Increased Confidentiality and Individualized Care at our Private Drug Rehab Center

Spending a period of time in treatment for a serious drug or alcohol dependency is a very personal and admirable decision. Outside of family, it is nobody’s business and this important step should be treated respectfully. Often shame and guilt accompany addiction—including the difficult decision to do a stint in rehab—so privacy is a concern for many. High profile clients seek out private rehabs for just this reason, to keep their whereabouts to themselves.

Treatment at our Private Drug Rehab Center

There are many benefits of attending treatment at a private drug rehab center. Not only is anonymity and discretion a top priority at these quality rehabilitation centers, but along with that focus on privacy comes a high level of treatment & care. Special accommodations and treatment elements abound at a private recovery program.

Special Benefits of a Private Drug Treatment Center

Seeking treatment at a smaller recovery center has many advantages over larger, more institutional rehabs. Having fewer clients to tend to, treatment professionals have more time to spend caring for them. The ratio of client to recovery personnel provides a truly therapeutic environment, where the treatment staff can walk the path to recovery alongside the client. This translates to a higher level of attention and support for the client.

Individualized Treatment Plans

In addition to the increased level of care in a small, private rehab center is the benefit of having an individualized treatment plan designed to align with a client’s unique needs and desires. Some clients may respond well to group therapy, and others may clam up and do better in individual therapy sessions. Some clients might favor a classic 12-step program, where others may prefer a self-empowerment-based non 12-step program. These nuances are important in creating a program that is best suited for each individual client, which can result in a more engaged recovery process.

Private Treatment Environment

A private treatment rehab also provides accommodations and amenities that rival a high-end resort. Offering creature comforts like beautifully appointed rooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a backyard oasis with spectacular views are only a few of the additional benefits of choosing a private rehab for one’s treatment venue.

A Variety of Experiential and Holistic Therapies

When an individual enters an addiction treatment program, they are in a vulnerable and highly sensitive state. Just the detox experience alone can be very difficult both emotionally and physically, as the person adjusts to life without their crutch. Many have lost relationships, jobs, homes, businesses, and friends. Drug or alcohol dependence has wreaked havoc on their personal finances and broken trust bonds with loved ones.

But in one’s brokenness there is opportunity to make significant changes through the process of self-awareness. With skilled therapists walking the recovery path with each client, emotions, responses to stress, and plumbing deep-seated wounds are examined that unlock the pain and lead to self-empowerment.

Private drug rehab centers utilize a wide array of holistic treatment elements that can promote these new insights and lead to a strong, lifelong recovery. These elements include:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT helps the individual stay in the moment, helping to teach copy skills to use in recovery. It is divided into four stages: Mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation benefit recovery by enhancing a spiritual and interior life, and a form of existential honesty by asking what is real and true at this moment.
  • Garden therapy. Garden therapy, or horticulture therapy, promotes psychological well-being by providing relaxation, physical activity, sensory stimulation, and social development.
  • Equine therapy. Caring for horses can be highly therapeutic and build confidence and compassion. By feeding, grooming, and exercising these gentle animals, individuals fear no rejection or judgment from them, and find the work soothing to the soul.
  • Therapeutic massage can be very helpful in relieving stress in the newly sober individual. Massage helps to increase alertness, improve the efficiency of body functions, promote relaxation, and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Sound therapy. Using gongs to elicit sound vibrations, it is shown to heal and rejuvenate by filling the body’s cells, bones, and organs with life force energy. This promotes a sense of wholeness and resonance in the individual.

Private Drug Rehab Center in Murrieta, CA

Ranch Creek Recovery (RCR) offers a serene and therapeutic environment at a private estate. The many high-end amenities enhance the recovery experience, helping to make the experience a positive and comfortable one. RCR’s compassionate, expert staff is committed to joining each client on their recovery pathway, tending to their recovery process with care and empathy. For more information about this program, call us today at (951) 643-0573.