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Doreen House provides a range of rehab services, including inpatient treatment, alcohol rehabilitation, and more, each designed to address the unique needs of our clients in a supportive and healing environment.

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Discover Your Path to Sobriety with Our Outpatient Rehab in Murrieta, California.

Embarking on the path to sobriety can seem daunting, but at our secondary inpatient rehab property in Murrieta, California, you are not alone. We understand the multifaceted nature of addiction and provide a caring, personalized approach to recovery. Here, you’re valued and respected, assured of receiving the care you need to overcome addiction.

Why Our Inpatient Rehab in Murrieta Stands Out

Our Doreen Drive location is renowned for its specialized inpatient rehab services in Murrieta, offering flexibility and individualized treatment plans. This center is perfect for those seeking effective treatment solutions that accommodate their daily responsibilities, promoting recovery without compromise.

Client Reviews

Ranch Creek Recovery
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M HonM Hon
00:26 19 Jan 24
Staff: 4.5/5Owner, Director, therapists, nurses, counselors, and support staff are all really great. I had no issues with anyone in particular. They are all there to help you however they can. I found that everyone advocated for my well being, were available when I needed them, and did their best to support me, check in on me, and make sure I was happy and comfortable.(why not 5/5? They have had a bunch of turnover and need to update their website with their newer staff members and qualifications. Additionally the Doctors they partner with were not as thorough as I would have wanted, and were kind of pushy with medications)Program: 4/5Small groups for the win! You get a lot of attention if you need it. This is a Holistic approach rehab. They do not focus on any 12 step programs. You have daily classes with different counselors, focusing on the science behind addiction, anger management, talk therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, nutrition, and much more. You have one-on-one sessions twice a week with a Licensed Therapist, and you have access to a gym daily, with a yoga instructor and trainer coming a few times a week. You also have a docent that comes once a week to do sound therapy, and you can learn techniques such as tapping. They have 2 doctors on staff you will have Zoom appointments with, and someone is always present to distribute morning, afternoon, and bedtime medication. You can also always grab whomever is on-call to talk through any issues or questions you have.(why not 5/5? Overall I found that there was too much down-time. I got bored and restless with that much free time and I craved more structure. Additionally I thought that the family Zoom sessions could have served as a stronger resource for loved ones)Location: 4/5Murrieta is a quiet, tranquil area, with mountain views, a lot of farmland, and very little public noise to distract you. When you do leave the house, you get to visit a small farm that is very close by to interact with horses and goats, etc. You also have an outing on Saturdays for a few hours that allows you as a group to get out of the house. The immediate area has all the basic stores and activities you would want, like target/walmart/grocery/7-11/etc as well as mini golf, bowling... You do need to decide as a group where you want to go because you have 1 chaperone and need to stay together at all times.(why not 5/5? There are 2 different houses located about 10 minutes away from each other. The Bass house advertised on the website is much nicer and larger than the Doreen house. During my time the clients staying at the Doreen house were shuttled over to the Bass house for our daily classes and sessions, not being able to utilize their own kitchen, rooms, and bathrooms during the day. I was also told by clients that the Doreen house was not as nice as the Bass House)Amenities: 4/5Pool - (I was there in the winter, so it was not heated and basically unusable, however, I did do some cold plunges just for the shock)Hot tub - available once a week on Friday eveningsYard - Large Grass Backyard and cement patio with tables and chairsGym - Available daily. TV for movies or music. Free weights, yoga mats, and a few outdated cardio machines that mostly worked.Kitchen - Large kitchen, multiple Fridges/Freezers, Huge pantry for preparing anything you want, ovens, microwave, toasters, dishwasher, outdoor gas grill, etc...Pool table, ping pong table, arts and crafts table, outdoor TV, Indoor TV, Computer, land-line house phone.Comfortable rooms and bathrooms with laundry access, and provided bedding and towels.(why not 5/5? I was disappointed that it wasn't clear that the pool and hot tub didn't have daily access as advertised, and that the gym was more outdated than described/pictured. They also could make some very inexpensive recreation investments like a basketball for their outdoor hoop, soccer ball, frisbees, croquet set, bocce, etc for their giant lawn to be used during the extensive downtime)
Dorothy SmithDorothy Smith
00:29 12 Aug 22
Ranch Creek Recovery is the best way to start your new healthy way of life. This program actually saved my life and my sanity. Their Holistic approach was amazing and I learned so much from my counselors and Dr. Dena. With only a limited number of participants in the house at one time, you are guaranteed the one on one time, as well as the group counseling they offer in a safe and comfortable setting. They make you aware that they truly care and are there to support you , listen to you, and most important to teach you. Teach you information about triggers, cognitive behavior and how to stay sober. They include therapy through others means such as Yoga, Meditation, working with Horses and even Physical Training. Ranch Creek makes sure when you leave you are good, Mind, Body and Soul. They have an excellent Intensive Outpatient Program (10) weeks that helps navigate your way back into life. A year ago (received my one year chip June 8, 2022) I was lost and a raging out of control alcoholic. I can proudly say today that I am not. I will always be an alcoholic with an addictive personality. But now I have tools, personal contacts and the faith in myself that I have never had before in my 9 years searching for sobriety. I often reflect back on my time at the Bass house. I am probably one of the few that actually stayed 60 days because I had so much to learn. My insurance did not cover all of the last days, but it was worth it to me, so I stayed. I am so grateful to so many of the staff, Jimmie, Christine, Jonathon, Dr. Dena and countless extended staff to name a few, because there were more. I would not be here to tell you it works, because without the treatment and the help I received, I alive today to tell my journey. If you are ready to face the truth, please give them a call. I promise if you are committed, you will never be the same as when you walked in. Thank you Ranch Creek Recovery.
Martha BlackMartha Black
18:45 25 Jan 22
Also known as Angelica, I couldn’t recommend this place more . This treatment center really helped me get what I have always wished for , Peace with my past , healing , restoration . Ranch Creek Recovery’s program was such a tremendous blessing, life changing experience for me and my family. This week I celebrate 9years of living life in recovery, sobriety. Thank you RCR for saving my life .
00:59 03 Nov 21
I had long term sobriety and was under a lot of stress from my professional position. I began to use cannabis recreationally and soon became dependent. I sought recovery, because I could not stop using cannabis on my own. It was causing issues with my family and in my professional life. I signed up with Rancho Creek Recovery, through my insurance. I attended the pm IOP zoom sessions with Lorri. Her group sessions and the materials she provided, helped me to get off of cannabis. Lorri was a big help in giving me strategies to stay sober and to manage the cravings and ways to deal with my work stress. I would strongly recommend Rancho Creek Recovery's outpatient program and the pm IOP zoom sessions with Lorri. She was a great professional to work with.
Courtney FergusonCourtney Ferguson
19:04 01 Aug 21
I've had a few stints with rehab and none even skinned the surface of what I learned here. Located on a beautiful property in the foothills of Murrieta, with in house groups led by instructors that break it down so in depth. My perspective had a total shift and I can honestly say I owe my life and the promise of a new future to this facility and it's faculty. If you're willing to do the work this is the place to get into your core issues and help you recover from the lifestyle and vices that one is addicted to. I recommend this place to anyone who wants something different from life. DBT, CBT, recovery education, family therapy are just a few of the groups and The program director and Clinical director hand picked a team that is progressive, informed, patient, caring and passionate about what they do. I encourage anyone who's seeking treatment to look into this program I first hand watched others and had my life transformed.
David KlentDavid Klent
09:17 16 Jul 15
Coming to Ranch Creek Recovery, I had been through three different inpatient chemical treatment facilities in CA. I was feeling lost and somewhat hopeless. The serene setting gave me peace and I began healing. The counselors were very inspiring and helped me grow in ways I haven’t experienced in years. I began to see the bigger picture that a life in sobriety can give you. Although I am somewhat scared to leave the comfort and security that Ranch Creek Recovery and staff has brought me, I am also excited to share my growth with my family and to start my new life. Thank you RCR!

