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What to Look for in a Drug Addiction Treatment Center: Staff

You know your loved one’s drug or alcohol use is more than recreational and they need help. As you start researching rehab centers, your goal is to find the right place where your loved one will be in good hands. After all, the more caring and supportive the rehab center’s staff is, the more likely your loved one will conquer their addiction.

But how do you find just the right drug addiction treatment center to support your loved one? When researching treatment centers and their staff, here are four factors to consider:

Staff Expertise

One of the first places you should check out on a treatment center’s website is the staff bios page, if available. In many facilities you come across, you’ll get a mix of staff members who were once drug addicts themselves, and others who studied addiction to help those suffering from this chronic disease and other mental health disorders. Either way, the staff at your chosen rehab facility should be accredited and have a significant amount of experience and success working with people like your loved one. This expertise will ensure that your loved one is properly taken care of during their recovery.

Don’t Forget the Administrative Staff

Doctors, therapists and psychiatrists are just one side of the coin for alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers. When researching treatment for your loved one, don’t forget to consider the people who keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly: the administrative staff. Are the facilities kept clean and tidy for residents? Are the directors, residence managers and housekeepers organized and friendly? It’s the job of the administrative staff to keep the business operations running smoothly, so your loved one can focus on a relaxed recovery surrounded by people who want to see them succeed.

Staff to Client Ratio

From the moment your loved one walks through the door, they should be provided with the undivided support and attention they need. This can’t happen if a rehab center’s staff is stretched too thin. When researching alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers, it’s important to consider the staff to client ratio. How many staff members does the facility have? How many clients does the treatment center accept at a time? Does the treatment center offer individualized treatment plans custom made for your loved one? When it comes to overcoming addiction, the more personalized support your loved one gets, the more successful treatment will be.

Other Support Staff

Besides the usual doctors, therapists and administrative staff, rehab centers often have other personnel available to support your loved one during recovery. For example, Ranch Creek Recovery provides an alternative to the standard 12-Step rehab programs, offering experiential and holistic therapy. This means we provide our clients with equine therapists, gongmasters, yoga instructors and fitness experts who all help to heal the entire person, from mind to body to spirit.

The type of support your loved one receives during addiction treatment is a significant indicator of how their recovery will go. At Ranch Creek Recovery, we never have more than six clients at a time, so our staff can provide your loved one with the compassionate and undivided attention they deserve. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more about how we would care for your loved one during their addiction recovery.

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Ranch Creek Recovery: A Slightly Different Approach Toward Treatment

Ranch Creek Recovery is a addiction treatment and rehabilitation center that aims to provide the support, inspiration, and challenges that will forge those struggling with addiction and mental disorder into better versions of themselves.

We take pride in limiting our treatment programs to six residents, which ensures each one receives the effective and individualized attention they need.

How it all started

Mark and Shelly Tichelaar have seen people be put on medication alone to solve their drug dependency, addiction, or mental illness.

One thing they observed with such a limited type of treatment: it only serves to solve the problem temporarily, and does nothing to improve the quality of life of the suffering individual.

So an idea grew in their mind—they envisioned that they could help people with addiction and mental problems by taking a slightly different attitude toward treatment.

Thus, they set out to build a treatment center that emphasized a more holistic approach and a highly personal level of care, and in 2011, Ranch Creek Recovery was born.

The process

Our goal is to provide an intimate and peaceful environment free from distractions where our clients can explore their personal issues and discover the strength within themselves to recover from their malady.

Through therapeutic and holistic methods, we will equip our clients with the tools they need to regain control, improve their physical and emotional wellbeing, and do away with the fear of implementing changes that have a positive impact in their lives.

Our location

Ranch Creek Recovery sits on nine acres of private property, in an ideal location, surrounded by serene mountains during the day and a great view of Temecula Valley’s city lights at night.

Inside, the beautiful and relaxing décor makes our patients feel more at ease and aids in the total healing of their mind, body, and spirit.

Our qualifications

We are licensed by the State of California Alcohol and Drug Program. Our counselors have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Alcohol and Drug Addiction along with Dual Diagnosis / Co-occurring disorders related to Mental Health Issues. We have an in-house licensed psychologist who can administer individual therapy sessions for dual diagnosis, and works with a psychiatrist who can supervise medications.

Get in touch with us at Ranch Creek Recovery via phone 951-602-5676 or email [email protected] and see that there is indeed hope for you or your loved one’s condition.

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