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How to Find Purpose Again After Alcohol Addiction

It’s never been a question of if you will achieve your goals, but how far you will exceed them. Your drive and tenacity has always been your trademark – something that defined you – but was still never able to make you whole.

Perhaps you turned to alcohol to fill this void, and for a moment you thought it had worked. But day after day, month after month, you find yourself caught in the same vicious cycle, searching for purpose.

You now know that alcohol will never help you achieve the happiness you thought your career would bring.

So, you wonder, where do you go from here?

It can be incredibly difficult to let go of habits, thoughts and behaviors that you feel make all the difference in the trajectory of your life and career. Seeking professional help is one of the hardest things you can do as an addict; but, without question, it is the most important action you can take to truly save your career and, above all, your life.

Alcohol recovery starts with a wholehearted acknowledgment that you have a problem and you need help. What comes next may seem overwhelming and career deafening, but, in fact, the next steps in the recovery process will transform your life like you never thought possible and help you blaze a new trail – one that will take you farther professionally and personally than you’ve ever been before. Your next steps are all about finding purpose after addiction.

Here’s how to begin to find your purpose and passion in life:

3 Keys to Finding Purpose in Life After Addiction

1. Find True Happiness

Initially, you focused on your career because it’s what drove you, what gave you purpose and what provided you happiness. When your career achievements weren’t enough, you turned to alcohol because it helped you ignore the feelings of emptiness lurking inside your mind. However, this type of self-medication only ever proved to be temporary. When it wore off, you were left searching again and again for something to make you feel whole.

The first steps in addiction treatment will push you to look deep inside yourself in order to better define what happiness is to you and what brings you purpose. This is an important stage in your journey to recovery because it helps you shift your focus and realize that career achievements are only a portion of the entire picture.

A holistic approach to addiction recovery will help you center yourself, focus on who you are at your core and become more in tune with the world around you. Once you’ve reevaluated your life, your path to personal happiness will become clearer, allowing you to pursue life’s true meaning with new hope.

2. Embrace Failure

Addiction rehab is the best place to accept the fact that you’re human, imperfect and bound to make countless mistakes in life. Being able to embrace yourself, even at your lowest moments, creates a sense of vulnerability needed to begin rebuilding your foundation.

Embracing failure does not mean you are a failure. It simply means you can accept the fact that there are challenges in life that will test you, and you will not succeed at all of them – and that’s ok.

Finding the strength and drive to confront your past failures or shortcomings is another vital step in the process of sustained alcohol recovery. By locating the cracks in your foundation, you can begin patching the holes and reinforcing those areas to make yourself stronger and better prepared to face the trials ahead of you.

Above all, you will learn that the true test of a person is not whether they get knocked down or how many times they stumble, but how quickly they get back up in order to continue their journey. Always remember, the goal of addiction treatment is not perfection, it’s persistence.

3. Redefine Achievement

Up to this point, your life has been driven by the successes of your career and that wasn’t enough. You must be prepared to redefine what makes you feel fulfilled, how you define achievement and where your career aspirations fit into the bigger picture.

For some, this step will prove to be the most difficult because they are so used to simply pursuing their professional goals that they’ve never bothered to ask, “what happens when my career goals no longer matter?”

A holistic approach to alcohol recovery will challenge you to center your mind state, purposefully eliminating unrealistic expectations, while focusing on what truly matters.

It’s important to note that the process of redefining achievement will be different for everyone, but the goal is to find a deeper meaning, and in doing so, achieve a greater purpose. This is not to say you won’t focus on being successful in your career anymore, but that part of your life won’t be the only thing that defines you.

Through a committed recovery experience, you’ll learn how to obtain true happiness as you realize you don’t need alcohol to achieve your professional potential.

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