Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles Offers Treatment for Alcoholic Americans

Consumer Affairs reporter Mark Huffman released information on the continuing increase of alcohol consumption among Americans, ever since the era of Prohibition in the U.S. ended in 1933. Through the years, most people have come to associate heavy drinking with alcoholism. As new studies are keen to point out, however, there is a difference between the two, no matter how thin the distinguishing line may be. This makes the 9 out of 10 heavy American drinkers escape classification of being alcoholics.


Heavy Drinker vs Alcoholics

When a person considers himself to be a binge drinker, he’s aware of his actions such that he isn’t absolutely alcohol dependent. Usual circumstances of heavy drinking can be occasional consumption of four or more drinks for women, and more than five for men a night, while weekly basis can amount to eight or more drinks for the ladies and 15 or more for men. Regardless of the intake and regularity of drinking sessions, binge drinking is still a problem. Records show that approximately 88,000 deaths per year have occurred because of this, compared to the much lower number of 3,700 deaths due to alcohol dependency.

Short-term and Long-term Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol’s short-term effects include throbbing headaches, nausea, dehydration, violence, and poisoning. Some even get involved in vehicular accidents due to driving under its influence. In the long run, excessive alcohol intake may result in serious medical conditions like breast cancer, heart disease, and liver disease.


More often than not, people suffering from alcoholism are only mildly aware of the predicament that they are in. In fact, they are more likely to be in a state of denial, claiming that they are only drinking to unwind or to get some sleep better. In this case, close family and friends should be able to help by making an objective assessment of the drinker’s state. They are the ones most likely to have a clear view of how dependent a person has become on alcohol, and how this habit has affected their lives.


For people who might be suffering from this serious drinking problem, seeking evaluation from a healthcare professional is recommended. Fortunately, a number of treatment centers take in patients needing alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. Alcoholism treatments have been proven to be effective for alcoholics as their chances of successfully remaining sober in the future are much improved as opposed to if the problem is left unattended.

While there is no absolute guarantee against a relapse, alcohol drinkers should still give these treatment centers, such as Ranch Creek Recovery, a try. They should also be able to provide the appropriate program for Los Angeles drug rehab patients.

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