We live in a society where alcohol consumption is synonymous with almost every social interaction. Sporting events, family get-togethers, holidays, intimate gatherings – you name it and odds are alcohol is involved.

In contrast to this overwhelming tendency to include alcohol in every event, a surprising trend has begun to emerge. Sober bars have begun popping up around the country, providing a place where conversation and personal connections are more important than simply getting drunk.

For some, the idea of interacting without alcohol may seem foreign and even a bit scary, but odds are they’ve never visited the sober establishments that are quickly growing in popularity.

Offering everything from high quality mocktails to designer sodas, these new wave bars are offering people and recovering addicts an option to avoid the rowdy drunken revelry and, instead, spend time truly connecting with people around them.

What Are Sober Bars?

As we evolve as a society, we inherently want deeper connectivity with those around us. The concept of the sober bar is to facilitate this desire by providing a hip, trendy spot to meet with friends and loved ones without the pressures or dangers associated with social drinking.

Decreasing the risk of hangovers and DUI’s allows the people patronizing these establishments to genuinely enjoy themselves and the company of those around them. And without alcohol, these bars help people safely navigate their way back home when the evening comes to an end.

3 Benefits of Sober Bars

There are a number of benefits associated with sober bars, which is why they are quickly growing in popularity. They appeal to the “sober curious” by providing a socially chic environment that facilitates genuine connectivity.

Some of the more obvious benefits associated with this emerging bar scene include:

  • Increased physical health
    A recent federal survey indicated that nearly 67 million Americans binge drink at least monthly. By contrast, studies focusing on individuals who have decreased their alcohol consumption, or completely cut it out, have shown significant physical improvements. These include improved sleep patterns, weight loss and decreased blood pressure. (1)
  • Increased social connection
    For someone in recovery or working their way through an alcohol addiction, the temptation to isolate themselves out of embarrassment or fear of social rejection is tremendous. Sober bars provide an environment where people of all backgrounds and walks of life can gather to discuss their experiences and share the unique occurrences that define them as an individual.
  • Improved self-discovery
    Being able to connect with those around you on a deeper level is such an important component of maintaining your sobriety. But achieving a deeper understanding of who you are personally is imperative to not only achieving sobriety, but to also establishing a happier and healthier state of being. Sober bars provide a social setting in which who you are takes precedent over how much alcohol is clouding your judgment. They afford you the opportunity to engage socially and connect by simply being confident in who you are.

Sober Bars in California and Around the Country

While the trend of sober bars continues to pick up momentum, a number of standout spots have begun popping up on the California bar scene, providing an excellent alternative to typical night life options.

From San Francisco to Oakland and across the country, the sober bar selections have focused on creative mocktails using the finest ingredients and mixing techniques. This attention to detail is what initially drew crowds of sober curious patrons and continues to intrigue newcomers every day.

Wherever you currently find yourself, it’s safe to say that a sober bar is in a neighborhood close to you. So, grab a friend and head on over for a solid night of good conversation and meaningful social connection.

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1) CBS News. “Sober curious” Americans are reshaping nightlife: “I actually have more fun without alcohol”. Accessed March 14, 2020. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sober-curious-alcohol-free-bars-events-changing-what-nightlife-looks-like/.