Our Commitment to Excellence in Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Murrieta

Since our facility on Doreen Drive opened nearly 5 years ago, we have established this center as a pillar of hope and excellence in drug and alcohol rehab in Murrieta. Our commitment to evolving our services ensures we remain at the forefront of substance abuse treatment near Murrieta, always prioritizing the needs and well-being of our community.

Choosing the Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Near Murrieta

Our reputation as the best alcohol rehab near Murrieta is built on our holistic approach, expert team, and commitment to individual recovery. The stories of those who’ve found a new lease on life through our programs bear testament to our effectiveness and dedication to your journey towards sobriety.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today with the Leading Drug Rehabs in Murrieta

Taking the first step towards recovery is monumental. Our team at the Doreen Drive location is here to support you through every phase of your journey. Don’t let another day be lost to addiction. Contact us to discover how our personalized drug and alcohol rehab programs in Murrieta can assist you or your loved one.

Our Expert Team at the Forefront of Substance Abuse Treatment Near Murrieta

The dedicated professionals at our Doreen Drive location are committed to providing the highest level of care, making us one of the most trusted drug rehabs in Murrieta. With a focus on personalized, compassionate treatment, our staff ensures that every individual receives the support needed for a successful recovery journey.

Contact and Support Information

Address: 36702 Doreen Dr, Murrieta, CA 92563

Phone: (951) 226-3321

Hours: Open 24 hours for those in need

Admission Process: We suggest giving us a call first, where we can talk through any questions you have on program options, insurance, etc. From there we can determine next steps for you or your loved one.

Navigate Your Way to the Doreen House:

From the North (Los Angeles):

  • Take I-5 S toward Santa Ana.
  • Merge onto CA-91 E toward Riverside.
  • From CA-91 E, transition onto I-15 S toward San Diego.
  • Take the exit for Murrieta Hot Springs Rd from I-15 S.
  • Turn right onto Murrieta Hot Springs Rd.
  • Continue on Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, then turn left onto Winchester Rd.
  • Turn right onto Hunter Rd.
  • Turn left onto Doreen Dr. The facility will be on your right.

From the South (San Diego):

  • Take I-5 N toward Los Angeles.
  • Merge onto I-15 N toward Riverside.
  • Take the exit for Winchester Rd/CA-79 from I-15 N.
  • Turn left onto Winchester Rd.
  • Turn left onto Hunter Rd.
  • Turn right onto Doreen Dr. The facility will be on your right.

From the East (Palm Springs):

  • Take I-10 W toward Los Angeles.
  • Merge onto CA-60 W toward Riverside.
  • Keep left to continue on I-215 S.
  • Merge onto I-15 S toward San Diego.
  • Take the exit for Murrieta Hot Springs Rd from I-15 S.
  • Turn right onto Murrieta Hot Springs Rd.
  • Continue on Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, then turn left onto Winchester Rd.
  • Turn right onto Hunter Rd.
  • Turn left onto Doreen Dr. The facility will be on your right.

From the West (Orange County):

  • Take CA-91 E toward Riverside.
  • Merge onto I-15 S toward San Diego.
  • Take the exit for Murrieta Hot Springs Rd from I-15 S.
  • Turn right onto Murrieta Hot Springs Rd.
  • Continue on Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, then turn left onto Winchester Rd.
  • Turn right onto Hunter Rd.
  • Turn left onto Doreen Dr. The facility will be on your right.