified medical staff and begin their clinical therapy immediately after their body achieves a healthy state of homeostasis.
  • Outpatient Opioid Treatment
    Most outpatient treatment options allow the participants to remain in their community while participating in weekly treatment sessions aimed at addressing their opioid addiction. Since this method of therapy is much less restrictive, it is typically used as a step-down in therapy for opioid addicts who have completed inpatient therapy and are ready to assimilate back into the community with the appropriate oversight and social support.

Both treatment options have their beneficial components, so understanding the extent of your loved one’s addiction is essential to deciding which treatment approach is best suited to address their clinical needs.

This can be accomplished through a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, which should be conducted by any viable treatment facility offering to treat your loved one’s opioid use disorder.

Whichever treatment option you and your loved one decide on, simply making the decision to pursue rehabilitative services for their opioid addiction is an amazing step in their recovery journey.

Whether they’ve struggled with prescription pills, heroin or another opioid, deciding to relinquish control of their recovery to a clinically qualified treatment facility ensures they are initiating their recovery process in a safe and healthy manner.

This also allows them to focus solely on their mind state and sobriety, knowing that their clinical and medical needs are being properly addressed.

After all, beginning a recovery journey can be an exhausting task, so starting that process with as much social support and clinical guidance as possible only increases the likelihood of attaining a healthier existence and sustained sobriety.

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