Your first step towards your admission process will be your initial call to our facility with one of our intake staff. This staff member will inform you about our program and answer any questions you might have about checking into our residential or outpatient facility.

We will then ask you a series of questions relating to your demographic information, details of substance use, history of any withdrawal symptoms, and mental health conditions. This information will help us get a better understanding of how your treatment plan will be designed upon your arrival. If you are planning on using your insurance, we will collect your policy information and verify your benefits.

After verifying any insurance, and confirming that you meet admissions criteria we will then set up your intake date. If you are coming from out of state, or do not have transportation, we are more than happy to accommodate you with a driver to be picked up and brought to our luxury facility.

Upon arrival, you will meet all staff and immediately begin your intake assessment. If you have insurance our utilization review department will contact your insurance with the clinical information to obtain authorization for treatment.

Part of your intake assessment will involve having your vitals taken, a breathalyzer analysis and urine sample. You will also be evaluated for any signs of discomfort you are experiencing.

After completing your assessment, a staff member will show you to your bedroom to unpack and give you a tour to become familiar with your environment. Our staff are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible and help make your experience at our private rehab a positive one.