Ranch Creek Recovery is here to fill the need for a holistic treatment approach to addiction and mental disorders. Please take the time to read what some of our patients have to say about the exceptional service we provide:


Ranch Creek Recovery is a quiet, peaceful environment up in the mountains. It is a place I found peace away from the chaos my life had become. There is a lot of support available and a lot of individual attention. I was able to obtain coping skills and manage my anxiety for the first time in years. I was given a safe place to sort out my life and get myself back in shape, both mentally and physically.

I am glad I took the opportunity to go to RCR, and improve my life.



Ranch Creek Recovery has provided me with many tools that will be useful in my journey of sobriety. Along with an informative, knowledgeable staff, RCR has provided me with a serene and comforting environment. The holistic approach to living a sober life has given me a different outlook as opposed to the traditional 12-step program. Understanding the reasons behind why I drink and use (underlying issues, anxiety, depression etc.) along with tools to help diffuse these issues, has given me a supreme yet realistic outlook on my life…



Overall I have to say the beginning of my recovery has been a success due to the fantastic help from the staff at Ranch Creek Recovery. I came here scared and a mess… This program has made me realize what is truly important in my life. RCR gives valuable information and tools to help people begin recovery and at the same time RCR allows one to have enough free time to explore their thoughts and feel like they still have a life…



Ranch Creek Recovery, I remember when I first arrived Mark came up to my room and told me he was the gardener lol…I didn’t like being here at first… but as I began to humble myself a little bit, I began to learn how to listen to people. Ranch Creek has some of the best people I have ever met and I mean that. Everyone truly cares and has helped me out in some way. Thank you Ranch Creek Recovery for the hope of getting the real me back.