All You Need to Know About Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction

Dealing with the ramifications of addiction can take a significant amount of time and effort on your part. The manner in which the addiction depletes the body of essential amino acids can exacerbate withdrawal symptoms and prolong the entire detoxification process.

By supplementing certain amino acids in conjunction with vitamins, minerals, and coenzymes, neurotransmitters can be successfully reestablished, hopefully eliminating the side effects of withdrawal.

What Are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the primary structures responsible for the body’s production of proteins. These proteins are responsible for the makeup of our cells as well as their function, so without the correct levels of amino acids, we can become sick, and in some cases, die.

Usually, amino acid levels are maintained through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. However, diseases such as depression or addiction alter the brains chemistry and make it difficult to maintain the correct levels of amino acids.

What is Amino Acid Therapy?

Amino acid therapy is a clinical method of addressing the extent of damage caused by addiction through a systematic supplemental replacement of the natural amino acids lost throughout the course of your substance use disorder.

How Do Amino Acids Relate to Addiction?

Oftentimes, the side effects of addiction, such as depression, insomnia and anxiety, are treated through pharmaceutical drugs, and the prescription itself continues to change the user’s brain chemistry. While certain prescription treatments have proven to be very effective, continued medication consumption can halt the body’s ability to successfully produce and utilize neurotransmitters.

In order to fix this problem, the patient might require a concentrated supplement of amino acid precursors to achieve proper, balanced levels of circulation—this is referred to as Amino Acid Therapy.

What Happens if Your Amino Acid Levels Are Unbalanced?

Usually, depending on the extent of substance abuse and the time frame, vitamin and mineral imbalances caused by poor absorption of nutrients cause issues with the body’s natural ability to form neurotransmitters.

This therapeutic approach assesses the specific deficiencies associated with addiction and begins correcting that course by replenishing a specific set of amino acids within the brain. This enables you to address your recovery with a physically healthy body and focused mind aimed at achieving personal sobriety and long-term success.

3 Benefits of Amino Acids for Alcohol Recovery

While the overall benefit of amino acid therapy is a healthy and functioning mind and body, the specific benefits of this form of treatment can be isolated into a few key concepts.

By identifying which amino acids in particular are replenished and enhanced through amino acid therapy, you can better understand the beneficial impact of this therapeutic approach during your recovery journey. Enhancing diminished biological sections within your body can aid in your overall health and recovery.

Three specific advantageous components of amino acid therapy include:

1. Improves the Catecholamines (Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine)

Catecholamines like Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine are responsible for motivation, energy, interest, sexual functioning, pleasure/reward, drive, attention, and concentration. They are associated with positive stress states such as being in love, exercising, and listening to music. Deficient levels contribute to difficulty initiating or completing tasks, depression, poor concentration, low energy, and lack of motivation. Amino acid therapy aids in balancing these catecholamines and positively impacting every facet of your daily existence.

2. Balances GABA, Which Helps Aid Relaxation

GABA (Gama amino butyric acid) is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain, it keeps the excitatory system from becoming overactive, while also relaxing and calming the entire brain.Low levels are associated with substance abuse, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, seizures, and mood swings.

Amino acid therapy directly impacts GABA by restoring equilibrium to your system and allowing you to maintain a composed and relaxed manner during the more difficult moments of your recovery journey. GABA also decreases feelings of anxiety and minimizes excessive feelings of depression throughout the rehabilitative process.

3. Regulates Levels of Serotonin

Serotonin is key to our feelings of happiness and very important for our emotions because it helps defend against both anxiety and depression. Symptoms of depletion include a sad, depressed mood, anxiety, panic attacks, low energy, migraines, sleeping problems, obsession or compulsions, feeling tense and irritable, craving alcohol and having a reduced interest in sex.Amino acid therapy fundamentally regulates the production of serotonin which, in turn, balances your emotionality while improving physical functionality and overall mental health.

What is the Most Effective Way to Administer Amino Acids?

While efforts can be made individually to adjust amino acid depletion, enlisting the assistance and guidance of an established rehab facility is your best course of action. Amino acid therapy focuses on five to eight specific compounds, all of which accomplish different results and impact the mind and body in a different manner.

Understanding these amino acids, and the most effective method of administering them into your body, takes extensive clinical knowledge and direction. The problems that are associated with unbalanced amino acid levels cannot be fixed overnight, and it requires experienced healthcare and science professionals to evaluate each particular patient. Researching viable treatment facilities in order to identify which one best suits your needs is an excellent place to start.

From there, you can discuss amino acid therapy options with their clinical staff in order to understand which approach best addresses your individual scenario in order to gain the full benefit of this therapeutic approach at the onset of your rehabilitation stay.

How Alcoholism Disrupts Your Personal Homeostasis

Studies have shown that alcohol has a detrimental effect on every portion of your body, from negatively impacting overall organ functioning to depleting the brain of essential chemical components required for daily operations. This means that the longer you struggle with your alcohol addiction, the longer it may take for your body to reset your internal systems to achieve a level of personal homeostasis.

Imagine if you bought plants for your home but slowly removed all essential elements of their existence, such as water and sunlight. While these plants would function initially, the depletion of their life-giving properties would eventually impact their very survival. The leaves would slowly wilt, the flowers would lose their vitality, and the whole of the plant would slowly shrivel into a shell of itself.

The essential amino acids your body produces function as life-giving and life-balancing elements. They enable your body to operate at a level of homeostasis, maintaining the neurological and physical balance essential to a happy and healthy existence.

Removing these elements through excessive alcohol consumption forces the body to search for alternative sources, even accepting the numbing effects of alcohol as a viable replacement when all else fails.

Understanding the importance of amino acids within the human body, and how to replenish your diminished supplies throughout your recovery journey, is fundamental to achieving sustained sobriety in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Amino Acid Therapy at Ranch Creek Recovery

As an addicted individual who wants to quit using – or, as your loved one’s biggest advocate – we understand how important it is for you to get the life-changing help you or your loved one needs to achieve sobriety.

You will enter into a healing environment at Ranch Creek Recovery that is free of distractions and supported by an expert team of clinicians and holistic medicine practitioners.

As a luxury, non-12-step rehab in California, we deliver an alternative approach to addiction rehab and offers amino acid treatment during the rehab stay.

We focus on tailor-fitting each recovery program to address every patient’s unique needs.

With a more intimate recovery experience, a higher level of care, a serene environment, individual recovery plans, and a holistic approach, you can be sure you or a loved one will receive everything needed to achieve sobriety and prepare for a thriving, sober life.

Have questions? We’re here to help in any way we can. Contact us today.