At Ranch Creek Recovery

A leading non 12 step addiction rehab center, we pride ourselves in taking an individualized approach to each clients recovery. Each of our facilities have only 6 beds, which allows us to pay greater attention to detail during our rehab process. We have a high staff to client ratio allowing for daily individuals along with evidence based education groups, cognitive therapy groups and holistic outlets such as yoga.

As soon as the client arrives at Ranch Creek Recovery, they are encouraged to immediately get started on their individual treatment plan in order for their counselors to know what to help them with. This treatment plan will be updated throughout their recovery process and discussed during daily individual sessions.

It is important for each client to know that what works for one person in relation to their recovery, doesn’t always work for every person. Some people will prefer to stick with the 12 step recovery process while others prefer a holistic, non 12 step rehab approach. This is all worked on in their individual sessions with a counselor.

“Ranch Creek Recovery is a place I feel safe, respected and feel the staff has my best interest at heart. I have been battling alcoholism for the last 5 years. RCR has taught me to identify my triggers, use coping mechanisms and to put myself first. Alcohol has been how I coped with life’s challenges. I now believe there are other ways to combat problems without turning to alcohol. I feel very hopeful and confident I will stay on the right path to sobriety.”

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Navigating Payment and Insurance

We accept various insurance plans, including Aetna, Anthem BlueCross, Cigna, and more. Our team will help you verify your coverage and understand your out-of-pocket costs, making the financial aspect of treatment as stress-free as possible. We are committed to helping you access the care you need in our substance abuse inpatient programs.

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Individualized Addiction Treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery

The team of treatment experts at Ranch Creek Recovery addresses addiction recovery head on through our holistic, individualized treatment programs. We will work one-on-one with you or your loved one to create a custom treatment recovery plan that fits the unique needs of the individual. To learn more about our individualized care and individual therapy for addiction, or have any other questions regarding our services, please contact us today.