The first of the year inherently brings new hope and opportunity for everyone. The transgressions of last year are behind you and all of the optimism and potential associated with a new year lie ahead.

For many, this means the creation of resolutions aimed at improving personal habits and health through well-intentioned life changes. For those struggling with addiction, the promise of a new year holds unlimited potential to continue toward a successful recovery and maintaining sustained sobriety.

The key is to establish realistic resolutions that can be achieved through personal effort and genuine commitment. While striving to never make another mistake, or promising to avoid any and all negative decision patterns is commendable, the reality of life is that mistakes will be made and tough times will come.

That is why establishing realistic New Year’s resolutions is beneficial on multiple levels.

  • First, it allows you to work toward achievable goals that can propel you further into your recovery and provide you with a perpetual sense of purpose and accomplishment.
  • Second, establishing realistic goals aids in avoiding unnecessary feelings of failure because the goals you are working toward thoroughly achievable.

New year, new you is a saying many people invoke at this time of year, but for those recovering from addiction, a new you is not necessary when you are establishing and achieving new goals to help you maintain your sobriety.

Why New Year’s Resolutions for Recovering Addicts Are a Good Idea

As previously stated, establishing realistic New Year’s resolutions can prove beneficial on a number of levels for a recovering addict.

The fact of the matter is that addiction can take a toll on your life, deteriorating your physical body and destroying your mental stability. It can force you to act in ways you never imagined and habitually dismantle every facet of your mind and body, all for the sake of getting high.

That is why taking the time to thoughtfully establish New Year’s resolutions that address the negative effects of your addiction can begin repairing the consequences of your substance use disorder.

Additionally, purposeful resolutions work to create healthy patterns of behavior to replace your old maladaptive addictive habits, ensuring that you are working to solidify your foundation of improved personal actions and decisions.

This does not ensure that your recovery journey will be free of distractions or difficulties, but it does increase the likelihood that when those tough times arise, you will be ready and able to avoid your addictive urges.

Healthy New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Recovering Addicts

While there are a number of individual resolutions that can be made when the new year arrives, sometimes it can be difficult identifying where to start or which will work best for you.

The following examples are based on long-term, successful recovery techniques and have been proven effective within a number of clinical environments. They are definitive options, but they do provide an excellent starting point on which to build your own resolution list.

    1. Set Healthier Habits to Propel You Forward
      This resolution is a great place to start because it addresses the toll your addiction has had on your physical body. This resolution can include setting specific exercise goals while also adjusting your eating habits and overall health care. Start by creating a realistic exercise routine that can be implemented weekly, such as a specific time to commit to physical activity and exertion. From there, you can also work on constructing meal ideas for the week.While this may seem a bit complicated, it really is not. It simply starts by identifying times during your week in which you can designate “physical activity time” and thinking through some healthy food options to prepare throughout your week.Everyone is busy, and if you look for excuses to avoid these simple routine adjustments, you are sure to find them. However, the purpose of a resolution is to make the effort necessary in order to enact change.Starting with your personal health is the perfect place to begin.
    2. Implement a Holistic Activity into Your Weekly Routine
      Taking the time to quiet your mind while tapping into a holistic method of stress management is an amazing resolution for the new year. Options such as participating in a weekly yoga class or engaging in artistic therapies, such as stress journaling or expression through painting, have shown to provide a tremendous amount of therapeutic relief for recovering addicts.Taking the time to not only face your stressors and addictive triggers, but to also embrace them and drive them back through active holistic activities can help you achieve long-term happiness and sobriety.The benefit and positive impact that mindfulness techniques and genuine self-care can have throughout your new year will not simply fade away but will instead set a new precedent of self-management and sustained sobriety.
    3. Actively Eliminate Negative Habits and Maladaptive Behaviors
      Positive self-care resolutions work to build the foundation of a new life centered around sustained recovery. However, eliminating your negative habits is essential to avoiding unnecessary roadblocks and potential relapse. Taking the time to reflect upon the habits you still are fostering and formulating a plan to systematically remove them from your life is a great way to continue down your path of recovery.Whether it be smoking cigarettes or stressing about unnecessary scenarios, addressing the personal habits and behaviors that are negatively impacting your body can continue to solidify the new healthy foundation you are building.This is accomplished by removing the unhealthy influences within your life and replacing them with healthier and more positive options. As with the previously mentioned resolutions, remembering to approach the process of implementing a resolution slowly and steadily is the key to success.Changing habits and behaviors is not something that can be achieved overnight. Some of your most negative habits took years to create and solidify, so changing those into healthier options requires time and patience.

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