Successfully completing a drug rehab program gives an addict a second shot at life. Drug or alcohol addiction can ruin people’s lives, affecting their physical and emotional health, decimating their lifestyle, career, personal relationships, and their own ability to grow and thrive as individuals. Getting addicts to recognize their addiction is a huge accomplishment in itself, but efforts don’t end there. Choosing the right treatment program for your loved one is the next important task.

Treatment Programs

The latest study conducted by the Center for Applied Research Solutions released data on alcohol and drug abuse in Orange County, California. According to statistics, there are 209 per 100,000 hospitalizations caused by alcohol and drug use, with substance abuse snagging a relatively high death rate of 18.35%.  Substance abuse leads as the primary cause of premature death in the state, and the only way to prevent any more wasteful deaths is to find effective ways to help substance abusers to seek treatment.

Every individual in the program will have his or her own set of needs and preferences, thus there is no single treatment that is proven to work for everyone. When choosing an Orange County drug rehab program, consider licensing, record of effectiveness, and the types of programs that could match what you’re looking for.

Proper Licensing and Credentials

Always check the facility’s reputation and experience. The center should have the proper licenses and credentials to offer the programs to their patients. According to, friends and family members should: “…make sure the treatment program is accredited by the state it’s in. Also check to ensure that the program is run by licensed, well-trained mental health professionals and addiction specialists.”

Effectiveness of the Program

Rehabilitation centers should be able to provide statistics regarding their success rates and also offer services that can guide their patients at post-treatment. The center’s staff should be able to prepare and devise a plan for the patient in the event of a relapse.

Type of Treatment Program

Treatment programs are ideally structured differently as they are tailored to match specific patients. Outpatient programs, for example, usually consist of weekly group counseling, behavioral therapy, and educating addicts with the knowledge that can help them about their substance addiction.

Residential treatment, on the other hand, can lasts weeks to months, even up to 12 months. Patients are personally supervised by the center’s staff and are placed under programs which involve treatment medication, therapy, exercises, and counseling. Orange County alcohol rehab centers like Ranch Creek Recovery offer residential programs in varying durations. Residential rehabilitation programs, when compared to other forms of treatment, are proven to be more effective than most outpatient therapy treatments as they provide more intensive and individualized care.   

Choosing a Drug Treatment Program,