Living through a pandemic feels a bit surreal. From lockdown orders to mask mandates, the impact on our lives over the past year has been significant and, in some ways, life altering.

Trying to find your way back to normal after an experience like that can feel a bit daunting, and picking up your recovery routine can feel downright overwhelming.

That’s why it’s so important to remember the routine and motivation that you tapped into prior to COVID-19. That consistent lifestyle and healthy attitude can help you get your recovery back on track and have you — once again — moving toward long-term sobriety in a healthy and sustainable way.

Why Structure Matters in Recovery

Creating a consistent routine enables you to establish positive structure and habits in your daily life. In addiction recovery, structure is important because the body has its own natural, synchronized system.

For example, your body works better when your sleep schedule is consistent, your eating habits are healthy, and you exercise regularly.

Having structure to your day and keeping yourself busy help you avoid excess free time — which is when relapse is more likely to happen.

  • Unstructured time often leads to boredom and increases the risk of returning to old patterns of addiction.
  • Structured routines help you feel more in control and give you a sense of responsibility, helping you build confidence in an impactful way.

5 Tips to a Successful Addiction Recovery Routine

Getting back to your routine after the pandemic, or starting an entirely new routine, can begin with some straightforward lifestyle adjustments.

Keeping it simple allows you to assimilate the routine into your daily habits and stick with it in the long run.

These tips are rooted in whole-body healing and focused on addressing your negative personal habits by replacing them with simple and direct holistic healing.

1. Focus on your fitness.

It’s been shown that regular exercise can help break the pattern of addictive behaviors.

Of course, we all know that being fit is good for our health, but it also helps prevent relapse by providing you with a way to increase normal brain functionality and natural dopamine release.

Exercises like yoga, outdoor activities, jogging and strength training are great ways to get your blood flowing and increase your oxygen intake.

2. Improve your nutrition and hydration.

Food works as fuel for your body. Just as you would only put high-grade gasoline in an expensive sports car, you should try to eat healthy food and always stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Eating right and staying properly hydrated can help relieve stress and make you feel great from the inside out.

3. Make sure to get your rest.

Creating a regular sleep routine, i.e., going to bed and waking up at consistent times, is essential.

It’s important to get up at the same time every day to adjust your body clock, even if you don’t have work or family obligations.

Also, it helps avoid oversleeping, which can lead to depression and other physical concerns that can negatively impact your mood.

4. Create a strong sober support network.

Staying close to your recovery support network is a great way to maintain your accountability and avoid relapse.

Whether this means attending recovery meetings consistently, socializing with sober friends, or having a daily chat with a person in recovery, strong sober relationships are essential.

5. Pick up some new hobbies.

It doesn’t matter if you pick up fishing on the weekends, sign up for dance classes, or start traveling to parks on your downtime, research shows that people who take up hobbies are happier than those who sit at home doing nothing.

It’s also a great way to make memories with your loved ones.

After all, if you have a lot to look forward to, drugs and alcohol tend to look less and less appealing.

How to Maintain a Recovery Routine

To maintain your recovery routine, it’s imperative to prioritize what’s most important. That’s because consistent structure is vital to managing your recovery and avoiding relapse.

Remember KISS, or Keep It Super Simple. Make lifestyle adjustments that will help you replace bad habits with healthy choices and allow you to create a plan that will keep your recovery on track — day in and day out.

With the pandemic receding more every day, now is the time to reestablish your recovery routine and get your sobriety back on track.

With the help of your loved ones, and the assistance of a clinically sound treatment facility if need be, you can start implementing simple lifestyle changes that will lead to a heathier, happier you.

After the year we’ve just lived through, there’s no time to waste waiting for life to come to you. Be proactive, face your addiction, and begin repairing your life today.

Holistic Addiction Treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery

COVID-19 may have tested you in a multitude of ways, but you must know: Your addiction has no power over you. Your new life starts the moment you declare you have complete control over your actions, health and career.

You can pick up your recovery routine and stay sober.

Should you feel you need help getting back on track after a relapse, we’re here to help.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we provide holistic detox, recovery treatment and relapse prevention that offers personalized and long-lasting care.

Learn more about what we offer and our all-encompassing, holistic treatment programs, or contact us today to get your questions answered.