drug rehab covered by insurance

Is Drug Rehab covered by insurance?

In Many Cases Insurance Covers Much of the Cost of Drug Rehab

Let’s face it…Insurance companies exist to make a profit.  In recent years—prodded by the passage of important laws governing how benefits are provided for addiction and mental health disorders—major insurance companies have begun to cover at least some of the costs related to drug addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions.  At some point in time, it became apparent that untreated drug addictions will morph into life-threatening health issues which will cost the insurance companies more money than if they would just treat the addiction in a timely manner.  Now, with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 and the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010, insurers can no longer give mental health conditions and addiction disorders the short shrift.

This sea change in the way that treatment for addiction and dual diagnosis disorders is approached has resulted in drug rehab being covered by insurance to some degree.  With hundreds of individual or employer-based policies offered in the U.S. there is a wide variance among them regarding the rates of coverage for addiction treatment.  Anyone wanting treatment needs to check their specific policy to determine how much of drug rehab is covered by their insurance plan.

Insurance Coverage for Drug Rehab

There was a time when social stigma prevented many people with substance use and/or mental health disorders from even inquiring about insurance coverage.  Fortunately, our culture is becoming more understanding of the disease aspect of addiction, which has increased a sense of compassion for those suffering from substance use disorders and dual diagnosis.  Reduced stigma is allowing those who need addiction treatment to acquire it without the acute sense of shame associated with it in the past.

Individuals seeking to find if drug rehab is covered by insurance should pay careful attention to the provider networks for the specific plan.  Seeking treatment from an out-of-network service provider can lead to outrageous unexpected expenses.  Most treatment providers will check the details of the insurance policy prior to admittance, but be careful that all service providers associated with the rehab are also in network.

The extent that drug rehab is covered by insurance is dictated by the type of plan one has.  Network coverage for rehab may include some or all of the following:

  • Inpatient detox:  Medically supervised detox under the 24 hour care of a medical provider
  • Inpatient rehab:  Treatment programs of varying lengths of stay where patient resides at the facility
  • Outpatient detox:  Patient may receive some medications and guidance for detoxing at home
  • Outpatient rehab:  Programs involve specified number of hours at a facility per week where group therapy and/or individual therapy is provided
  • Partial hospitalization:  Patient spends no more than 20 hours per week in a hospital combined with outpatient counseling

Coverage for Co-occurring Conditions

Because a significant number of those battling addiction also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, it is important to receive treatment for that as well.  Treating just the addiction will not provide a successful long-term outcome.  Common mental health conditions among addicts are bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.  In addiction recovery, all elements that contribute to addictive behaviors and substance dependency need to be diagnosed and treated for a sustained recovery.  

Again, the Parity Act of 2008 mandates that mental health services are to be charged the same copays as that of a physical condition, and for no limitations to be placed on the number of visits to a mental health practitioner as had been the case in the past.  However, insurance companies are not mandated to provide any mental health services, so check first to see that your plan does.

Ranch Creek Recovery Provides Free Insurance Check

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