There’s no single cure, lifestyle change or magic trick to help someone overcome addiction. However, taking a holistic approach that focuses on overall health, including proper nutrition and physical exercise, can take you a long way. Drug and alcohol addiction takes a serious toll on a person’s ability to maintain a healthy routine, using up time and energy that were once spent on self-care. Moving the body doesn’t feel as rewarding during active addiction, with pain and fatigue acting as barriers to wellness.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, physical exercise is a vital component of our services. During fitness classes, our staff of qualified physical therapists guides you through our fitness program, which includes classes in a group setting, personal training sessions and physical therapy.

What Is Fitness Rehab?

Fitness rehabilitation is one facet of a holistic approach to addiction recovery. It involves encouraging participants to take part in regular exercise and helping them understand the myriad of benefits it has for health and well-being.

Many people who come into rehab are depleted physically and mentally, and the idea of personal training can sound daunting. Our trainers meet you exactly where you’re at.

Forget what you’ve seen about aggressive training using negative reinforcement. Our aim is to support you as you reach your goals, whether that involves learning a new stretching routine to relieve stress or getting into cardio or weight lifting. We’re positive and encouraging and never push you beyond your limits.

Physical movement has the potential to bring anyone joy. No matter which type of exercise you prefer, we help you set small, achievable goals and start working toward them. Our trainers also work to help you understand the best ways to enjoy a balanced, nutritious and delicious diet.

“Ranch Creek Recovery saved my life. I came into RCR lost and broken, trying to get back on track in my life. As a result of this great team of counselors/psychologists, I’ve done more than restore my life; I’ve reached new goals and gained so many life skills that go far beyond just being sober. I love and appreciate all the staff. Know that if you have a willing heart to change, you’re in the right place.”

– Joshua

Get Help with Insurance Coverage

Our drug and alcohol rehab program accepts several national insurance plans and are in-network with most carriers including HealthNet, MHN, Anthem BlueCross, Aetna, Cigna as well as others. To verify if your insurance is accepted and check your out-of-pocket costs call Ranch Creek Recovery at (877) 997-8931.

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Benefits of Physical Exercise in Addiction Treatment

You’ve probably heard that exercise releases the same endorphins in your brain as substances. However, if you haven’t worked out for a while, you might be skeptical about how good working towards fitness feels. The truth is that everyone can find a form of training that makes them feel great. You don’t have to be a marathon runner or powerlifter to get the benefits from movement.

We help you find what works for you so you can integrate it into your routine, and you’ll quickly feel the benefits. Many clients end up realizing they’re capable of so much more than they ever knew, filling them with confidence and motivation.

Improves Physical Wellness

Getting regular exercise improves your whole life. You’ll get better sleep, feel more confident and slow down aging. Doing a light weight lifting routine a few days a week improves your strength and posture and prevents injury as you get older. Going for regular brisk walks, jogging, swimming and cycling improve heart health and burn calories. Yoga and stretching improve flexibility, balance and range of motion.

All forms of exercise help restore the careful balance of hormones, which are often disrupted by the heavy use of drugs and alcohol.

Boosts Brain Function

Exercise doesn’t just impact your physical health; it also benefits mental health in a variety of ways. First, it’s a healthy habit and distraction, unlike substances often used for these purposes. Unlike drug abuse, which only offers short-term relief and has long-term health consequences, exercise offers long-term relief and benefits your health. It improves focus and can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma.

Provides Opportunities To Achieve Progress

People are hard-wired to respond to the feeling of moving forward and progressing. Addiction has a terrible impact on your reward system, making it hard to set and achieve goals. Working with our personal trainers can help you start off small and prove to yourself that you’re capable of doing what you set your mind to.

Helps Prevent Relapse

Regular movement has such a positive impact on overall well-being that it can act as a barrier to relapse. Individuals who maintain an exercise program following rehab are generally more likely to maintain abstinence. Remember, you don’t have to run five miles or go to the gym every day — small bouts of daily exercise or intense exercise three to five days per week is enough to help most people stay in a mindset that’s conducive to ongoing recovery.

Makes You Feel Good

Exercise is a positive way to release stress. If you’re not used to it, it might feel difficult at first, but our trainers will guide you through this initial discomfort and help you find the style of movement that brings you joy. The physical and mental benefits of exercise can help improve energy and mood and increase your overall sense of health and happiness.

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Who Oversees Our Fitness Rehab Program?

Our fitness rehab program is overseen by trainers with a college-level education in kinesiology and additional certifications in their field of expertise. What’s more, they’re passionate about their ability to help people on a truly individual level. They’re kind, disciplined and empathetic, so they meet you where you’re at and help you find the style of movement that works best for you.

Do I Get Access to a Gym at Ranch Creek Recovery’s Rehab Center?

When you come to Ranch Creek Recovery, you’ll get two scheduled fitness sessions per week. However, our gym is open every day, so you can practice what you learn in classes or continue your own regimen at your own pace. Exercising on a regular basis, ideally at the same time of day, is great for your mind and body, inside and out.

Find Out More About Our Holistic Rehabilitation Program

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we treat patients as complete entities, not recovering addicts. Each individual’s recovery journey is unique, and our personal trainers get to know your preferences and needs to tailor a fitness program to you. Health isn’t sobriety; it’s the sum of every element of your genes and lifestyle. While you can’t control your genes, you can learn to gain more control over your environment.

Get in touch today at 887-997-8931 for additional information on our services.