The Power of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Many people who struggle from addiction also suffer from co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety, turning to alcohol and drugs to help them feel better. Exercise can naturally help you cope with depression and anxiety, lessening the need to drink or use drugs.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we incorporate exercise into our holistic addiction treatments to help you heal your body and mind from addiction.


The Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Exercise is beneficial when struggling with addiction for a number of reasons, including providing structure, creating a positive attitude, and healing the body and brain after the destruction abusing alcohol or drugs caused.

Exercise can:

  • Decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress: Exercise causes the release of endorphins in your body to help you feel good. It also has an effect on the brain’s hormones, serotonin and norepinephrine, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Improve cardiovascular health: Regular exercise helps decrease blood pressure and can even help prevent heart disease.
  • Strengthen the body: Exercise like running and playing sports help build bone density, while lifting weights helps build muscles and keeps them strong.
  • Stimulate brain health: Addiction can damage brain function and memory. Exercise combats this by driving greater blood flow and oxygen to the brain and promoting brain cell growth to improve brain function, memory and cognitive thinking skills.
  • Increase relaxation and sleep: Part of healing from addiction is getting proper rest. Exercise requires a lot of energy and raises your temperature in the moment, which makes it easier for the body to cool off and relax when it’s time to sleep.

Exercise and Recovery from Addiction at Ranch Creek Recovery

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we know how beneficial exercise can be when you’re trying to break free from addiction and take back control of your life. We fill your day with a structured schedule that eliminates the time you would’ve spent on negative habits like relapse and replaces that time with exercise to focus on healing your body and mind.

Exercise helps you think less about your addiction and pain and focus more on feeling good in the present moment. Learn more about our rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction that incorporates exercise and healthy physical activities into the programming.

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