Facing a once-in-a-lifetime scenario like COVID-19 can force you to reassess what is truly important in life.

Over the past year, we’ve seen material things become less important than the simple essentials – like healthy social connectivity and consistent interactions with loved ones.

If you’re still struggling with a substance addiction and looking for a reason to finally begin your recovery journey, surviving a pandemic may be just the indication you need that re-establishing your health is truly what matters most.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment After COVID-19

The reality of beginning the treatment process is that it takes courage and inspiration.

Everyone around you can want you to get clean, but if you’re not ready to fully commit to your recovery, it’s going to be difficult to follow through with the clinical process.

That’s why outpatient addiction treatment has been so effective for individuals who are finally ready to address their substance use disorder in an environment conducive to maintaining their current personal responsibilities and obligations.

Outpatient addiction treatment is typically loosely structured, working around your schedule to provide clinical guidance throughout your normal life.

It’s the perfect treatment option for someone looking to get their recovery back on track after the pandemic.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

When considering outpatient treatment, remember that it must properly address your specific substance use disorder and be conducive to your current schedule.

Review the benefits of outpatient treatment and learn why this type of addiction therapy is so appealing to busy professionals, parents, and those who contend with a less severe addiction.

  • It’s Easier to Maintain Your Employment Obligations
    While some addiction treatment options require you to take a leave of absence from work, most outpatient programs operate in the evenings, during off-hours, or may even provide a flexible time frame to accommodate you better.

This therapeutic option allows you to balance your work obligations with your recovery, so you can maintain your routine as you work on your addiction recovery.

  • It’s Easy to Find Reliable Insurance Coverage
    An overlooked benefit of choosing outpatient treatment is the fact that many programs are covered by insurance.There are some individuals who avoid treatment because they’re worried about the financial burden.However, if the program is covered by your insurance plan, you won’t have to stress about the cost, and can instead focus on your treatment and your path to regaining control over your life.
  • It Doesn’t Take You Away from Loved Ones If you want help for your addiction without having to be away from the individuals you love most, outpatient treatment may be the best fit for your situation.Family members and friends can often provide tremendous support for individuals in the middle of their recovery journey.They can encourage you to maintain your sobriety by being the strong, sober support network you’ll need on your path toward sustained sobriety.
  • It’s the Perfect Opportunity to Implement What You Learn in Real Time Unlike inpatient therapy, outpatient treatment programs provide you real-time opportunities to apply what you’re learning in therapy to the real world.Outpatient treatment doesn’t keep you away from the struggles of your life, since you’re still living with those struggles every single day.It does, however, let you come face-to-face with temptations and challenges, giving you a chance to implement newly learned therapeutic techniques to avoid relapse and maintain your sobriety for the long haul.

Why Go to Outpatient Addiction Treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery

While there are varying levels of clinical care available at Ranch Creek Recovery, finding the best option for your personal situation is crucial.

From in-patient residential care, which includes an extended stay at one of our treatment facilities, to the outpatient treatment option discussed is this article, matching our clinical services with your current addiction needs is essential to beginning your recovery journey on the right foot.

We approach every client as the unique individual they are to:

  • Properly assess their specific clinical requirements
  • Plan for the most appropriate level of care needed
  • Adequately address their specific substance use and/or co-occurring disorder

However, regardless of whether in-patient or outpatient is a better fit, our holistic approach to clinical treatment is applied in every program – allowing our clients to achieve whole-body healing.

This enables us to guide you along your recovery path while encouraging your mind, body and soul to mend the damage done throughout your substance addiction.

Holistic Outpatient Treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery

Do you feel you would benefit from an outpatient drug rehab program?

With customized treatment plans that fit your unique recovery needs and offering an alternative to the traditional 12-step program, Ranch Creek Recovery’s holistic treatment services will help you stop abusing drugs or alcohol and forge a fulfilling, clean future.

Our outpatient treatment program at Ranch Creek Recovery accepts only six clients at a time. This allows us to provide you with complete, individualized care and 24/7 support.

Learn more about Ranch Creek Recovery’s all-encompassing outpatient rehab.

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