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Ranch Creek Recovery is a leader in the non-12-step rehab approach to addiction treatment. We know that when it comes to addiction, one size does not fit all; that’s why each of our clients receive an individual treatment plan that fits their personal needs. Our group sessions will never be 12-Step based, however, we do utilize them as a part of our holistic approach to your recovery.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Setting up an individual recovery treatment plan allows our clients to get the personalized treatment program and could include 12-step, Smart Recovery and addressing personal issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD along with dual diagnosis in a private 1 on 1 therapy session

Our Approach to Non-Traditional Drug Rehab

Ranch Creek Recovery is a program that was founded on non-12 step recovery treatment principles. We offer evidence-based education and cognitive therapy classes which are designed to change the way of thinking rather than labeling one as an addict for life.

Holistic Drug Treatment

We address spirituality through mindfulness exercises that teach individuals how to center themselves and decrease impulsivity. Our holistic rehab center has many on-site outlets such as yoga, guided meditation, amino acid therapy and personal fitness trainer as well as off-site outlets such as equine assisted therapy.

Our non-traditional drug rehab program uses an individual approach to treatment to customize the way you stay sober in a format that works for you. Our daily individual sessions allow each person in drug rehab to fully focus on a recovery method that works best for them and our highly qualified counselors will assist you in working towards your recovery goals.