Beginning the recovery journey is an amazing accomplishment. It signifies that your loved one has summoned the strength to face their substance use disorder and begin taking the necessary steps to get clean and begin establishing long-term sobriety.

But, for many people struggling with addiction, the beginning of their rehabilitation can often be the most difficult. For a number of addictive substances (like alcohol and opioids), detox is necessary to get the body back to a sober state of being.

Let’s take an easy example. Have you ever known someone who loved their coffee? So much so that they have to have three cups in the morning just to get the day started? If they go a day without their coffee fix, everyone around them knows about it. They complain about headaches, exhaustion and feeling like they are walking through the mud.

If going without caffeine for a day or two can impact a person’s physical wellbeing, just imagine what detoxing from alcohol or heroin can feel like.

For a person starting the process of rehab, the pathway back to sobriety can require a period of detoxification and even medical oversight to ensure their health and safety. Understanding the types of detox available can help your loved one begin their recovery journey in a safe and secure clinical setting.

Does My Loved One Need Professional Detox Assistance?

This question can be difficult to answer, but knowing a few key facts may help point you in the right direction when deciding if your loved one needs professional guidance during their detox:

  • Does your loved one experience physical withdrawal symptoms?
  • Does your loved one display excessive psychological issues when not drinking or using?
  • Does your loved one have uncontrollable cravings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your loved one is most likely in need of professional detox assistance.

Subacute Detox vs Acute Detox

What is the difference between subacute and acute detox? Generally speaking, it refers to the intensity of the detoxification process and the methods implemented to safely ensure your loved one’s transition back to a sober state of being.

  • Subacute detox – This level of detoxification takes place in a residential treatment setting. Medical and mental health professionals monitor your loved one’s mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, providing prescription detox medication if needed. These medications help reduce the severity of any experienced withdrawal symptoms throughout the detox process.1
  • Acute detox – This level of detoxification is the highest level of care to treat and manage your loved one’s detoxification process. It can involve hospitalization and intense, around-the-clock medical attention to reduce severe withdrawal symptoms and prevent or treat dangerous complications during the detoxification process.1

Some treatment facilities – like Ranch Creek Recovery – have the ability to transition a person from subacute detox to acute detox, if the situation requires an increased level of care. With qualified clinical staff, our treatment facility is capable of identifying the most appropriate detox approach for your loved one. It is our goal to ensure that your loved one’s health is properly managed and that their detox experience is as stress free as possible.

What to Look for in a Detox and Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re still in the process of researching your options for detox and addiction help – and you know your loved one is in need of a superior detox and addiction center – there are indicators to look for before deciding on the right facility.

Making sure the treatment program is run by licensed treatment providers within an accredited facility ensures that the program and its staff are of the highest quality. Additionally, researching the experiences of past clientele is an excellent way to gain insight into the treatment program’s success rate and the center’s ability to provide well-received and longstanding treatment techniques.

Taking the time to investigate your options ensures that your loved one will receive proper clinical guidance and care during the detoxification process.

Professional Detoxification at Ranch Creek Recovery

At Ranch Creek Recovery, your loved one’s physical health and overall wellbeing is paramount. From the highest quality licensed clinical staff to the serene environment where we deliver our services, the experience we provide our clientele during their detox and subsequent treatment involvement is second to none.

We pride ourselves on placing the needs of your loved one first, ensuring their safety and success remain at the forefront of all treatment decisions and clinical interventions.

Our accredited facility incorporates a time-tested holistic approach, individually tapered to every person. This ensures that your loved one’s individual and unique needs are met throughout their recovery journey, enabling them to focus solely on their sobriety and achieving sustained personal success.

Learn more about what we offer, what we treat and our renowned, serene detox and addiction rehab center. Have questions? We’re here to help in any way we can. Contact us today.

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1 National Center for Biotechnology Information. Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment. Accessed September 20, 2019.