On a Mission: Ranch Creek Recovery Helps Patients Achieve Their Goals

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we have a proven track record of making positive, long-lasting difference for our residents and their loved ones. We have certified specialists who treat drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring disorders. Our treatment success is highly recognized, and many medical specialists recommend their patients to us.  They trust that each individual […]

Ranch Creek Recovery: A Slightly Different Approach Toward Treatment

Ranch Creek Recovery is a addiction treatment and rehabilitation center that aims to provide the support, inspiration, and challenges that will forge those struggling with addiction and mental disorder into better versions of themselves. We take pride in limiting our treatment programs to six residents, which ensures each one receives the effective and individualized attention […]

Ranch Creek Recovery: Four Great Ways to Keep in Touch with Us

Ranch Creek Recovery is a rehabilitation facility that’s fully committed to the treatment and care of individuals suffering from different types of addiction and mental disorders.  Our purpose goes beyond helping patients get sober and educating them about their addiction or illness’s negative effects.

About Ranch Creek Recovery: Five Exceptional Reasons to Choose Us

Ranch Creek Recovery is an addiction treatment facility that helps alcohol, prescription drug, and substance dependent individuals on the road to a rehabilitated life. We also help those with mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, schizophrenia, and more. With a team of professionals that include certified counselors, licensed social workers, medical doctors, […]

San Diego Addiction Recovery: Going Beyond the Twelve Steps

The twelve step program, more commonly referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous or AA, has become the ultimate authority over the last 100 years when it comes to recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. Its core message is based on the principles of turning your life over to a higher power while admitting that you solely […]

Horse Whisperers: The Benefits of Equine Therapy

There are many alternative therapy options available to those seeking help, as the benefits of holistic treatment become increasingly apparent. Sometimes a traditional route towards recovery just doesn’t work, and in that case, there is a need for a more progressive style of rehabilitation. Of the various therapies we offer at Ranch Creek Recovery, one […]

A Closer Look at Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acids are the primary structures responsible for the body’s production of proteins. These proteins are responsible for the makeup of our cells as well as their function, so without the correct levels of amino acids, we can become sick, and in some cases, die. Usually, amino acid levels are maintained through a balanced diet […]

The Other Side of Addiction: Co-Dependency

When most of us think about addiction, our minds go directly to substance abuse. Dependencies on alcohol, narcotics, or nicotine are three of the most publically recognized addictions in our society, due to the overwhelming number of people dealing with them each day. We are able to see the physical and psychological effects of these […]

Depression and Substance Abuse

Mood disorders and substance abuse go hand in hand. Data from treatment seeking populations indicate that substance abuse disorders and other psychiatric disorders co-occur more commonly than would be expected by chance. Substance abuse, chemical dependance and alcoholism in particular are more common in patients with bipolar affective disorder than in the rest of the […]

Inside America’s Alarming Prescription Drug Addiction

Are you taking more pain medications than prescribed? If so, you could be one of the millions of Americans dealing with a prescription drug addiction. Most people think of street drugs when they think of drug abuse, but addiction to prescription medication has skyrocketed in the U.S. in recent years. Prescription drug abuse is running […]