San Diego Alcohol Rehab: Three Red Flags That You May be an Alcoholic

Alcoholics tend to be the last to understand that they have a problem because they cannot observe their behavior from an outside perspective. It’s difficult to determine when that extra glass is just an extension of “happy time” or when it already signals alcohol dependency and the need to seek therapy from a San Diego alcohol rehab center. A loved one or a close friend may have mentioned it to you. You might deny it and rationalize your behavior, but if it’s starting to bother you somehow, ponder on these three red flags of alcohol addiction:

San Diego Alcohol Rehab Three Red Flags That You May be an Alcoholic

1. You get frequent blackouts.

Alcoholics usually wake up without any idea of what happened the night before. If this happened to you once or twice in a special occasion where you overindulged, it does not automatically make you an alcoholic. However, if drinking becomes routine and you often wake up the next day with strangers, with your valuables stolen, out in the streets, or in a police precinct, you may have a problem. People who are dependent on alcohol frequently experience blackouts, and this is especially dangerous if they’re not aware they shouldn’t drive or keep away from the upstairs balcony.

2. Alcohol becomes water to you.

You drink at unusual times such us after sleep or when having your morning coffee or juice. You may even have drinking rituals (e.g. drinking when you get home from work), and you feel down whenever that ritual is upset. You may also have a full stock of alcohol in your fridge, bathroom cabinets, beneath your couch, and of course, your bedside table and car. Basically, you need alcohol to quench your thirst so you want it abundant and easily accessible.

3. You begin to isolate yourself for alcohol.

You come in late or totally miss school, work, or family events because you prefer to spend more “me” time with alcohol, or you’re never really sober. Even in parties, you no longer see the fun in socializing; you’re rather more focused on where to get a drink, where to purchase it on the way back home, recovering from hangover, and dealing with problems resulting from your intoxication. You’re losing interest in things you were passionate about and deliberately ditch your friends and loved ones to hide your drinking problem.

Alcoholism is a condition that doesn’t go away on its own, and it can lead to severe repercussions for your body and mind. Fortunately, it can be treated. If you find yourself often pre-occupied on alcohol and it’s taking its toll on your well-being, consider seeking help from a San Diego-based alcohol and drug rehab facility such as Ranch Creek Recovery.


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