“I never thought I’d ever get out of the grip of drugs and alcohol”

Shelly and Mark,

At this time last year, I was still at Ranch Creek Recovery. Today, I am 5 days from being 13 months clean and sober.

My life today is beyond my wildest dreams. I never thought I would ever get out of the grip of drugs and alcohol. I thought I was destined to die miserably, until you gave me the chance to start over again. I owe my life to you both. I truly believe that I would not be alive today if you hadn’t done what you did for me. I had many chances to get into a program long before I came to Ranch Creek Recovery, but I was never able to put in the work to succeed. I knew that when Mark called me, while I was at the mental health unit, It was my last chance to make BIG changes. Thank you for taking a shot on a longshot like me. If I told you how amazing my life is today it would be an understatement, and everything started at Ranch Creek Recovery. I love you guys!