How do you know when it’s time to seek professional help for your addiction? Is it something you just suddenly realize one day or is it a concept that slowly creeps up until you can’t think about anything else? Maybe you have to hit rock bottom first before you go to treatment.

The reality is there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for going to addiction treatment. The answer is usually different for every individual that finally makes the life changing decision to begin substance abuse treatment for their disease.

While the reasoning differs for most, the importance of starting your recovery journey in a safe and clinically qualified treatment environment is essential to achieving sobriety and maintaining it long-term.

When Should I Go to Rehab?

Chances are, if you are asking the question, you probably are ready to take the first step and begin addiction treatment.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that alcohol or drugs are a constant in your life or something you think about doing all the time. Maybe your addictive impulses have negatively impacted your employment or torn apart relationships you once valued.

The fact is, our primal instincts are very powerful intuitive measures that protected our ancestors and kept generations alive for centuries. If you feel like you have hit a point in your addiction where rehab is a viable option, it is best to listen to that voice and start healing the damage inflicted by your substance use disorder.

6 Things to Think About When Considering the Best Time for Addiction Treatment

  1. You’ve Experienced Health Issues Related to Your Substance Addiction
    Substance addiction can significantly impact your overall physical health, causing a variety of medical conditions. From cardiovascular disease to liver damage, respiratory distress to neurological impairment, the extent of physical destruction that addiction can inflict in your mind and body is very real and a sure sign that it is time to begin addiction treatment.
  2. Drug or Alcohol Use has Become Your Primary Focus
    When getting your next fix has become the top priority in your life, it is an obvious indicator that addiction treatment is essential. If your substance of choice consumes your thoughts, causing you to spend increasing amount of time, resources and effort to acquire that drug, then you are experiencing key indicators of addiction and are in need of professional help.
  3. You Have Withdrawn Both Socially and Emotionally
    Missing out on family events and distancing yourself from positive friendships because you are too focused on perpetuating your substance use is a key indicator that you are feeding your addictive impulses. Perhaps you don’t want people to see you intoxicated or you just want to spend more time finding your drug of choice. Either way, you have hit a point where your addiction is out of control and in need of professional assistance.
  4. Your Work Performance, or Other Social Obligations, Have Suffered as a Result of Your Addiction
    For many people struggling with addiction, juggling the obligations associated with everyday life while feeding their addiction becomes an impossible task. That is why loss of employment or failure to complete typical daily tasks is usually associated with a person admitting that they need addiction treatment.
  5. You’ve Been Unable to Quit Using on Your Own
    Admitting you have a problem is the first step, but sometimes a person can have this epiphany and still be unable to stop their substance use because of the severity of their addiction. If you’ve come to the point where you know your substance use is problematic but have been unable to actually stop using, then addiction treatment is essential to overcoming this resistance and actually achieving sustained sobriety.
  6. Let’s Not Forget About COVID-19.
    It is imperative to focus on your long-term health and address the addiction that has been destroying your physical and mental wellbeing long before you even heard of COVID-19. For the vast majority of people living through this pandemic, feeling stressed or overwhelmed has simply become commonplace. If you’re trying to manage addictive triggers and emotional strain associated with COVID-19, the temptation to relapse may be a daily struggle.

Making the decision to focus on your sobriety while working to overcome your addiction during this time of social distancing can prove to be the best decision you ever make.

The Best Time to Seek Treatment is Now

There is no time like the present to overcome your demons and begin healing the damage that your addictive behaviors have inflicted on your mind, body and soul. Being able to identify the negative decision patterns and symptoms of addiction is essential to defeating the disease and achieving long-term health and happiness.

With the right treatment program, you will receive medically safe and clinically sound treatment and avoid setbacks in your recovery. At Ranch Creek Recovery, our team can help you construct a plan that will address your symptoms and achieve a lifetime of success and sobriety.

Renowned, Holistic Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery

The time is now and we’re here to help.

As a leading non-12-step rehab center in California, Ranch Creek Recovery’s alternative approach to addiction rehab goes beyond the traditional, widely used 12-Step program. Instead, we focus on tailor-fitting each recovery program – whether 30, 60, or 90-day – to address every patient’s unique needs.

With a more intimate recovery experience, a higher level of care, a serene environment, individual recovery plans and a holistic approach, you will receive everything needed to achieve sobriety and prepare for a thriving, sober life.

Learn more about Ranch Creek Recovery, including what we offer and what we treat. Have questions? We’re here to help in any way we can. Contact us today.