Drug Rehab in San Diego: Optimal for Supporting Astray Baby Boomers

People age every day, but the feeling of growing older weighs more heavily on some than others. This despondency may lead to drug use to fight off depression.  Unfortunately, many who begin using drugs for depression are tempting fate and will eventually need rehabilitation to return to normalcy. Zusha Elinson, writing for the Wall Street Journal, reported that drug addiction is now a growing trend among baby boomers, some even running afoul with the law in their quest for prescription medications to treat depression.

California is one of eleven states in the country with a population of at least one million people over the age of 65. By 2030, the working-age adult population in the state will be overwhelmed by a surge of retired boomers. If current trends continue, many of these retirees will need help to combat drug addiction.  Therefore, focusing efforts on finding an executive drug rehab for those struggling with addiction issues is not something that should be limited to the young.  Instead, middle-aged family members who need help with substance abuse problems should also be considered.

If you know of any middle-aged person in your life who is having substance abuse problems, you should consider drug rehab through San Diego treatment facilities like Ranch Creek Recovery.


Origin Story

An in-depth consultation with a professional drug rehab specialist will help uncover your loved one’s history of substance abuse. The subject of Elinson’s article, for example, was a plumbing executive in his late fifties from Upland, California, who used marijuana and cocaine during his young adult years from the seventies to the late eighties. The backslide into drug use came a few years ago when he had to take Vicodin to cope with a knee injury. He then started to ingest more pills with alcohol.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said marijuana was still a favored choice to get high, followed by painkillers and anti-anxiety medicine. The latter two, however, are prone to being abused, and at least 12,000 boomers died from an overdose in 2013, Elinson said.

Back from Madness?

Treatment centers such as Ranch Creek Recovery offer a variety of services to help aging boomers who are in need of substance or alcohol rehab in San Diego. Patients can be administered non-addictive medication that help suppress their cravings. In addition to counselling sessions, outdoor activities, and exercises may be recommended for stay-in patients.

The latter years of a person’s life are important; family becomes essential, and in times of such need, family members are enlisted to undergo family education sessions at the rehab center to guide the patient towards recovery. If you’re approaching middle age and have been using drugs to fight your way through confusion and instability, let your loved ones help you seek the rehabilitation treatment you’ll need for your own healing and renewal.

Ranch Creek Recovery offers executive drug rehab and executive alcohol treatment centers for adults of all ages.  Call us today for more information.

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