San Diego Drug Rehab Center’s Crucial Lessons about Substance Abuse

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated 23.9 million Americans aged 12 or older had used or abused illegal drugs and psychotherapeutic medication in 2012. Only 11.2 percent of this population received treatment or rehabilitation in a specialty facility. As such, drug addiction remains to be a big societal problem. It’s affecting the lives of many people, particularly teens, which comprise 27.2 percent of the current population of those addicted to drugs.


One factor that influences a person’s tendency to engage in the use of illicit drugs is misinformation about addiction. Due to the efforts of drug rehabilitation centers to inform people, misconceptions about drug addiction can be put to rest. These common misconceptions include:

Easy Way Out

A lot of people use drugs believing that they can quit anytime. In reality, the longer they use these drugs, the more they become addicted to it, until they can no longer quit. Some of them also believe that the drugs they are taking are not dangerous, and that using drugs at some point is a natural phase in life. Moreover, taking too much of any type of drug can lead to fatal overdose; and, if injected using shared equipment, it might even cause infection by blood borne diseases.

No Treatment Needed

A lot of drug users still believe that their addiction is not a sickness and therefore they don’t need treatment. The truth is, just as a person with a chronic disease needs treatment, so does a person addicted to drugs. Trusted San Diego drug rehab centers offer therapies and support that a recovering addict will need in order to discontinue drug use and stay away from temptations. Alone, they can end up giving in to their addictions unless they undergo the right rehabilitation process.

The Rehab Process

A drug and alcohol rehab in San Diego like Ranch Creek Recovery has the facility and can offer the right treatment programs for completely freeing addicted individuals from illegal drugs. Compared to one’s own home where all sorts of temptations can be found, a drug rehab center offers a refreshing environment where a patient can find an alternative to his practices.

In addition to the facilities, the professionals working in a rehab center are trained to guide you throughout the recovery process. You will be enrolled in a customized treatment program that will address your problem, and you’ll learn discipline and self-control in an encouraging environment that will help rid you of your addiction.


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