Stop the Addiction: Drug Abuse Myths that Could Hinder Drug Rehab

Drug addiction continues to plague hundreds of residents not only in the San Diego area, but in many other parts of the country as well. Despite the fact that drug abuse is a widespread problem, some people still tend to overlook its seriousness, which prevents addicts or those close to them from getting the help they need. Here are five of the top myths about drug abuse that may hinder efforts to seek drug rehab.

Stop the Addiction Drug Abuse Myths that Could Hinder Drug Rehab

Myth #1: Drug abuse is only a problem that poor people experience.
In the eyes of some people, drug abuse is a problem that mostly affects poor and homeless people. The reality is that people from all socioeconomic levels can become addicted to drugs. Whether you are a professional athlete or a local school teacher, drugs can destroy your life.

Myth #2: Using drugs on the weekend is not that bad.
While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a cold beer on a Saturday afternoon, doing drugs is a major no-no. Whether a “party drug” like Molly, or one considered hardcore like cocaine, the potential for getting addicted to a substance can never be overlooked. After a while, the “occasional” weekend use could spill over into the rest of the week.

Myth #3: An addict can stop at any time.
Understandably, some people will get very frustrated with their drug addicted family members. However, it can be extremely difficult for a user to simply stop. At a certain point, a person’s body will begin to crave the chemical on a daily basis. In order to truly overcome addiction, the person needs to seek treatment at a drug rehab facility, like Ranch Creek Recovery.

Myth#4: Teen drug abuse is just a phase.
Believe it or not, there are a significant number of San Diego teens who are dealing with a drug problem. Parents should always seek the necessary treatment for their child. Although some teenagers may only experiment with certain drugs due to curiosity, there are others who use drugs to cope with other issues in their life.

Myth #5: Prescription drugs are safer.
Despite the fact that certain drugs are prescribed by doctors, abusing them can trigger a lot of physical and mental problems. Like methamphetamine, powerful painkillers can gradually destroy a person’s body. Addiction to these prescription drugs can impact a person’s ability to rationalize and think clearly.


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