The new wave of addiction has taken a turn to pharmacogenomics.

Pharmacogenomics is the analysis of how genes affect a person’s ability to metabolize drugs.

“Pharmacogenomics is the study of the relationship between genetic variations and how your body responds to medications.”


Through genetic testing, the results have given light to individual genetic variants that can be tailored to the appropriate medication regimen for mental health.

The benefits of pharmacogenomics include:

  • Avoiding drug reactions, toxicity and side effects
  • Minimizing trial and error
  • Customizing medication regimens
  • Results that are accurate and relevant over the course of a lifetime

Ranch Creek Recovery has partnered with the leading toxicology labs in the United States to provide clients with the opportunity to understand the biological makeup of their addiction.

Through pharmacogenomics our clients are able to be given individual information on how their own body metabolizes and reacts to licit and illicit substances.  Each client is given the opportunity to participate in this DNA testing and in turn is given personal information that ensure proper biological treatment of mental illness and substance abuse.