Ranch Creek Recovery is a rehab center that works with you every step of the way on your journey to sobriety. We don’t want to heal just the physical symptoms of addiction but also your mind and soul. We help each client establish treatment goals and will identify any co-occurring disorders you may be struggling with. We are able to partner with United HealthCare insurance to help make rehab affordable for your family. If you have a United HealthCare plan, here are the steps you should take to find out how much you’ll have to pay.

United HealthCare Insurance for Substance Abuse

The cost of rehab can be a barrier for someone who wants to become sober again. With quality medical professionals and an integrated treatment approach, rehab can oftentimes be costly. Ranch Creek Recovery partners with insurance providers like United HealthCare to help make our programs affordable. The type of plan you pay for will determine your eligibility for rehab coverage.

Call and Confirm United HealthCare Rehab Coverage

It’s important to learn how much your insurance provider is willing to give you before enrolling in rehab. Each insurance company handles their plans and eligibility differently. Go online and review your plan to see if and how rehab is covered. Contact United HealthCare if you have any questions or concerns about your plan.

More about United HealthCare

United HealthCare is the 5th largest company in the Fortune 500. They are estimated to have worked with 115 million people since 2016. They’ve been helping Americans with insurance for over 40 years.